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{{header2a|header=Introduction to Debate and Current Affairs|body=Debate and Current Affairs is The Student Room's hub of all things discussion. Topical news stories, historical interests, political flairs, international know-hows, or religious persuasions can all be discussed or debated here. If you need to brush up on your general knowledge, or there's just those two people who are wrong on the internet at 3am, this is the place for you. Debate and Current Affairs has seen almost half a million topics discussed so far accumulating almost a staggering five million posts. We've seen visits from Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg, and David Cameron during the 2010 General Election, as well as Lord Browne and David Willetts on discussions about rising student tuition fees. So here's your chance to get your voice heard and make your impact, get involved!

Sections in Debate and Current Affairs

Current Affairs

Got a breaking news topic or want to post the most recent issues for sensible, on-topic discussion? This is the forum for you.
Latest relevant discussions Last post/replies
Trump sides with the Saudi murderers and praises assault on journalist 11 minutes ago Replies: 31
People's Vote March - 700,000 people attend London protest 17 minutes ago Replies: 18
Anjem Choudary released from prison 1 hour ago Replies: 50
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UK Politics

Discuss issues related to the politics of the UK, such as the actions of any MP, any current or potential law, or any other factor affecting the British political system.
Latest relevant discussions Last post/replies
Banning unemployment benefits after brexit 35 minutes ago Replies: 42
Jobless brexiters and benefits 1 hour ago Replies: 2
The Losers March 1 hour ago Replies: 42
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Discuss events occurring around the world, relations between countries, or actions of any group or organization with an international focus.
Latest relevant discussions Last post/replies
Trump on Florence: 'One of the wettest we've ever seen, from the standpoint of water' 3 weeks ago Replies: 30
TSR Foreign Affairs Hub 13-04-2018 Replies: 2004
Ex-Trump aide Paul Manafort 'faces charges over Russia' 30-10-2017 Replies: 0
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Discuss issues related to past events, people, places, or old empires and civilisations.
Latest relevant discussions Last post/replies
The British Empire is worst than the Nazi? 1 day ago Replies: 304
Is the word crisis overused? 1 day ago Replies: 2
Has history been too harsh on napoleon bonaparte? 2 days ago Replies: 13
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Discuss the merits and deficiencies of political theories and philosophical questions.
Latest relevant discussions Last post/replies
Is human life worth more than the lives of other species? 3 days ago Replies: 61
Is equality dangerous? 4 days ago Replies: 52
What does the multiverse theory implicate for the free will vs determinism debate? 5 days ago Replies: 37
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Discuss issues that have a social and cultural impact, including but not limited to issues such as racism, teenage pregnancies, the social impact of religion, and the state of the education system.
Latest relevant discussions Last post/replies
Transgender people have mental issues 1 minute ago Replies: 36
There are only 2 genders, change my mind? 15 minutes ago Replies: 83
Are white people actually prettier than other races? 24 minutes ago Replies: 114
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Discuss religious, spiritual, and theological issues concerning Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or any other religion.

Model Assemblies

Join the TSR Model House of Commons today and have a go at being a Member of Parliament.

You can get involved with your chosen political party, show how you would run the country by writing laws, and also have a chance to discuss politics with a friendly, like-minded community.

Model House of Commons

TSR's Model Parliament

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Latest relevant discussions Last post/replies
The Speaker's Chamber 19 hours ago Replies: 2521
BC699 – Benefits Repayment Bill 2014 (CLASSIC BILL) 20 hours ago Replies: 0
BC647 – Metrication (Completion) Bill 2014 (CLASSIC BILL) 20 hours ago Replies: 5
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Model United Nations

TSR's Model United Nations

See more

Latest relevant discussions Last post/replies
USA things to be changed to further develop the country. Do you have any ideas? 14-08-2017 Replies: 8
Which countries will be next to leave the EU after the UK? 29-06-2017 Replies: 17
Britain in or out of the European 10-04-2017 Replies: 16
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