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About the Film forum

The film forum is a dedicated subforum of The Student Room which provides a medium for discussion regarding cinema and film. You can create threads on any film-related topic concerning released or upcoming films, directors, trailers, news articles and casting. Discussion does not have to revolve around specific matters, you can also create threads discussing favourite genres or create a debate on film piracy and the effects on the Film industry.

Threads in the Film forum

Film Competitions

Fancy yourself a film critic or do you want to dab into the world of writing? Watch the stickies in the Film forum for any review competitions. This sets out a film, either released or upcoming, and allows TSR users to submit their own reviews and interpretations. The winner, judging takes place by voting on the best review, receives a free subscription and the glory of the winning.

History of Film

Precursors to Film

The time-line of films can actually be traced all the way back to the late nineteenth century, stemming from simple devices which created optical illusions of movement simply by moving slightly different images at such a speed that they appeared to be one single, moving image. The best examples of these are the zoetrope, a device that allowed someone to view a simple, repeating image. This is, interestingly, the foundation for the the film-making technique known as animation.

With the advent of celluloid film, it soon was realised that the technique used in the zoetrope could be applied to images captured with photographic film. However, early implementations of this idea required the viewer to have to look through a special set of lenses in order to properly be able to view the film.

The Silent Era

By the 1880's, the motion picture camera had been developed - allowing film-makers to capture actors' movement in individual frames on a single reel of celluloid film. Along with this came the advent of the motion picture projector, which was used to project the developed film onto a large screen, allowing for more than one person at a time to be able to view the desired effect.

However, film still had much development to go through. The first motion picture - a short known as Roundhay Garden Scene - was a simple static shot, with the director's son and mother-in-law simply moving about, talking - without sound at this point - and laughing; and was generally considered as 'art' in the classical sense, as opposed to in today's more broad sense.

Close to the advent of the twentieth century, motion pictures began to take on narratives that linked different scenes, filmed in different places. Along with this, it was realised that instead of having the camera stationary all the time, one could move the camera around to add to the story. Also, due to their lack of sound, motion pictures were almost invariably shipped with a set of sheet music that a pianist or organist - or even a full ensemble orchestra - could play in time with the film to create an atmosphere. By the 1920's; this was almost a requirement for all films!

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Film Recommendations

    The purpose of the Film Recommendations Thread

    We have put together a comprehensive, genre specific, list of critically acclaimed and commercially successful films. Amongst the films listed are our own favourites and hidden gems that are often overlooked. By creating this list, we hope to provide recommendations for any look for them as well as provide an active discussion thread for further submissions to the list and recommendations.

    So please do check it out:
  • Film Recommendations

Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop - every month the Film recommendations' thread carries out a public poll on TSR to gather opinion on what the users thought was the best cinematic release on that month. These are the following results so far:

  • October 2010: The Social Network (David Fincher)
  • November 2010: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (David Yates)
  • 2010: Inception (Christopher Nolan)

Film Posters

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