[[Universities I applied for:]]

Aberystwyth University - Offer Given: Unconditional (Original: 280 UCAS Points then after one to one meeting at the university 260 UCAS Points) - Firm Choice.

University of Chester - Offer Given: MMM at BTEC Level 3 - Insurance Choice.

Kingston University - Offer Given: DMM at BTEC Level 3

University of Greenwich - Offer Given: 320 UCAS Points

University of Brighton - Offer Given : DMM at BTEC Level 3

[[My Personal Statement:]]

You could say that Doctor Who has played a big part in why I want to venture out into the big, wide world of the Media Industry. Anyone I know could tell you that the show is certainly one of my favourites. But that's not just the reason why I want to study and learn more about Film. When Doctor Who Confidential was still on air and explaining what it took to make an episode; I fell in love with the idea of making content for people all over the world to see. I wanted to do what they were doing. Ever since that very first Confidential episode, I was hooked in wanting to work behind the scenes of a production. Analysing every single detail about why they put each scene in. Why was this character doing what they were doing? Why did the Editor think this was a good choice? I had all of these questions. Thanks to the power of social media and sites such as Tumblr, I have had the opportunity to meet people with the same interests as me and in light to this, they have made me see details of a show that I had never thought about before or had missed. But I wanted to learn much more. When it came to GCSEs I naturally chose Media Studies, which led to me making the choice of studying BTEC Creative Media Level 3 at college. This helped me learn more about the industry and get a hands-on experience in doing so. A memorable experience of this would be when we created our own music videos. We did all our own Pre-Production planning, organised our own groups to film and did our own editing. Throughout the duration of this course I knew I wanted to go into Editing and Post-Production and learn more about it at a higher level. Through college I was able to find out about the Apprenticeship scheme, Cyfle, and applied for an Editing Assistant place. Unfortunately, the scheme was called off, but in the time that I spent with them I learnt a lot about what happened in the editing suite and what the role of Editing Assistant included. This definitely played a more important part in the direction I wanted to go in, but also made me realise that I shouldn't limit myself to just one area in the industry. At a recent university open day event I was lucky enough to be chosen to demonstrate how to use their multiple-camera setup in front of other potential students and parents. I learned hands-on what it would be like and this confirmed my love for the subject and made me want to learn more. During my first year of college, I had the opportunity of a week's work experience at a media company. I worked with the company Gorilla Group, who are a Post-Production house in Cardiff Bay. In the time that I spent there I shadowed different roles from Sound to Editor. I also got some hands on work as a Runner, along with preparing the CBBC show, Ludus, for international sale. In my free time I like to make videos using footage from TV and film and put them to music. This form of media is called "vidding" and is popular on YouTube. I don't yet post on YouTube, but if I have creative block, vidding helps me clear my mind. Additionally, vidding is a great way to learn a software through trial and error so I can also apply those techniques to my work. Upon finishing my studies, I hope to follow a career in Drama Post-Production and maybe even one day I could end up working on Doctor Who. Although it started as something I was just fangirling about on the internet, I want to put that determination and creativity into my studies and inspire someone the way Steven Moffat inspired me.

It's not the best statement, but it took a LOT of redrafts with the help of my class tutor and auntie who's a teacher herself. If you have any family members/teachers that can help you with your statement then I highly recommend that you get them to go through it with you and check for grammar and spelling. It's also helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes look at it to see if it makes any sense. My statement helped me get all offers from the universities I applied for - as seen above - without any interviews at all. Not even from Greenwich or Kingston which I was really surprised about. Also, if there are any applicant days at unis you have an offer from, please go to them as you never know you might get a lower offer like I did with Aberystwyth.

Hoped this helped, as I saw only one personal statement for film on here :)

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