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What is UBS?

UBS is one of the world's leading financial firms, dedicated to supplying the best possible advice and assistance for all its customers. It is one of the world's largest global asset and wealth managers, as well as a top tier investment banking corporation. Globally, UBS employs more than 65,000 people, drawing on the expertise of its employess in all aspects of its business to improve the fortunes of the companies it serves.

What roles are available at UBS?

Wealth and Asset Management, Consultant, Corporate positions.

Application process for UBS.

Apply online.

Entry requirements and type of person suited for UBS.

Academically, UBS looks for graduates with above average marks at university, previous relevant internship experience, international experience (either study or internship) and excellent English and/or German language skills, though other languages are also beneficial. They welcom applications from motivated, team-workers with strong analytical skills.

Future prospects and training at UBS.

Training begins with a series of in-house job placements, where graduates' responsibility will increase as they gain knowledge of the business process. Graduates are assigned a progress manager to help them develop along every step of the way. Training takes place over a period of 18-24 months, depending on target position and speed of progress, meaning apt candidates have a good chance of career progression.

Other comments about UBS.


If you have applied to UBS, we would like you to hear from you. Please use the following form to detail your experiences of application, to aid those interested in following a similar career path.

Position applied for: Spring Analyst
Year of Application: 2007
Region: London
Educational Background: BA Hons and Masters from a top 10 university

What were your experiences of the application process?

For the spring analyst position it was actually a relatively straightforward process, at the time there was no online application form, all they wanted was a CV and cover letter forwarded on to the grad recruitment team. After this I was invited to sit logical and numerical reasoning tests which were standard SHL, though the former was slightly tricky, essentially a lot of small puzzles.

What is it like working for UBS?

The culture there was thoroughly enjoyable and they really did a lot to make us interns feel welcome. The experience started off with a crash course in Investment Banking, followed by several guest speakers in pretty senior roles at the bank. After this, we began rotations across various desks. I got to see M&A, Equity Sales and Operations which was really useful as at that point I had absolutely no idea what the functions of an Investment Bank were. Everybody was really friendly and happy to answer my questions.

How has it compared to your expectations?

Great experience, as I've mentioned I was quite surprised at how friendly everybody was, especially since the industry seems to give the impression of coldness and detachedness. The presentations were hugely useful as were the rotations.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I have been offered a full time role at an Investment Bank, so hopefully there!

Finally, any advice you would give to potential applicants?

Just be yourself and practise numerical tests a LOT!

Position applied for: Summer Analyst
Year of Application: 2008
Region: London
Educational Background: BA Hons from a target university

What were your experiences of the application process?

For summer internship the application process is as follows: 1) Online application form - it was designed to get all of the information out of your CV and cover letter, and so you do can not submit a CV and a cover letter. 2) SHL numerical and logical reasoning tests - 20 minutes each. 3) Assessment centre - the assessment centre consisted of, (i) 40 minutes SHL numerical test, (ii) a presentation on a topic, (iii) 2 interviews, (iv) a group exercise.

From my experience, UBS application process was very good for two reasons, (i) they kept me updated at every stage and replied to my emails very promptly, and (ii) after the assessment centre they got back me very quickly and they had very indepth and comprehensive evaluation of my performance.

What is it like working for UBS?

The culture at UBS is one of the best in the City - it is a very collegiate culture with friendly, approachful, people who took time in ensuring that I had the right knowledge to get the job done. Spending time with me was beneficial to the UBS staff as well because I had greater understanding of what I was doing and so was able to do my job quickly and without any errors.

Regarding responsibility, they will give you as much of it as you can handle. But ultimately it depends on the interns themselves, if they can't get the most basic of tasks done properly, then they won't be given much responsibility.

Whilst the people are very nice and supportive they do expect you to work very hard, and when they are doing evaluations and hiring decisions they do not look for interns who have the potential, rather they look for interns who already are working at an analyst level.

Ultimately, culture is team specific and it is hard to make generalisations, but even when I was interacting with bankers from other teams I felt that they also had a friendly culture.

How has it compared to your expectations?

I have heard great things about UBS and its people, and I do not see a point in working 18 hours a day for a company if its people will treat me badly. That said, I will be returning to UBS to start as an analyst despite being offered jobs at other banks because working at UBS exceeded my expectations.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

A lot can happen in 5 year's time, and to be fair I do not plan that far ahead. But most likely be in a managerial role at UBS.

Finally, any advice you would give to potential applicants?

Know why you want to be an investment banker. Also, have a sense of perspective.

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