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Geography is the study of the physical environment which can be described as the study of the earth and its processes and human geography which is the study of human societies with particular focus on population structure, settlements and interactions between humans and the physical environment.


Most schools and sixth forms will have an option to do geography for GCSE and AS/A2.A large number of universities off geography degrees which can be general geography degrees or geography combined with another subject.


Geography at GCSE level will include a mix of human and physical geography. It will also usually involves at least one piece of coursework surrounding data collection and interpretation in an ecological or human setting. There will usually be at least one exam paper on physical geography and one on human geography.

Why Study Geography?

Geography is all about the planet on which we live. By studying Geography you familiarise yourself with all the different physical and human processes that go on all over the globe all the time. Real things affecting real people in real places. The GCSE gives you ample knowledge to pursue the subject further to a higher level, or just to feel as if you're confident enough with the main geography of this planet.

Course Format


The Edexcel course has 1 decision making paper where the examinee gets a pre-released resource book containing information on a set of projects. This information can be such as facts and figures, pictures and other relevant information. Then in the the paper, the examinee has to answer questions related to information in the book. Then the final question is something along the lines of "In your opinion, what is the best policy/option?"

Then there is another paper on general questions on geography. These are questions about information on the syllabus and includes topics like population and resources. Hazards such as flooding, earthquakes and volcanoes and other topics such as tourism.

For submissions in the June of 2008, a coursework element is also required. This in my case was a micro-climate study of the school grounds.

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A Level

At A Level you will study similar topics to GCSE in more detail. You will still cover a good mix of human and physical geography. The course follows the standard AS and A2 structure. There is usually at least one piece of coursework which focuses on more advanced data collection and interpretation.

Read the full Geography A Level guide.

International Baccalaureate

Geography can be taken as part of the IB in group 3

Scottish Standard Grade

Geography can be studied as part of the standard grade exams

Scottish Higher

Geography can be studied at higher level


If you have a question about applying for geography or what geography degrees are all about, and cannot find an answer here, why not ask it on the forums?

The Course

Geography at University level can be either a BA or a BSc. Geography can be studied as a single subject or combined with another subject for example the geography and transport planning degree offed at Leeds University. Specific areas of geography can also be studied at degree level for example human geography or environmental geography.


While it is not essential to have studied geography to GCSE or A2 to apply to do a geography degree it is a requirement of most universities. Candidates must be able to show that they have a genuine interest in the subject. The entry requirements are very different depending on the university applied to and can be obtained from the university website or UCAS.

Personal Statements

Read our sample personal statements for geography courses to see what other people have written. Please note our Personal Statements of a range of different qualities. Some are very good and some of not such a good standard. Please do not copy any as your own. To get advice after writing your personal statement, please visit the PS Helper section.

Read the Geography Degree guide for more in-depth details of a Geography degree.

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Revision notes

Get help with your exam preparation with our geography revision notes.

Got a question about your geography work? Ask for help and advice on the forums.

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