1 1 minute ago Report post Hi all, I thought it would be really nice to post my personal statement for those who may be having some difficulties. So, here it is... Course: Law and Criminology (LLB)

"You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, and you shall not steal". These rules have endured throughout my earlier teen years, built upon Christian beliefs, which has been the most influential decision to do Law at university. Having this lifestyle has particularly intrigued me to explore the impact of Law in our society and expand my curiosity of the 'Foundations of Legal Knowledge'. By contrast, in a civil society, it is the actions of the government which are regulated, allowing ordinary people to live with peace of mind and free from any fears. Therefore, pursuing Law at university will exclusively build up a deeper understanding on why such a variety of laws needs to be established and repeatedly adapted to the modern society. The reason why I am also fascinated with Criminology is because I am keen to explore such areas of Crime and the interrelationship between argument and evidence in many activities. Studying Sociology has put forth a better understanding and a unique insight of Crime and Deviance, in particular, the causes of why some individuals are more or less likely prone to deviance, regardless of the high volume of cases that have been unreported. Further influences have derived from viewing Erin Brockovich. The procedures I observed throughout the film were how the Law is manipulated and corrupted by powerful individuals. This has allowed me to understand how the Law is applied selectively on the type of audiences. Likewise, Communication and Culture provided me the study of cultural diversity in society, while Maths has helped me tackle problems logically. These have become an advantage to effectively investigate further criminal allegations and gradually develop my ambition to study Law and Criminology at university. Hence, it is an extraordinary opportunity to enhance advanced areas of Criminology and to gain skills in critically assessing, while applying legal concepts in practical situations. Additionally, undertaking my Legal experience, in a Law Firm, has allowed me to acquire a number of skills as well as improving my weaker ones, for example, excellent written communication and assertiveness. During the placement, I worked under the family, employment, property and the litigation department, which I shadowed solicitors, observing essential procedures such as, case-work and preparation. This has set a better perception of the practical environment of the legal field. Enabling me to develop responsibility to reliably fulfil the role, and to learn much about the day-to-day duties. Therefore, I believe that these experiences verify my flexibility to adjust my views and my actions to suited current situations. Recently, I have also been more involved on the concerns of my community such that my peers and I had decided to organise a fundraiser in our school. I obtained many positive attributes throughout the campaign such as, raising awareness of the issue to working as a team. Similarly, being part of the senior prefect team has demonstrated to be a position of great responsibility to help the community of the school to run smoothly as well as reaffirming the ethos of: 'community, harmony, success and growth'. The ESOL department has been one of many enrichment activities, which I have acquired a more comprehensive view about pupils who face English language barrier. This has been encouraging for pupils as I have acquired the English language in the past three years. Therefore, demonstrating my commitment has been a major point to prove that I am determined, committed and proactive to deliver professional projects producing beneficial outcomes. Lastly, being the first generation in my family to go to university reflects my determination and dedication, by willing to work hard, to get a desirable outcome for a better cause. Yet, the Law draws me because of its variety, since there are endless pathways for me to opt and become a successful barrister.

Offers received: University of Sheffield: Law and Criminology (AAB) University of Liverpool: Law and Criminology (ABB) University of Swansea: Law and Criminology (BBB- it was lowered) University of Brighton: Law and Criminology (CCC) University of Lincoln: Law and Criminology (300 UCAS points)

Do not hesitate to ask any questions! PS: I am in year 13, currently taking A2 Maths, A2 Sociology and A2 Spanish. My predicted grades are A*, A and B- not respectively, lol

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