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Here is what the sections on a University Course Guide page should be with a description of what could go in each.



Say what the subject is - 2 or 3 sentences telling you about it.

Course Overview

Section 1 - speak about what the course at uni might cover, list key topics, is the course practical, theoretical, mixed, varies? Section 2 - list of unis offering this course, with basic info on typical offers and links to the unis page for this subject/department/admissions. (could be separate article if large and specific courses at some unis already have their own pages, so these could be linked to from this section.


Talk generally about applying. Is it competitive. How many people per place? Any special requirements, like extra tests, limited number of places you can apply for etc.

Academic Requirements

Speak about general entry requirements - grades and more (like experiences, subjects required etc) Maybe link to a subject league table.

UCAS Form & Personal Statement

Speak about what to include in personal statements (include a link to sample and the PS helper section.) What are the admissions people looking for?

Life as XXXX Student

We could have details of the general work load someone studying this might have. The amount out lectures/seminars/independent study you might have. Stuff about placements and course lengths (like will general uni holidays not apply to you - like with people on medicine courses etc). Say anything else you can expect, anything out of the ordinary etc. Can also link to anything general about study tips for this subject (or include that info here directly is short enough).

Graduate Destination and Careers Prospects

Where do people with this degree end up? What careers require this degree. Prospects for further study etc.

Also See

List similar subjects. List of common joint honours subjects. Link to main University Courses Page. Link to any other pages directly relevant to this subject at uni level.

This is what to add to a page

Maybe we don't have a guide for your course. First check here to see if we have if it. If not you can start the guide for it. To do that you need to type in the name of your subject in to the 'New article Box' here. Next, add the coding below to the page to create the navigation links at the top of the article, the section headings and the categories at the bottom. Begin writing info under each heading. Save your page when finished.

Remember to replace 'XXXX' by the name of the subject where ever it appears.

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==Course Structure==


===Academic Requirements===

===UCAS Form & Personal Statement===

==Course Structure==

==Life as a XXXX Student==

==Graduate Destinations and Career Prospects==

==See Also==

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