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The 15th TSR Parliament

The General Election that closed on March 31st 2012 resulted in the following seat allocation. A government was formed of the TSR Conservative & Unionist and UKIP parties and the independent, JPKC. JPKC was later removed from the coalition. After JPKC was stripped of his MP seat, a by-election was held which was won by the Socialist Party, giving them an extra seat.

TSR Labour Party: 180 votes - 14 seats - 26.7%

TSR Conservative & Unionist Party: 131 votes - 10 seats - 19.4%

TSR Libertarian: 104 votes - 8 seats - 15.4%

TSR Socialist: 94 votes - 7 seats - 13.9% (An additional seat was won following a by-election)

TSR Lib Dem: 67 votes - 5 seats - 9.9%

TSR UKIP: 55 votes - 4 seats - 8.1%

barnetlad: 28 votes - 1 seat 4.1%

JPKC: 16 votes - 1 seat 2.4%

TSR Government: 14

TSR Conservative and Unionist Party: 10

  • Rakas21 - Prime Minister and Leader of the TSR Conservative and Unionist Party, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service
  • Jarred - Deputy Leader of the TSR Conservative and Unionist Party, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Chief Whip
  • misterxninja
  • tehFrance, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Moleman1996
  • Lipvig, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
  • Ham and Cheese, Secretary of State for the Home Department, Paymaster-General
  • chiggy321
  • AJ12
  • meenu89


  • toronto353 - Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of TSR UKIP, Lord President of the Council, Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal, First Secretary of State, Leader of the House of Commons, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
  • Life_Peer - Deputy Leader of the TSR UKIP Party, Lord High Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice
  • LETSJaM, Minister for England
  • tufc, Secretary of State for Defence

TSR Opposition: 14

TSR Labour: 14

  • davidmarsh01 - Leader of the TSR Labour Party, Leader of the Opposition, Chief Whip, Shadow Secretary for Local Government, Shadow Minister for Constitutional Reform
  • TopHat - Deputy Leader of the TSR Labour Party, Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Health Secretary and Shadow Minister for Wales
  • RoryS - Reserve Deputy Leader of the TSR Labour Party, Shadow Transport Secretary
  • MaddogJones - Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • eff01
  • LPK - Shadow Home Affairs Secretary and Shadow Minister for Equalities
  • hines
  • Indievertigo - Shadow Defence Secretary
  • xXedixXx - Shadow Justice Secretary and Shadow Minister for Northern Ireland
  • mevidek - Shadow Education Secretary
  • gmseahorse - Shadow Energy, Environment and Climate Change Secretary
  • WhatTheFunk - Shadow Culture, Media, and Sport Secretary
  • big-bang-theory
  • rockrunride

Other Parties

TSR Libertarian Party: 8

  • jesusandtequila - Leader of the TSR Libertarian Party
  • MacCuishy - Deputy Leader of the TSR Libertarian Party
  • Wednesday Bass - (chriswhitamore proxy)
  • D.R.E.
  • Keckers
  • HarveyCanis - (Rhadamanthus proxy)
  • TheCrackInTime
  • cambo211

TSR Socialist Party: 8

  • Abiraleft - C1
  • Stricof - Deputy C1
  • badger-man - C2
  • Alofleicester
  • CLS94 (paperclip proxy)
  • Left Hand Drive
  • SciFiRory
  • PoGo HoPz
  • JPKC - stripped of his seat. See here.

TSR Liberal Democrat: 5

  • thunder_chunky - Leader of the TSR Liberal Democrats
  • Birchington - Deputy Leader of the TSR Liberal Democrats
  • jsb123
  • Mazzini
  • Morgsie


  • barnetlad
  • JPKC - Joined the TSR Socialist Party and then stripped of his seat. See here.

The Next Election

The next election must be called by the 21st September 2012.

The Previous Parliament

Details of the 14th TSR Parliament can be found here.

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