• Film Review - Buried

Worst film I have ever watched, the most boring 1 hour and a half. Imagine a film just situated in 1 scene for 1 hour beign stuck in a coffin finding a way out, using a range of ways and isn't very interesting. Written on the front 'remarkable, gripping,brilliant and terrific' but instead is 'boring, tiring and annoying.' Its ot even worth renting its actually that bad every minute waiting for him to escape.

I'm surprised there are customers on here giving this film 5 stars, i.e the highest rating possible suggesting this is some sort of amazing film. Even if you liked the film could you really say it was that good and mean it? You would want to sit through it more than once?

Anyway, the title of my review pretty much sums up the film, which creates unrealistic suspense and for the most part is Ryan Reynolds making increasingly frantic phone calls. All the while the background music is ramping up and the camera spins about a bit trying to convince you this is a thrilling film. I found it actually quite tedious, especially as most viewers know the camera never leaves the coffin, nothing else is going to happen, so in the end all you want to know is if he gets out or not. The only drama that unfolds for the protaganist is dealing with annoyingly stupid/heartless people on the phone and a ridiculous scene where a snake comes out of nowhere, providing something for our hero to do.

This is a film that is far too in love with its own cynicism. That causes two major problems, but first, the good things, which others have touched on;

The script is, by and large, pretty good. There is a VERY tense atmosphere. The lead and solo [visible] actor is excellent.

BUT...the film doesn't want to you to feel good about anything. Anything at all. Our hero, Paul, phones several people. He's constantly put on hold. Whilst this adds to the tension, it soon becomes clear that rather than using a jaded worldview to create dramatic effect, the writer is more interested in making his character suffer because he can't think of something else to do.

So enter the plot holes: we are presented with some incongruities that never amount to anything;

-A woman mad at Paul...though we never find out why, making his angry outburst totally unsympathetic. -A woman knowing Paul's name then pausing dramatically before telling him HOW she knew it, making you suspect something is wrong. -The counter-hostage guy man acting very suspiciously on the phone, again leading you to think that something larger and more devious is happening. -A video of a fellow hostage (NOT buried, by the way) who is killed. Yet the story she gives and the story given by the people on the phone don't add up. This too goes nowhere.

And then Dramatic DevelopmentsTM that DO lead to something, namely two F-16's levelling part of the city where Paul is buried. Why are they flattening part of a city? Because the scriptwriter wants the character to suffer, logic be damned.

And so we come to the ending. I could have forgiven the flaws above- even the silly use of a Zippo lighter in an enclosed space that doesn't eat up the air at all- if the ending hadn't been so bad, so WRONG. Rather than amount to anything, even in a tragic or dramatic way that moves the story or your understanding forward, all we learn is that the [END] happens, then the film finishes.

No aftermath, no consequences; just pure, hateful cynicism for it's own unlovely sake. The sake of cheap shock. And that is why I despise this film.

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