Uniq oxford 2014 entry

Oxford 2014 UNIQ Entry

Welcome to Oxford UNIQ 2014 'stalker page' Add below your username, GCSE results, course(s) applied for, AS predictions and what you're taking and any extra information you'd like to share! Thanks!

Please enter your details in alphabetical order of subject! Thankyou :) Updated: Morgan314

Acorn Data

You can check your Acorn group by going to http://acorn.caci.co.uk and then click 'Try Acorn', then you've gotta make an account (doesn't need too much information) and then you can search your postcode and it gives you the Acorn Group of your area. The less affluent the area of residence, the higher the Acorn score; preference is given to applicants who come from areas (and schools) with little or no history of successful application to Oxford

2014 Applicants

TSR username ↓ Subject ↓ GCSE (or equivalent) ↓ AS/IB subjects AS/IB Predictions ↓ Additional information ↓ Outcome
Toyahh Beginners' Languages 9A* 3A (A at AS) Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, German AAAA Doing Gold DofE, German Mentor, Youth Library Ambassador, wider reading/films Accepted ~:)
BethFirmin Biochemistry 6A* 2A 2B Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, History AAAA Doing extended project, college student ambassador, in debating club, health peer educator. Accepted! :D
Morgan314 Biochemistry 9A*2A Chemistry,Biology,Physics,Maths,Further Maths AAAAA DofE, Open University YASS, Maths Challenge, Crest Award, Millennium Volunteering, Helping in Science within school, Drumkit & Horse rider. Acorn 22 Accepted!
honeygiraffe Biochemistry 12A* Biology, Chemistry, French, Maths AAAA Bronze DofE, Senior Charity Prefect, Chemistry Ambassador (involves tutoring GCSE pupils), Member of Sixth Form Council, Maths Challenge, Crest Award, W/E at a laboratory and pharmacy, Basketball, Wider Reading Rejected :(
Memetics Biological Sciences 6-1's, 2-2's Biology,Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English AAAAA Multiple experience with animals on film sets, self research into wasps, Lectures, wider reading. Acorn 39 Accepted :D
Georgie-H Biological sciences 11A* IB: HL English, bio, chem SL maths, mandarin, geog 39? Bronze and silver dofe (doing gold) volunteer at Brownies, swimming club, university lectures, debating, language competitions, wider reading Accepted :)
faymari Biological Sciences 6A* 3A 1B Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology AAAA bronze d of e and doing gold, read new scientist, helped a PhD student with her fieldwork last summer on habitats and ecosystems, orienteering rejected!
dhamm Biomedical sciences 11A* 2A Biology, Geography, Maths, Further Maths AAAA have own business, tennis, wider reading + lectures Rejected
meeeeee7 Biomedical sciences 7A* 5A Biology, Chemistry, Physics & RS AAAA Hospital work experience, planned research work experience. Acorn 16 Rejected :(
ryanb97 Chemistry 8A* 1A Maths (A2),FM, Biology, Chemistry and Physics A*AAAA? Wider reading / reference to work experience in a hospital-various departments / about 60% of the statement was an expansion of maths in chemistry Accepted 9/04/14
sarcastic-sal Chemistry 6A*s 7As 1B Chemistry, Maths, English Literature, Physics AAAA Chemistry based chemical engineering project, wider reading, volunteering (built a classroom in Kenya), wasn't much room for anything else :(
science1997L Chemistry 10A* 2A Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths AAAA University access scheme for natural science, attended physics lectures, participated in UK space design competition Accepted
SeaweedBrain Classics 10A* 1A Biology, Classical Civilisation, History, Maths AAAA Visits to King's College London and lectures attended, further reading and a Humanities Taster Day at Oxford, ACORN GROUP: 27 Accepted
ayobami468 Computer Science 4A* 6A 2B Maths, Physics, Computing, Philosophy AAAB Grade 3 Jazz Piano, Grade 1 Music Theory, Designed app, Part of Youth Choir Accepted
ThePhoenixLament Computer Science 5A*5A Biology/Chemistry/Maths/English Lit AABB Fair bit of coding experience and working with maths/ science/ computers, Acorn 9 :/ Rejected :(
Leechayy Computer Science 2A* 2Dist* 3A 1B 2Merits (extenuating circumstances) (highest achiever though? >_<) Maths, FurtherMaths, Physics and Economics AAAB Ambition Nottingham Scheme, CompSci Masterclass, Codecademy (Python), 2 week IT work experience with council, inc. others that I couldn't fit, ACORN 56 xD Rejected :Z
Chlorophile Earth Science 12A* Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, German AAAAA 99% UMS across GCSEs, Arkwright Scholarship, [email protected] (2014), Engineering Education Scheme, 6 golds in Maths Challenge + 2 Olympiads, RSC Chemistry Olympiad, Award from the Royal Geological Society, mentored students for STEM, Lots of lectures, seminars and reading Acorn 14 Successful!
samraf Economics & Management 8A(band 1) Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics, French AAAAA(all band 1) Bronze and Silver DofE, Maths tutor, Charity volunteer, World Challenge expedition, Commonwealth games volunteer. Acorn 56. Accepted!
groovyd97 Economics and Management 8 A* 3A Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Chemistry AAAA D of E Bronze, Grade 6 Guitar, Done charity and volunteering work in India, Acorn: 4 (:S) Rejected :(
EmmaBxoxo Economics and Management 14 A* (extenuating circumstances) Maths,Further Maths, Eng Lit, Economics,Physics,German,Chemistry AAAAAAA Maths Olympiad,Physics Olympiad,Gold Crest Award, Grade 8 violin and piano. Silver DOFE, Programmer, wider reading, 6 years voluntary work, relevant work experience - 6 month placement, AOPE, COPE, represented lacrosse and basketball nationally, mentoring,tutoring,make youtube videos, fluent in 4 languages, SAT II german 800 and SAT II german listening 800. ACORN 50 Accepted
jess_x English 8A*s 2As 1B English Lit, History, Maths, Physics AAAA Mentioned wider reading, mentoring and a bit about my instrument...Acorn 11. Unsuccessful
JamesJones777 French A* 4A 3B C (extenuating circumstances) French, German, Politics, Sociology AAAA (too lazy to add details) ACORN 47 Rejected as thought ;)
rebeccafrances French 8A* 5A French, English Lit, History, English Lang AAAA Work Experience in France, wider reading of French literature (poetry and novels), run French Cinema Society, teach French to younger students. Acorn 26 Accepted :)
KyleBoardman French 5A* 6A 1B Chemistry, French, General Studies, History, Physics AAA*A*A Super Curricular Reading, French Student Exchange Accepted
tokiohoe German 4A*, 6A, 2B German, Psychology, Biology, Geography AAAA Have read 2 Kafka novels in translation (Amerika and Die Verwandlung), Der Vorleser by Bernhard Schlink and Die Blasse Anna by Heinrich Boell, did my work experience in Germany, tutor someone in German, i'm a German prefect and have come 1st and 3rd place in two German vocabulary competitions for my school (Acorn 28) TBC
Polecat German 9A*s 1A Economics, English Lit, German, Politics, Religion & Philosophy AAAAA Enrichment Russian, German prefect. ACORN 50 YES!!!
Artfanatic History of Art 3A*7A1B Maths, Geography, Art, Business Studies AAAA No point in extracurricular... Acorn 38 xxx
luxion History 6A* 3A 2B History, Politics, RE, Business Studies AAAA Local Youth Concert organiser, wider reading, culture award locally, engaged in local politics Successful :D :D :D
maarg13 Law 10A* 1A Biology, Geography, German and History AAAA Sport that I take part in and volunteering, didn't really say that much about extra curricular things/ academic achievements really... ?
sophie238 Law 10A*s 1A Chemistry, English Literature, French, History AAAA Wider reading, relevant work experience - Acorn 14 Accepted!!
Indigorain Law 10.5 A* English Lit, Spanish, Music, Maths AAAA Grade 8 violin, full UMS in GCSE Spanish, co-leader of youth orchestra, play in a national orchestra, doing a week's work exp at Pinsent Masons in August, hoping to apply to Oxford for Law with Spanish Law, debate society, wider reading, , doing an EPQ. Acorn 4. Accepted!!
Purplebaker200 Law 6A* 4As Maths, English Lit, Psychology, Business AAAA Bronze Dofe, Volunteering, Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge, Debate Club etc Reserve
ahowes Maths (Numbers, Proofs and Codes) 9A* 3A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAA Jaguar Maths in Motion KS3 National Champion, UKMT Challenges, Online Problem Solving, Chess Challenge, Reading around subject, County Youth Band, Silver DofE (Completing Gold), Acorn 26 Accepted
Dark_Spirit Maths (Numbers, proofs, codes) 10A*, 2A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, History (medieval) AAAAA Maths challenge (team and solo), lectures, work experience doing economics and engineering. ACORN 18 Failure.
Irmuhlay Maths (Numbers, Proofs and Codes) 11A*, 1A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computing, EPQ (completed AS French last year) AAAA?(A) Reading, lectures, programming, problem-solving for fun, UKMT individual and team, mathematical modelling work experience, deputy head girl, student ambassador, maths mentor, robotics, volunteered on a programming forum, self-taught Astronomy GCSE, volunteered to paint a train once. Slightly below average GCSE school, no history of Oxbridge at sixth form, first-generation uni applicant, ACORN 6. Accepted!
bethgrace Maths (Numbers, proofs and Codes 11A* 3A Maths, Further Maths, History, Philosophy and Ethics AAAA Love singing, acting, reading, maths (obviously), school in general really. Visited Oxford when I was in year 10 and completely fell in love. ACORN 44 I'm assuming this is good for me but I promise I'm not a tramp! ACCEPTED EEEEEEP
Le.Bambi Medicine 11A*1A Chem/Bio/Maths/German/French AAAAA Applied for a school prefect, French tutoring, Volunteering for ~4 years, Silver DofE, Oxford Medical Society essay competition, "Learn2Lead" award, doing guitar grade 6, badminton team for ~5 years, wider reading. ACORN 5 (Oh balls!) Rejected! ;(
blue_tac Medicine 12A* Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths AAAA A in FMSQ, work experience at hospital and GP, volunteering at hospital, wider reading, Silver DofE, EPQ on stroke, (Acorn 5 :S ) rejected
nickparkes Medicine 1A^, 9A* 2A (taken in Y9) Bio, Chem, Phys, Maths AAAA Shadowed cardiologist for 2 weeks, week in endoscopy, therapeutic volunteer at hospital for 6 months, volunteer at hospice, part time job, world challenge, future leaders, going to Ghana independently to work in HIV/Malaria Clinics, additional reading, Newcastle Mini med school, white water kayaking, swimming and art, ACORN 27, Quintile 3, no oxbridge history at 6th form, but OFTSED top 1% sixth form accepted
Abi790 Oncology 10A*s 1A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, History AAAAA work experience in hospital, reading, lectures, Work in an Opticians, OU modules, Access to Bristol. Acorn 9 accepted
Komodo dragon Oncology 9A*s 2As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, French, General Studies AAAAA Gold DofE, Scout, work experience, reading, C3L6, lectures, job for several years, volunteering :) Rejected
gum1941 Oncology 9A*s 2As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Economics AAAA Silver DoE, work experience, futurelearn cancer course, university of Bath course on the brain, outreach, school council, Learning & teaching task force, tutoring Accepted :D
joy-division Physics (Standard Grades) 8 1s (Highers) English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics AAAAA related subject stuff: amateur astronomer, relevant reading (e.g. The Quantum Universe, Antimatter, New Scientist, scientific journals), work experience, Zooniverse project, lectures, podcasts, tutoring etc etc school stuff: prefect, house captain, various public speaking awards, eco-committee (ACORN GROUP 38) Accepted
cheemaftw Physics 6A*s 5As Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Further Maths, EPQ AAAA(A) Stuff I mentioned in my application: A in FSMQ, Physics work experience at Birmingham uni, physics reading (QED, Six Easy Pieces, New Scientist, Physics World), Gold British Physics Olympiad, physics related EPQ, UKMT Golds. ACORN 9 Rejected
Farhan96 Physics 11A* 1A Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths, History AAAAA Relevant reading, attended lectures, EES scheme etc Accepted
Joe7 PPE 12A* Maths, Further Maths, History, Economics AAAA Bronze DofE (currently pursuing Silver), Silver Maths Challenge Award, Waterhouse History Prize (100% in GCSE History), EPQ on military intervention in Syria, Debating Matters, Tennis for school and club, wider reading around subject Accepted
Sapientissimus PPE 10A* 1A History, Government and Politics, Economics, Business Studies, Maths AAAAA Voluntary work and reference from the UN, ACORN 4 xxx
aasvogel PPE 11A* Maths, English Literature, French, Further Maths AAAA Wider reading, debating, tutoring, UK quiz finals, work experience, Maths Challenge awards Not accepted
Handles PPE 9A*s 3As 1C Maths, History, Economics, Product Design (and Critical Thinking) AAAA(A) Related to PPE: Reading on Mincome/Eurodividend/basic income, lecture on importance of EU and importance of voting, founded social action group. Extracurricular: Reading (but linked it to PPE quickly), Grade 6 Piano, red belt taekwondo. Reserve
coolawits PPE 10A*s 2As Maths, English, Economics, History, Further Maths AAAAA Further Reading, Debating/Public Speaking at Regional Level, Euro Youth Parliament, Debating Matters, DofE Bronze, Philosophy Lectures, Politics Lectures, House Capt at school, Participate in clinics. Reserve (kinda expected given ACORN 3 and my school has established Oxford history)
NatashaG PPE 11A* History, Maths, Philosophy and Ethics, English Literature AAAA MYP for Suffolk, Wider Reading, Community Volunteer, Debate Club, DofE bronze, silver, doing gold... Accepted
R*R Spanish 11A* 1A French, Spanish, English Lit, History, Philosophy & Ethics AAAAA Acorn 5 Accepted
ffion-siaaan Theology 6A* 6A English Lit, Religious Studies, Sociology, Drama AAAA Represented the UK in the EU Parliament with the Euroscola programme, Silver medal LAMDA, further reading, work experience, Grade 6 Musical Theatre and Classical singing, volunteering Accepted