Us sutton trust summer programme 2013 stalking thread

Hi and welcome to the Sutton Trust Summer School 2013 usa stalking page. Find out what subjects and grades students have when applying to the scheme!

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2013 Applicants

TSR username   ↓ GCSE (or equivalent)   ↓ AS Subjects   ↓ AS Predictions   ↓ Extra Curricular   ↓ Outcome   ↓
Toreilly102 A*AAAAAABBB Biology, Chemistry (to AS only), Mathematics and Music AAAA Have Bronze Duke Of Edinburgh Award, Doing Gold Duke Of Edinburgh Award, Grade 6 Piano, Grade 4 Cello, Member of School Choir, Formed Senior School Barbershop Octet, Member and Treasurer of Fermanagh Youth Choir, Member of Ulster Youth Training Choir, Currently doing Pope John Paul II Award, Active Member of Scór Na nÓg in community, Peer Mentor, Kayak Award, Grade 5 Drama Award, Been in two School Musicals, was a past member of school Science Club and Past member of Fermanagh Intermediate String Orchestra. G.C.S.E. Results are cause of illness, I know I could of got A*A*A*AAAAAAB but oh well :/ :L Rejected
freshypot♥ 7 A* 3A Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics AAAA Part of EESE, DoFE Silver, Japanese ASSET, Tutors GCSE student Maths, Part of Pharmaceuticals group at College, had a week's worth of W/E at GlaxoSmithKline, Part of College Newspaper  
Ambry 8 1’s in Scottish Standard Grade (the maximum amount of subjects allowed) Scottish Highers- English, Maths, Biology, Modern Studies and Relgious, Moral and Philosophical Education. AAAAB (aiming for an A instead of a B though) Standing as a candidate for the Scottish Youth Parliament (involving a lot of campaign days and raising political awareness in my community), Bronze DofE award, Volunteering for nearly 2 years (3 hours every Saturday at a local café raising money for a local church), involvement and setting up school’s Malawi partnership (having to organise dances, bagpacks, sponsored silences, bakesales and more), selected to go to Dzenza primary school in Malawi for the first school expedition in 2014 (involving more fundraising and going to events such as lectures to learn about Malawi), Work experience in a local law firm, year group prizes for English, Modern Studies and Religious, Moral and Philosophical Education. Like a don
such 9A* 2A GCSE, A* A2, A AS Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Electronics AAAA Maths A2 and Economics AS completed, BIO finalist 2011-2013, member of British team at IOI 2011, Google Code-In winner, qualified for BMO2 in Years 11 and 12, Grade 8 piano Accepted to April residential