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Right, so you want to write a careers profile? This article will help you do just that.

First check to see if we already have something on your chosen career. If not, then we can create something in a just 4 easy steps!

A general careers profile will be based around several simple sections:

  • An introduction to the career
  • Opportunities available - things like what jobs are there, what is the pay like, chance of promotion and career developments etc.
  • Entry requirements section - what experience, qualifications, subjects or grades do you need?
  • A future trends section - where is the industry going? Is it growing? Are more people heading in to it? Are people becoming more specialised?
  • A job hunting section - where do you find these jobs? Are there any special steps in the application process? Any other job hunting tips?
  • An opinions section - is the job hard work? Stressful? Rewarding? Enjoyable? Would it suit certain types of people more than others?

These sections are just a guide and feel free to add in others to your guide or even miss one or two of them out. After all, this is your writing and this is just a guide!

Right, so now we know what is needed, let's get on with creating your article.

Step 1

Copy the following text. You will need to page this in to the new articles editing box in a minute. It will create the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page, give you the section headings and add your career profile in to the right category.

[[TSR Wiki]] > [[Careers]] > [[Career Options]] > [[A-Z of Careers]] > [[XXX]]

==Opportunities Available==

==Entry Requirments==

==Future Trends==

==Job Hunting==


[[Category:Career Options]]

Step 2

In a minute, type the name of your career in the box below and click "create". You will get to an edit box where you need to paste the text you have just copied.

Add a career profile:

Step 3

You are ready to write about your career!

Change the XXX in the text you've copied to the name of your career.

Start writing an introduction above the first heading, then writing each section below the headings.

Then save your article!

Step 4

All you need to do now is add your profile to the A-Z list - if you need help with this, ask in the About Wiki forum.


If you get stuck with any of this, just look at another one of the entries in the recipe book for help, or ask someone for assistance in the About Wiki forum!

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