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So you are wanting to create a new A Level subject guide. First check here to see if your A Level subject guide has not already been started. If it has been started, then go here to see what you need to include. If it hasn't, then read on!

Step 1

First, follow the red link for your chosen subject from this page to the place to start the guide.

If your subject is not listed on that page and you do not know how to add it, ask in the About Wiki Forum for help.

Step 2

Copy the following text in to the editing box, replacing the 'XXXX' near the top and at the bottom of the text with the subject's name. This will create the headings for your subject guide.

[[TSR Wiki]] > [[Study Help]] > [[Exams and Qualifications]] > [[A Levels]] > [[A Level Subject Guides]] > [[XXXX]]


==Why Study XXXX?==

==Course Format==

==Study Help==

==Also See==

[[Category:A Level Subject Guides]]

Step 3

You are ready to start writing the article. Start off with a brief introduction before the "Why Study XXXX" heading and follow the advice below on what can go in to each section. The writing for each section simply needs to in between the section headings you added in step 2.

Advice For Writing Each Section of the Guide

Start with a short introduction to the subject. Maybe saying what it is about or how popular it is. Shouldn't be longer than a couple of paragraphs.

Why Study XXXX?

Should have a few paragraphs on why you might pick this subject, what the benefits of studying it are, what the skills you learn are and what careers or university courses it is essential or desirable for.

Course Structure

Give a brief idea of the course. Say what each module is about and how much they are worth. How much coursework? How many exams? How long? Does the structure vary? What are the major topics? Are some always covered? Are there any optional areas/topics? How does it differ between exam boards?

This sections could be split to look at each exam board/specification separately or in to modules.

Study Help

Link to any pages contain study tips specifically for this subject or include them in this section directly. Link to the subjects revision note page. Include information (or links to pages) on textbooks reviews or website links. There should also be a link to the relevant academic help forum.

Also See

Can link to any other relevant pages for this subject at A Level. Also, link to other course pages for this subject at other levels (eg degree and A Level). Include a link to the main A Level subject page. List complementary subjects and related subjects. Could also list degrees for which this subject is essential and another list for which this subject is desirable.

For more help, see the editing help page, or ask in the About Wiki Forum.

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