• A Level History - Modern Britain

AQA The Making of Modern Britain 1951 - 2007

The Post War Consensus

  • A broad/cross party agreement about the economy, employment, living conditions and the NHS
  • National Industry
    • Utilities
    • Gas
    • water
    • Electricity
    • Transport
    • Airlines
    • Trains
    • Buses
    • Manufacturers
    • Ship building
    • Steel
    • Subsidies
    • Communications
    • -radio
    • -Phones
    • -Royal Mail
  • Support of NHS/Welfare State
    • The Beveridge report
    • The Beveridge report was an influential document. The document described the "Five Evils/Five Giants" (Squalor, idleness, disease, ignorance and want). The document went on to serve serious reform in the UK which later eradicated the Laissez fair attitude the government adopted throughout British Politics
    • Education
    • Britain had a tripartite system which means there were three levels of state school. Grammar Schools which were made for the top 25% of students (very intelligent people). These were made because many families weren't able to afford private schools but with Grammar schools, it allowed a high standard of education for the top 25% to move into top 10 universities
    • Students with technical knowledge went to technical college - a college of further education providing courses in a range of practical subjects, such as information technology, applied sciences, engineering, agriculture, and secretarial skills
    • Secondary Moderns where your average student goes. This limits the standard of education they could get which limited what they could do in the future

The Post War Prime Ministers

  • Winston Churchill - 1951 - 1955
    • Churchill, although was a fantastic wartime PM, he was a terrible post war PM because he saw himself as an international statesman and not a domestic PM
    • Wanted to avoid social conflict
    • Torys were more critical to the consensus and kept telling Churchill to dismiss the consensus but rejected these ideas
    • Conservative manifesto ensured 300000 houses to be built > created jobs (employment) and resolved idleness to a degree
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