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Facilitating elite athletes to push the perceived limitations of the body is a key application for sporting research. In my studies and future career, I also strive to help all of those challenged in society, through the cultural phenomenon of sport. This subject’s application can support any individual to thrive in their environment, an idea lost in the battle between the interests of public health and corporations. Longstanding volunteer work within Oxford Health’s Learning Disability Services has broadened my awareness of the application of both social and pure science concepts. Offering patients Rebound Therapy has allowed me to understand the importance of applied Physiological knowledge, whilst developing my flexibility and interpersonal skills through ‘reasonable adjustments’. Appreciating the professional’s ability to link multiple areas of understanding has enabled me to contextualise ‘A Level’ Biology content and highlighted the importance of having multidisciplinary NHS staff. The fast paced and challenging social environment of the clinic increased my confidence to take initiative and work independently, especially with higher need patients.

Supplementing this, I spent two days shadowing in an MSK Physiotherapy Clinic which awakened me to the predominance of back and joint conditions that are aggravated or caused by a sedentary lifestyle or an unhealthy BMI. Meeting a woman suffering from back pain, due to increased stress on the lumbar spine caused by weak transverse abdominal strength, has demonstrated the importance of mass participation in regular exercise.

These experiences further inspire my research into preventative healthcare strategies. I was struck by the documentary ‘Forks Over Knifes’, which promoted a plant based diet, evidenced by ‘The China Study’ and aligned research papers. Also watching ‘The Weight of the Nation: Children in Crisis’, has driven me to support changing views on diet, combating the commercial motives of many food corporations and address the issues faced by contemporary families. I often research around lesson content to build understanding; for example, by watching, ‘Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story’, I saw links within ‘A Level’ PE topics, including how psychology and social pressure can induce a Lombardian Ethic and promote deviant behaviours.

My interest in sport influences many of my pastimes. Alongside successfully gaining a place in a national gifted and talented programme for dance, ‘The Place CAT Satellite Scheme’, I continually improve my performance as part of Propagator Youth Dance Company. During the 2017 scheme, I have applied my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and related the principals of the Stimulus Response Bond and the Inverted ‘U’ Law of Arousal in classes. Training at an advanced level also gives me an emotional outlet for both my stresses and inspirations, something I wish to continue as part of a balanced lifestyle. Taking part in masterclasses, including those from The Richard Alston Company and BalletBoyz, gives me an insight into the importance of effective coaching and education of elite athletes. Implementing frequent performance analysis shows me its value in supporting athlete training, due to the fine line between winning and losing within elite sport.

Through employment at an independent bike shop, I talk with competing athletes regularly, gaining an appreciation for the multiple aspects that influence a successful sporting career. Working as a vital part of a small team for many years has advanced me in a range of skills, developed by taking wide responsibilities. This job has produced a love for mountain biking, which I do for leisure and charity. My hobbies also stretch to motorcycle riding and singing, things I enjoy independently and within the community.

The combination of my perspectives on research application in this field, along with my skills, shown through experiences, make me a strong candidate for this degree course.

Thought I'd share my personal statement as most for this subjects aren't particularly academic and start with a variation of 'from a young age i have always loved sport'.

This statement and predicted grades PE A, Biology B, Maths A (+AS futher maths B), have gained me offers at:

Loughborough (AAB)

Durham (AAB)

Bath (AAA)

Birmingham (ABB)

(awaiting reply) Edinburgh


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