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Algebra and Functions

  • exponential functions and their graphs
  • logarithms and Laws of Logarithms
  • solving equations of the form a^x=b

Sequences and Series

  • sequences and sequence notation
    • recurrence relations
    • arithmetic progressions
    • geometric progressions
    • common ratios

In a geometric series, the common ratio is the number which we multiply a term to find the next term. We symbolise the common ratio with the letter r.

Example: find the common ratio r, of the geometric series 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256 you can clearly see in this case that to get from one term to the next we multiply by 2. so the common ratio, r is 2.

  • series notation
    • arithmetic series
    • geometric series (including the sum to infinity formula)
  • factorials and nCr notation
  • the Binomial expansion


  • sine, cosine and tangent of special angles
  • graphs of the sine, cosine and tangent functions
  • transformation of trigonometric functions
  • the sine rule
  • the cosine rule
  • formula for the area of triangle (using sine)
  • radians
  • arc length and area of sectors via radian measure
  • solving trigonometric functions in degrees
  • solving trigonometric functions in radian
  • trigonometric identities
  • integration, indefinite integrals and constants of integration

Differentiation and Integration

  • differentiation and the derivative (gradient function)
  • integration, indefinite integrals and constants of integration
  • definite integration and limits of integration
  • finding the area under a curve
  • The trapezium rule – a numerical integration technique
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