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The University of Bradford is located in the city of Bradford in West Yorkshire in the the north of England. The university is situated to the to the west of the city centre on it's own site, but is still close to all the city centre action.

Bradford is a great place to live and study. Although it is one of the ten largest cities in Britain, it is small enough to be friendly, compact enough to be easily manageable, and yet large enough to have all the facilities of a thriving, modern city.

The University of Bradford received its Royal Charter in 1966 but its origins date back to the 1860s. Today the University has around 10,000 students Overall the University has a close-knit, friendly atmosphere, enabling students to get to know each other quickly.

The University of Bradford Students' Union (UBU) is run for students by students to provide the vast majority of non-academic activities and support on campus. We have: Our own cinema, run by students, showing blockbusters and previews The longest established student radio station in the UK A 1300 capacity venue 4 bars around the campus Our own print bureau providing great value and specialist activities UBUS to provide free, convenient, safe, night-time travel around Bradford First Class Cricket as part of the Bradford/Leeds Universities Centre of Cricketing Excellence Over 30 sports and 70 other pursuits in our clubs, societies and activities programme Volunteering opportunities ranging from working in the community, to providing sounds and light for Union events and representing student views within the University and beyond

The City of Bradford is a surprising place. If you take a minute, you'll see a city that is vibrant, historic, forward facing, cultural and green - yes green! A 10 minute drive or train journey will take you into the beautiful countryside and into popular tourist places such as Saltaire and Haworth.

General Information
Bradford, UK
West Yorkshire,
+44 (0)1274 232323
SU/Guild website:
UCAS Code:
60s Uni

Total students:
Typical offers:
Applicants per place:


  • Chesham Building B Block
    • Chesham Building B Block was erected in the 1960s and is connected to Horton A Building as well as Chesham C Block. Using a steel frame with concrete panels and curtain walling as was typical of this era, the building is notoriously energy inefficient. The building contained workshops at lower levels, office accommodation on higher floors and large lecture theatres on the top floor.
    • The building has seen many changes since completion and most of the workshops have been removed to be replaced with teaching space and computer cluster rooms. The building is predominantly occupied by the School of Engineering, Design and Technology but also houses the University's Art Gallery and a recently refurbished catering outlet on the ground floor.
  • Chesham Building C Block
    • Chesham Building C Block was erected in the 1960s and is connected to Chesham B Block. Using a steel frame with concrete panels and curtain walling as was typical of this era, the building is notoriously energy inefficient. The building contained workshops at lower levels, office accommodation on higher floors and large lecture theatres on the top floor.
    • The building has seen few changes since completion and most of the workshops remain. The building is predominantly occupied by the School of Engineering, Design and Technology but also houses the University's Art Gallery, Tamsin Little Music Centre and a recently refurbished catering outlet on the ground floor.
  • Horton Building A Block
    • Horton Building A Block was erected in the 1960s and is connected to Chesham B Block. Using a steel frame with concrete panels and curtain walling as was typical of this era, the building is notoriously energy inefficient. The building contained workshops at lower levels, office accommodation on higher floors and large lecture theatres on the top floor.
    • In 2011 the building was extended, comprehensively refurbished and reclad to accommodate the School of Health Studies who moved from the Trinity Road site. The new building include state of the art clinical skills rooms, a movement laboratory and PACS (digital imaging) suite, as well as dedicated staff and student areas.
  • Horton Building D Block
    • Horton Building D Block was erected in the 1960s and is connected to Horton A Block. Using a steel frame with concrete panels and curtain walling as was typical of this era, the building is notoriously energy inefficient. As a result we are in the process of recladding the building for energy efficiency purposes whilst improving its appearance. The building contained workshops at lower levels, laboratories and office accommodation on higher floors and large lecture theatres on the top floor.
    • The building has seen numerous changes since completion and the workshops were refurbished to create a two storey lecture theatre known as 'The Barn'. Further centrally managed teaching space was created on Level 0. The building is predominantly occupied by the School of Computing, Informatics and Media and all the 'wet' laboratories have been converted to computer suites and media laboratories.
  • Institute of Cancer Therapeutics (ICT) Building
    • The Institute of Cancer Therapeutics (ICT) Building was erected in 2006 on Tumbling Hill Street on the site of a number of timber framed temporary buildings. The £6.5 million facility provides a state-of-the-art cancer research centre for the School of Life Sciences.The building incorporates modern laboratories with ultra low flow fume cupboards, natural ventilation, solar shading, automated building management system (BMS) and biodiversity enhancements. The building is linked internally to the Norcroft Conference Centre and the Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation within the Norcroft Building.
  • Norcroft Conference Centre
    • The Norcroft Conference Centre was completed in 2006 on Tumbling Hill Street. The building which links the IPI and ICT buildings, contains numerous environmental features including an automated Building Management System, green sedum roof, biodiversity enhancements, triple glazing, high u-values and is built into the ground to help with insulation. The new building achieved a 'very' good BREEAM rating.
  • Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation (IPI) Building
    • The Norcroft Building housing the Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation (IPI) Building was erected in 2003 on the corner of Tumbling Hill Street and Richmond Road. The £6 million facility provides an Analytical Centre on two floors sustaining biochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical research at the University with an additional 40 researchers and high quality computing equipment used for computer modelling and mathematical manipulation.The building was recognised at the Bradford District Design Awards who rewarded its design and environmental initiatives as contributing to 'encouraging a visually attractive, liveable and sustainable 21st century district'. The building is linked internally to the Norcroft Conference Centre and the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics.
  • Pemberton and Ashfield
    • Pemberton Building was erected in the late 1980s alongside the adjacent Ashfield Building, to provide additional office and teaching space for the University. The building is connected to Ashfield at first floor level and it's arch leads into library square. The building has seen some minor alterations and continues to accommodate the School of Social & International Studies.
    • Ashfield Building was erected in the late 1980s alongside the adjacent Pemberton Building, to provide additional teaching space for the University. The building is connected to Pemberton at first floor level.
    • In 2006 the building was converted from teaching rooms to office accommodation for the School of Social & International Studies and comprises a number of small glazed offices around large open plan office accommodation on the top two levels. The basement is predominantly used for plant but does contain a large school meeting room.
  • Phoenix
    • Phoenix Building North East Block is an old converted mill on three floors with traditional north light roofing. The building was extended in the mid 1990s to provide additional teaching space and office accommodation. For many years the building contained wet laboratories with associated fume cupboards and services and used by Archaelogical Sciences. In 2010 the building saw a major refurbishment to allow Estates and Facilities to occupy the building . The building now contains large open plan offices, maintenance workshops and stores. Teaching space is retained within the extension.
    • Phoenix Building South West Block is an nineteenth century converted mill on predominently two floors with additional space in a four storey office annex. The building was extended in the mid 1990s to provide additional teaching laboratory space. The building contains numerous specialist laboratories with associated fume cupboards and services and used by the Division of Archaeological, Geographical and Environmental Sciences.
  • Richmond Building

Richmond Building is the largest building on City Campus and is higly visible across the Bradford district. With 33,000 square metres of accommodation and 14 storeys high, the building was re-clad to the western elevation in 2006 massively improving its energy efficiency. The building has seen many changes since it's erection in the 1960's, not least the installation of a translucent roofed atrium in 2006 providing a thriving social hub at the heart of City Campus. The building houses offices, teaching space and specialist laboratories.

  • Student Central

Student Central is the new name for the Students' Union building. Formerly the Communal Building, the building has been gutted, pulled apart and turned into a fantastic 21st Century building for students. Opened in August 2010, the three-level building has a connection to the library, clubs, bars, a shop, the Students' Union, RamAir, study and social space, a lecture theatre and much more.

  • Top Floor:
    • Study space of varying sizes, allowing you to study individually or in groups.
    • 180-seat lecture theatre
  • Central Floor:
    • Students' Union offices inc. sports, societies, academic etc
    • RamAir 1350AM (Student Radio)
    • Cafe Bar - Non-alcoholic food and drink space
    • Union Shop
    • UBU Advice Centre
    • Counselling Service
  • Basement Floor:
    • Sports Bar - Main bar including television screens
    • Central Bar
    • Amp Bar - Connected to the outside amphitheatre area
    • Two club venues - including the famous FND, Friday Night Disco!
    • Communal Hall - for food events with the kitchen!
    • Escape Club - 100 capacity club for student-led nights
  • Forster
    • Commercial & applied science as well as the Optometry school's eye clinic, located just off campus.


  • The JB Priestley Building was erected in the 1970s to house the Univerity's Library and as computer use expanded the bottom floors were converted to provide accommodation for the Computer Centre. Little changed until the late 1990's when the building was extended on all floors providing computer cluster facilities, office space and additional library accommodation. In 2010 the ground floor was radically overhauled and linked to the refurbished and Student Central to create a flowing learning mall.
  • The J B Priestley library is open 24 hours on weekdays and more limited hours around weekends, it has 530,000 volumes, more than 1,100 printed periodical titles and more than 7,000 electronic journals. In addition to the university library, there are two Waterstone’s book shops located on campus.

Only University students can get in since there is an access card entry. There are areas of the library dedicated for quiet study and also there are rooms for private and group study. Within the building is also the main computer base and computer services.

IT and Computing

There are a number of rooms across campus with PCs available for student use see [1]. Some Departments also have computers available for students to use.

If you have your own laptop or Smartphone you can connect to the University network wirelessly from all the libraries, foyers and social spaces of our major buildings see [2]

There is IT assistance in the library, and also via email or phone if you are off campus and a 24-hour telephone answering service is available to help you solve a wide range of common IT problems.

Unique Fitness Centre

If you enjoy sport, either as an enthusiastic participant or as an occasional user, you'll have lots of opportunity to follow your particular interests or to take up new ones, all at minimal cost. You will find excellent facilities for indoor sports and recreation in the Sports Centre, and all members of the University can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities.

The University's city campus sited Sports Centre was originally extended in the 1990s to provide modern gym facilities and was subsequently renovated in 2009. The latest development saw a new glazed 'cone' entrance, climbing wall and changing village. Alongside modern sports and leisure facilities the building hosts a bank and bookshop.

To make great use of these sports facilities, the SU has a load of student run sports clubs. These include:

  • archery
  • badminton
  • basketball (men)
  • basketball (women)
  • canoe
  • climbing
  • cricket
  • equestrian
  • fencing
  • football (men)
  • football (women)
  • hiking
  • hockey
  • ice hockey
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • netball
  • off road biking
  • rowing
  • rugby league
  • rugby union (men)
  • rugby union (women)
  • sub aqua
  • ski & snowboarding
  • squash
  • swimming & water polo
  • Katana Ju Jitsu
  • tae kwon do
  • tennis
  • trampoline
  • ultimate frisbee
  • volleyball


Most students experience few difficulties during their time at Bradford. However, if you do need help or advice, we have an extensive network of welfare services and pastoral care which covers all manner of difficulties and problems. When you register you will receive a booklet giving full details and opening times of all the information and welfare services.


The University has its own surgery. Making an appointment is easy and most times can be made within 2 days. Consultations and treatment are strictly confidential. Nothing is disclosed without your permission. But with your agreement, the doctors can work closely with academic staff and the Counselling Service to ensure that you and your studies do not suffer unduly through ill-health or stress.


Bradford Union run a shop selling the bare NUS essentials: hoodies and instant noodles, as well as some stationary and other food. Regular book, music, and poster fairs are held in the courtyard of the Communal Building every week. Within the Atrium section of the Richmond Building is a branch of Blackwells stocking all books on the courses and a few more but as usual you'll be paying top dollar for them. Daley's is a local bookshop opposite the nearby college which is excellent.

As for the city itself; you will find most of the normal shops plus LOADS of "family run" ones. If you can find the ones which do great deals on thing then great. The city is well stocked with markets too, in upper Kirkgate and near the Rawson quarter. However the credit crunch has bit Bradford hard and much of the shops in the merchant quarter lie either empty or in a bit of a state. Once things get going then developments like the Westfield arcades and a revamped Beehive will bring more in more upmarket shops that can currently only be found in Leeds or Halifax.

Morrison's is a Bradford firm and the biggest Morrison's in the country is about 40 minutes on foot from the campus. Wilkinson's and Netto are great places to get shopping and household items. Beware of those closest to the uni, such as the tiny Sainsbury's; they charge more for the convenience. If you can get out of the city to the bigger supermarkets you will save a lot of money.


There are around 5 cafes in the various buildings, operated by the same company but with varying prices. The more ethically minded can try the very local volunteer-run Treehouse Cafe, the UK's first Fairtrade cafe back in the 1990s, and now home to acoustic events and a Peace Library.

It's really cheap to go out for meals, with a lot of choice too, and you're not restricted to currys or kebabs. Though there are lots of those around.


Following the closure of Natwest, there is currently no on-campus bank. In the city you can find Yorkshire, Bradford and Bingley, Barclay's, Nationwide and a few others. The main hill up to the campus, Quebec Street, is peppered with commercial machines charging nearly £2 a pop; it's worth walking a bit further either up to the Uni branches or down to the Centenery Square hole-in-the-wall. There are various ATMs provided within the University (which don't charge) and also near the shops just outside the campus.


  • Local Transport

West Yorkshire's extensive bus and train network provides an easy, cost effective and environmentally friendly way to travel.

With hundreds of buses and a 66-station train network, public transport is a flexible and realistic alternative to the private car for many journeys to and from the University.

  • Travel and Transport

Bradford is conveniently situated in the centre of the UK. It has excellent communications, and is easily reached by road, rail or air.

Once you have arrived in Bradford getting out and about is easy, whether you have your own transport or not.

There are direct regular air services into Leeds/Bradford International Airport, 7 miles (11 km) from the University; Bradford is connected to the national motorway network via the M62 and the M606; an extensive coach service connects most parts of the country to Bradford's Travel Interchange; Bradford Interchange and Forster Square stations have extensive rail links (though many involve changing at Leeds); and both train stations are around 15 minutes away from main campus on foot. Frizinghall train station is also close to the School of Management.

  • To get to the university from the Travel Interchange/Forster Square

Walking takes about 15 minutes, though it is partly uphill.

From the Interchange, come down the hill, across the crossing and turn left in front of City Hall.

From Forster Square station, walk along past the "Fibres" sculpture out onto Cheapside, then along Market Street to City Hall.

From there, walk in front of the fountain in Centenary Square. Cross the road and walk left towards the glass front of the Alhambra Theatre. Turn right up Great Horton Road just before the Alhambra Theatre. The University is about 300 metres up this hill, beyond the College.

  • Free City Bus

Launched on Monday 29 September 2008 by Metro and Bradford Council, Bradford FreeCityBus service connects key locations around the city centre.

These include Bradford Interchange, Forster Square Rail Station, Forster Square shopping Park, Kirkgate Shopping Centre, the Oastler Centre, the National Media Museum and Library and the University of Bradford and College.

The buses run every ten minutes from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 5.30pm on Saturdays.

  • Buses

Buses 610/1/2/3/4 leave from Channing Way outside City Hall at regular intervals during the day, and pass the main campus about 5 minutes later costing around 60p. Alternatively, and especially if you have luggage, you can take a taxi, costing about £4.00.

  • The Student Safety Bus - the UBUS

The Students' Union provides a free bus service every weekday in term time. It's yours, so make sure you use it! Pick-up points are outside the Richmond Building Main Entrance, the School of Management and the Appleton Science Building - a timetable is available from the Students' Union Reception.

The Students' Union is committed to the safety of their students. One of the ways in which we try to ensure you will get safely home is by providing this free bus service, funded by UBU with a contribution from Bradford College. Two full-time drivers and a team of chaperones help to run the bus.

Careers service

Part-time jobs

Religious facilities

For Christians there is a wide range of Churches to go to. The Salvation Army in Wibsey (http://www.bradfordcitadel.org.uk/) has a bus stop right outside the doors and buses go from the interchange. There are also Catholic chaplaincies. The Union operates a sizeable Islamic prayer room and there are several local mosques with a new one opening off Laisteridge Lane imminently.

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Clubs and Bars

The social life is great. Campus pub is nice and cheap, the club has good going on's and in general it's very friendly, safe and fun. Housed in the Richmond building, Student Central has several clubs and bars on its basement level. Here is some brief information of them, all serving the best student-priced drinks and providing some great entertainment.

Amp Bar: A large bar by day, a massive club venue during the night, featuring lots of seating

Sports Bar: The main bar featuring large plasmas showing all the latest sport, plus pool tables, darts and much more!

Amphitheatre: The base has now been turned into a patio for drinking outside during nicer weather

Central Bar: The middle bar in the building

Biko Room: An all-purpose room for a variety of events

Communal Hall: A 200-capacity venue for catering- based events

Escape Bar: A 100-capacity club venue, perfect for student-led nights, birthday parties or other occasions

Stay tuned for further information on nights to be held in these club venues as well as how you can book them!


On Sundays there is the weekly Pub Quiz in the Amp Bar

    • The best way to end your weekend is at the UBU Pub Quiz, hosted by RamAir, featuring six rounds of great questions including General Knowledge, Film (written by the BSC), Random, Musical Intros, Current Affairs and one chosen by the losing team of the previous week, with questions for everyone!
    • The pub quiz is free to enter and features six rounds on a variety of themes, including randomly selected rounds on the night.
    • The top three teams win great drinks vouchers to use over the bars.
    • The first ten teams in get a free plate of nachos!
    • The pub quiz is followed by rounds of 'Play Your Cards Right' where you can win more drinks vouchers and ticket prizes, plus 'Ant's Balls In A Bag' with a great cash prize!

Clubs and Societies

As the Society’s Federation President, the Student Activities Officer oversees and support the societies. We have around 40 societies. The great thing about societies is that a society can be created for almost any interest. We have a number of different societies in five different categories. Society membership varies from £3 to £25 please email the society you are interested in.

Getting involved in societies can be the best thing you ever did at university, as you will always find other people who are interested in the same things, however rare or common, or if you just want to try something new then we can help make it happen. Societies are a great way of bulking out your CV, as you can become an exec member and have a say in how the society works.

Activity Based Societies
  • Africa Arts Society
  • Anime Society
  • Bhangrra Entertainment
  • BURPS - Roleplaying Society
  • BUMS - Bradford University Music Society
  • Chess
  • Fashion
  • Filmaking
  • First Aid Society
  • Medieval Society
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Amnesty International Group
  • Bradford Student Solidarity
  • Labour
  • Model United Nations
  • People & Planet
  • Red Ribbon
Departmental Societies
  • Ages
  • Chemical, Forensic & Medical
  • Physio & OT Society
  • Society of Psychological Arts
  • Student Law Society
Religious Societies
  • Abundant Life Society
  • Ahlul Bayt
  • Catholic Society
  • Christian Union
  • Sameem
  • Jewish
  • NHSF Bradford (Hindu)
  • Islamic Society
  • Meth Soc
  • Sikh
  • Afro Caribbean
  • Egpytian
  • East African
  • Hellenic Society
  • Latin & Hispanic
  • Libyan
  • Malaysian
  • Muslim
  • Omani
  • Persian
  • Saudi

Accommodation & Residences

The Green, which opened September 2011, is a new £40 million purpose built student accommodation village. A blueprint for eco-friendly living, The Green has the highest ever BREEAM rating for any building, at 95.05% and also the first BREEAM 'Outstanding' student accommodation in the country. The Green has the highest ever BREEAM rating for any building, at 95.05% - the highest accredited award for sustainable building development and operation.


  • Bradford & University Halls
  • Unity Hall
  • Vernon Barnaby Hall
  • Arkwright Hall (Opal)
  • Imtiaz & Trigg Halls (Malik)
  • Haria House (CRM)

Laisteridge Lane

  • Trinity Halls (CRM)
  • Charles Morris Hall (CRM)
  • International House (CRM)
  • Revis Barber Hall (CRM)
  • All Saint's Hall (CRM)
  • Dennis Bellamy Hall (CRM)

Near campus

  • Haria House (CRM)
  • Trigg Hall (Malik)
  • Forster Halls (Mainstay)
  • Wardley House (Cosmopolitan)
  • Kexgill House (Kexgill)
  • Edmund Street (Kexgill)

Accommodation policy

If you are going to be a new first year undergraduate you will be guaranteed a place in uni-organised accommodation for your first year if you apply by the deadline. If you are a postgraduate student, there are also around 300 accommodation places reserved just for you. International students are also guaranteed uni accommodation during their first years too.

Private sector

Compared to most places, rooms in private shared houses are very cheap - often around and average of just £40 a week! And Bradford is a very big place with lots of otherwise empty houses, so there will be loads of options on where to find somewhere to stay. You can get help with finding a place and get loads more info from Unipol.

Student union

Politically active, left-leaning, and critical of the NUS although remaining a member. Turnout in elections hovers around the 10% mark or about 1200 students.




Local area

The university is very close together and only a 5-10 minute walk from the city centre. The city is not known to be an amazing place to live and council plans to improve the city centre have recently hit funding problems. That said, the city does have some really good examples of 19th century architecture and the wider areas beyond the city has some wonderful scenery with both the Pennines and the Yorkshire Dales only a short distance away.

Teaching quality

Bradford seems to have a policy of ruthlessly pruning inefficient departments. The School of Management is the 3rd best business school in the UK and the 25th best in the world according to a recent Times survey. The Department of Peace Studies is considered the best in the world. Overall the university scores well in assessement exercises but teaching can sometimes be hampered by the facilities.

Applying to Bradford

Thinking of applying to Bradford? Why not read some Personal Statements which were used for applying here?

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