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The aim of this guide is to provide you with a quick idea what to do when you are editing TSR University Guides.

The first thing that I need to remind you is that in this wiki you can express an opinion. If an accommodation is not the most stunning, say so, say why. Give us pros and cons for everything that needs it.


Copying from Wikipedia

Please refrain from copying from wikipedia. Whilst it is an invaluable resource, we do not accept clones of wikipedia as those articles are always written from a neutral point of view and express no opinions. Please do not copy from any other websites either, it breaks copyright laws and can get us into a lot of trouble. Any pages that have information from Wikipedia or other websites will be reverted back to the previous edits

Wikipedia can provide you with an interesting background on aspects you may not know such as history of your university, etc. Use it as a guide but do not copy it word for word

Staff and representatives of the university

We welcome staff and representatives from universities editing their pages. Whilst it maybe quite hard to accept that many students regard your flagship projects as a bit rubbish, we ask that you do not neutralise and delete all opinions and replace them with just a list of facts. Feel free to add information that just officials know or get students involved in this wiki. Add links to pages that students may find helpful. This site hits its peak traffic during A Level Results Day every year so information about subjects such as accommodation, registration and Freshers Weeks will help a lot.

The wiki is not an advertisement board. It is not here to promote any events that societies, the union or university are running. It should not also be used to copy information from a universities own website or off-line literature. Please also do not use the guides to write it from a universities point of view. The guides should either contain factual information or the views and opinions of students.

Promotion Teams, Nightclubs, etc

As with the rest of TSR, WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY ADVERTISING ON THE WIKI. Any advertising on the wiki will be dealt with as on the forums, with action taken against your TSR user account. We do tolerate a limited amount of student bar information, but advertising will be DELETED.

If you wish to advertise at all on TSR, please see the advertising options page.

Outside of University Guides

We need information about your universities accommodation policy. Please add it to this page here

Long Pages

Some university pages can get quite long and we happily accept users splitting pages. Please help keep pages together by providing a link from the original page, and also adding it to the category by adding Category:XXXX where XXXX is your university name.

Popular pages to split off are Accommodation, City Guides and Nightlife, Transport, Sport, Union, Societies. Feel free to do it, but we ask that you have a lot of information on a specific subject before splitting it. We will delete your page if you add nothing or merge it with the main university page if you add very little.

What if We Don't have Your Uni or College?

Don't worry if we don't have a page for your uni or college - you can add one. Type the name of your uni or college in to the 'New Article Box' on this page and 'create' it.

Next copy the text from this this edit box in to the edit box for your new article. Then your ready to fill in the info on your uni. It's as simple as that!

Just remember that wherever '...' appears on the page, you need to replace that with the name of your university or college.

If you need more help editing, then see the editing help pages or ask a question in the wiki forum.

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