Managing loneliness and relationships during Covid-19

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Being a student in the middle of a global pandemic is tough. Isolating without (and with) your significant other, starting new relationships and dealing with break ups is one thing; but, on top of that, many students are living in close quarters with siblings and parents and trying to find ways to deal with the added pressure that might be creating.

On Thursday 4 June, we were joined by mental health and wellbeing experts to hear about their experience in working with young people during this difficult time, the science behind how our brains process these kinds of complex situations and, most importantly, their direct advice to you!

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Meet the panel

Mhairi Underwood, The Student Room

Mhairi is the head of community at The Student Room. She has a lot of experience in helping young people with their mental health and wellbeing, including during her time as a secondary school head of year. At TSR she is kept busy helping students on the forums, and she will be the host for this panel discussion.

Amber Newman-Clark, Brook

Amber is education and wellbeing specialist at Brook, a sexual health and wellbeing charity for young people. Brook provides clinical services and education to young people all over the UK, including sex and relationship teaching in schools and youth clubs.

Dr Richard Graham, Good Thinking

Richard is a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist. He is currently clinical lead for Good Thinking, London’s digital mental wellbeing service.

He has worked extensively in digital health and e-safety for the last decade and also works with the BBC as digital well-being consultant to the Own It App.

Rebecca Jackson, Papyrus

Rebecca is a suicide prevention adviser at Papyrus. In her role, she supports young people who are thinking of suicide and anyone who is concerned for a young person with thoughts of suicide on the helpline HOPELINEUK.

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