Coming Ready or Not; Premature ejaculation

Coming Ready or Not; Premature ejaculation

Hi l hope this article will prove useful, l’ve written it in response to a couple of posts by guys l’ve seen on TSR asking for advice on how to ‘delay’ the inevitable moment when you’re having sex. It’s a very common situation called premature ejaculation (PE). I hope the following advice will prove useful. This article will explore the following delaying techniques;

1. Don’t worry. Take your mind off any worrying issues 2. It’s your body. Take control of your body not the other way around 3. Get in-touch with and train your body 4. Pinch your-self just before you are about to come 5. Spend a lot of time on fore-play. Focus on other things

You may have noticed that in my intro l have not used the word ‘problem’ as I don’t see it as one and never have – even when l was younger- and you shouldn’t either. It’s all part of being a normal guy and it happens to everyone at some point or another. Keep this in mind and have it be your attitude and you’ve already one half the battle. The cause is usually very simple and most of the time it’s simply worry.

1. Don’t worry This does not necessarily refer to worrying about how well your night of passion is going although that is often the seed of the worry. You may be worrying about anything that is playing on your mind. So if you’ve just had a big row with your best friend or you’re really late with an assignment or you’ve got an exam the next day- then all these things can mess with your sub-conscience and put you off.

You can’t switch off your sub-conscience and although I don’t like to promote the consumption of alcohol, a pint or two can take your mind off any worrying issues and make you more relaxed thus giving you more self control. Be careful with alcohol though because it can have the opposite effect so this is when you need to get clever.

2. It’s your body This is something that Western medicine indoctrinates us to ignore. You are in control of your body not the other way around. The most basic evidence of this fact is that if you keep a positive outlook and focus on positive things you will be more healthy than if you are pessimistic and take a ‘poor me’ attitude to health. The opposite attitude of the hypochondriac is unhealthy too.

Trying to control you body externally with pills and commercially advertised products will lead you down the wrong path. They indoctrinate us into thinking that western science can solve all our problems. It’s much better to take a proactive approach to health and get your body used to the idea that what you say goes. If you don’t feel especially connected to your body – a crazy idea really but I think a lot people think of their body as a convenient hairy pink thing that carries their stomach, brain and bum around- read the next section.

3. Get in-touch with your body Do this by doing the stuff it was designed to do. Yes that’s right, running, jumping and swimming etc. These are the things our bodies are capable of doing so you should do them. I'm sure some people will be surprised to learn that our bodies are not meant to sit down all day while we type our lives away on a computer keyboard.

For example if you have a headache drink a big glass of water and go out for a brisk walk or run and 9 times out of 10 it will go away. Think about it now; It’s easy to imagine having a headache if you were sitting on the sofa smoking a fag with the window closed but can you imagine even being aware that you had a headache if you were engaged in a positive physical activity like swimming.

So how does this help us with PE. You can train your body to respond to your commands, even your sub-conscious demands. Practice is a good way to familiarise your body with what you want it to do. So when you’re playing around by yourself try to get used to the idea of holding back simply using self control. It won’t be easy the first few times but keep practicing and your stamina will improve. If you have to experience a few embarrassed ‘failures’ then once again that is when you need to change your attitude and don’t see them as such. ‘The man who never made a mistake never made anything’

I’m not saying that if you do suffer PE on a special evening that you and your girlfriend had been looking forward to that it won’t be somewhat disappointing but it will only be as bad as you make it. Don’t let it get you down just use it to strengthen your resolve the next time you practice.

4. Pinch your-self just before you are about to come. Giving yourself an intense stab of pain will put you off coming. Repeat as necessary. Once again this is something the sub-conscience is going to recognize and it will in-time build up an association making the connection stronger. This is you telling your body what to do, not the other way around.

This is the practical version of an old familiar delaying technique which works in the short term and that is to think about something very un-sexy and objective. For example try doing your nine times table or go over an essay in your mind. Try to do this in your head not out loud as it would be very off-putting for your girlfriend and she might think you’re having an affair with your maths tutor.

5. Spend a lot of time on fore-play Make sure you take things slowly and savour every moment. Take your time and then if – when the moment comes, so do you – then it won’t be such a disappointment to end the night there and then if you’ve spent the previous hour or so having lots of fun before penetrative sex is on the agenda.

This is another way of you taking control and telling your body what you want it to want rather than going with the flow.


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