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Below is a list of universities offering Geology and Earth Science/Geoscience at degree level, their general A-level requirement and subject specific requirements. This list includes 2008 entry requirements and does not take joint or dual honours degrees into consideration. Alternative entry requirements are listed on the UCAS website. Click here for more information on geophysical sciences degrees.

Please keep in mind that these requirements are for four-year undegraduate MSci Geology degrees, not the standard BSc degree. This is because the MSci is generally more popularly applied to. If the university does not offer an MSci, its BSc requirements will be listed instead.

Earth science degrees in general tend to draw upon multiple fundamental sciences (i.e. biology, chemistry and physics), so the general requirement for any geology degree will be proficiency in science in general. Universities such as Oxford prefer candidates to have physics, maths and chemistry. "Traditional science" includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Maths. NB: Please refer to the university website if you are unsure of what they consider as a science course; some universities will not accept geography, psychology, electronics (etcetera) as a science.

For IB Candidates

'Science X preferred' means the science should normally be at IB higher level. If a subject is 'required', this normally implies it is required at higher level.

If a science is asked for at AS-level, its equivalent is generally IB standard level.

Finally, please don't be surprised if some IB requirements seem generally much higher or lower than average and in comparison to A-level grade requirements. Many universities are still understanding and evaluating your baccalaureate and its relative difficulty.

The asterix denotes a course that has a year abroad option which explains the large differences in entry requirement range.
University Standard A-level requirement Standard IB requirement (points) Subject specific requirements Notes
Aberdeen 240 (first year entry) - 300 (second year entry) UCAS points 28 Two sciences preferred Petroleum Geology & Geology JH offered
Aberwystwyth 280 UCAS points 28 One science at grade C Course also called "Environmental Earth Science"
Birmingham BBB - BBC 28 - 32 At least one science at A2 level and one at AS level Variations include Environmental Geoscience, Resource & Applied Geology
Brighton CCC 28 Unspecified -
Bristol ABB 33 (6, 6, 5 at Higher Level) At least two, preferably three science subjects Variations include Environmental Geoscience, Paleontology & Evolution
Cambridge AAA 38 - 42 Two from any traditional science or mathematics Part of Natural Sciences
Cardiff 300 - 320 UCAS points 33 One science or geography at grade B Variations include Earth Science, Environmental Geoscience, Exploration & Resource Geology
Derby 240 UCAS points 26 Geology or another science at grade C -
Durham BBC 34 Unspecified Variations include Earth Sciences, Environmental Geosciences, Natural Sciences (Earth Sciences)
East Anglia (UEA) BBB - BBC 31 - 32 (5, 5, 5 at Higher Level) Prefers any science, includes Economics Also called 'Environmental Earth Sciences'
Edinburgh BBB (First year entry) - AAB (Second year entry) 30 (second year entry subject to different offer) Two sciences Variations include Environmental Geoscience, Geology & Geophysics (JH)
Exeter ABB - BBC 28 - 30 Two sciences Also called "Applied Geology". Variation: Engineering Geology & Geotechnics
Glamorgan 200 - 240 UCAS points 28 Applied science -
Glasgow BBC - CCC 30 Unspecified Variation: Environmental Biogeochemistry
Imperial AAB 36 Two traditional sciences, can include geography, geology or environmental science Variations include: Environmental Geoscience, Petroleum Geoscience
Keele 220 - 260 UCAS points None specified One science at grade C Variation: Earth Systems Science
Kingston 240 UCAS points None specified Any science subject Variations include: Applied & Environmental Geology, Earth Systems Science
Lancaster BBC 28 (14 from HL) Any science subject Also called "Environmental Earth Science"
Leeds* AAA - BBC 30 (14 from HL) Two sciences Variations include: Environmental Geology, Environmental Biogeoscience
Leicester AAB 28 - 30 Two sciences Variations include: Applied & Environmental Geology, Geology with Geophysics, Geology with Paleobiology, Earth & Planetary Sciences
Liverpool* ABB 31 Two sciences -
Liverpool John Moores 220 UCAS points None specified - 5 points from a science/geography Any science at grade C -
Manchester ABC 32 (16 at HL) A science Variations: Geology with Planetary Science, Geochemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental & Resources Geology
Oxford AAA 38 - 42 Mathematics required, physics and chemistry preferred, other sciences considered -
Plymouth 240-280 UCAS points None specified Any science Variation: Applied Geology
Portsmouth 240 - 280 UCAS points 24 One traditional science or geography, geology or environmental science Variations: Geological Hazards, Paleobiology & Evolution, Earth Science
Royal Holloway ABC - BBB 30 Any science subject Variations: Environmental Geoscience, Petroleum Geology, Planetary Geology
Southampton* AAA - BBC 32 (15 at HL) Two sciences -
St Andrews BBB 30 A traditional science, includes geography -
UCL AABe-ABBe 34 - 38 Two sciences preferred Variations: Earth Sciences, Environmental Geoscience, Planetary Science, Paleobiology
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