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Graphic Design & Communication/Archaeology Personal Statement

Archaeology has always been a subject close to my heart. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting on my father’s lap, watching Tony Robinson and the rest of “Time Team” discovering small bricks or coins, and then extrapolating to deduce how a whole Roman fort or Celtic temple was arranged. Another passion, discovered after investigating the digital 3D reconstructions often displayed in programs such as “Time Team”, was graphic design. The links between the subjects are quite prominent, especially concerning 3-dimensional design, and this is a fact I am particularly looking forward to exploring and using. After growing up very near the Roman capital of England (Verulanium), I developed a strong wish to work on the digs which were occurring all around the area. Unfortunately, in the digs which occurred nearby there was an 18+ age limit for working in the trenches. I did not however let this deter me from continuing to be intrigued by the wonders that lie undiscovered below our feet.

In relation to my science A levels, I have taken part in a number of activities, including visits to the Rothamsted Research Centre and museums in and around London. I am a regular reader of both the New Scientist and Scientific American magazines, and I have read numerous texts covering many different fields: from scientific papers on neurotransmitters and the effect of various drugs on the synapses in the CNS to “In Search of Schrödinger’s Cat” by John Gribbin, a book discussing the development and current understanding of quantum theory.

I joined my School in September 2003 and have been attending ever since. Over the 6 years I have taken part in a variety of different House, School, and extra-curricular music events such as the inter-house music competition, the improvised music competition, a concert at St John Smith’s Square and the annual School music tour. Music is a large part of my life and I currently play three instruments regularly; the guitar, the bass guitar and the bassoon. A lot of styles of music appeal to me, and I am specifically interested in bringing jazz to the bassoon. I have played in many orchestras throughout my life, and this year I arranged and conducted “Requiem for a Tower” for the House orchestra in the inter-house music competition. The challenge was a welcome introduction for the year, and it has prepared me for a year of hard work. I also enjoy playing sport, particularly men’s lacrosse. I have trained with the captain of the Welsh national team and even though the local club closed down, I still enjoy playing recreationally. I hope to continue with both music and lacrosse at university I am enjoying the challenges presented by my appointment as a prefect for my House this year, especially the management of the house website. Also, in year 12, I took part in the “Young Enterprise” competition as a the web manager for a company providing consultancy for young adults looking for advice about all aspects of travel and holidaymaking.

Another interest I hold is in Art and Graphic Design, particularly on the digital side of the subject which I have been focused on for over 3 years. I have both an online and hard-copy portfolio of work in various artistic genres and styles such as; photomanipulation, digital typography, photography and 3D landscapes. I am extremely proficient with Adobe Photoshop and have now started to develop my own techniques such as “Geofractals” and a “Blister Packaged” effect dubbed “Plastikveins”. I have freelanced for about a year, working in many different aspects of art and design, as well as web design and site creation. Most recently I re-designed my own website from scratch with a new style and interface. I believe that the skills I have picked up in my design work so far could potentially help in a career in Archaeology, particularly in the field of 3D genetic modelling and 3D architectural reconstruction, and I am looking forwards in anticipation to life as a student.

Universities Applied to:

  • Leeds (Graphic Design & Communication) - Offer (BBB) Firm
  • Aberdeen (Archaeology) - Offer (CCC) Insurance
  • Queen's, Belfast (Archaeology-Palaeoecology) - Offer (BBC/BCCb)
  • UCL (Archaeology) - Rejection
  • Bristol (Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences) - Rejection

Grades Achieved:

  • Graphic Design & Communication (A2) - A*
  • Biology (A2) - B
  • Chemistry (A2) - B
  • Physics (AS) - C


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