• Guidelines to Academic Writing

The trials of eight or more pages are usually a combination of textual analysis and critical dialogue with scholars / as the theme we have chosen. As the writing experts state, final tests should start preparing early enough so that the student has access to the best and / or more recent studies on the subject.



Similar to the structure of a short essay. In this case, the start of the test, we briefly summarize the state of criticism on the subject of analysis. At the same time, we offer our own position and how it relates to existing studies. It will often be necessary in the development of our analysis, resorting to specific claims of any critical analysis to show our agreement or disagreement and we quote them properly.


The text of the paper should be typed double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman. The top, bottom, left and right should be 1.5 inches.

Grammatical correction

Any of our written work must be done with a dictionary at hand or a spell checker. The errors of vocabulary and grammatical structure will be received with understanding, if they are occasional and from non-native speakers. If our errors are numerous is because we have not checked in the dictionary or grammar correction terms. Errors in complex structures disappear with effort and practice.


The extension of the work will focus on one aspect, portion, respect or character. If possible, find a topic that is relevant to our interests, we produce curiosity or fascination rejection.


The best headlines are those that offer some indication of the subject but also from the perspective that presents the analysis. If necessary, you can use a title followed by a colon and an explanatory phrase. A good title requires a creative and / or synthetic intellectual capacity.


Our hypothesis of reading, that is, our proposal review, you must go to the start of work on the first or second paragraph. Along with the proposal include briefly what are the arguments to have reached our conclusion. Take a look here for the best thesis statement structure.


We will include and expand the arguments presented in the beginning. Such arguments must be reasoned, explained and refer at all times to specific pieces of text.


1) The literary text: our arguments must be accompanied by quotes that demonstrate our claims. The intuition in reading should be followed by the objective analysis of the specific words of the text. Not enough to say anything and then include an appointment. This must be accompanied or preceded by an explanation. 2) Appointment of critical studies: We must acknowledge the source of our statements when they are not originally ours, citing the author, the work and the page (the title of the work is optional, but must be included in the bibliography). The full reference for the work, publisher, place and year of publication is included in the bibliography, on a separate page and end of work. The quotations included in our trial (of the literary or critical study) are in separate paragraph when they exceed the three lines. Whether you're indoors paragraph as if you are in a separate paragraph with double margin, the quotation is preceded by a colon. If you want to use single words for a specific quotation should be enclosed in quotation marks and accompanied by page numbers. Citations in separate paragraph usually go to a space.

Transitions between paragraphs

When essay writing, it is our responsibility to connect the different ideas, different paragraphs and its elements or phrases together. Thus, we have an orderly and coherent argument. That is, we need to explicitly include your relationship.


We remind the reader our initial thesis and how we got to it.

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