• How to tell my ex my feelings for her

Hi I recently broke up with my girlfriend and the time apart has absolutely been killing me inside. We use to talk everyday but now that has all stopped.

I admit I was the one who suggested if time apart would help us but she decided to end our relationship.

I still have feelings for her as she made me feel really special when we were together, it was literally us against the world.

Since we broke up I've had time to think what I was doing wrong and came to the idea I wasn't spending enough time with her and made the relationship feel awkward by not showing her I loved her by holding onto her when I was with her or romantically embracing her but the fact was that I was absolutely nervous in my actions and thought of I would be going too fast with the relationship and scared about losing her (this was my first ever relationship) but I now that it's over I want her back because I still love her and have feelings for her. She was the one that kept me going, she was the one where I would go to sleep thinking of her and wake up thinking of her, she's the only reason why I go to school just so I could see her and be with her.

I admit now I was just too scared in losing her but I want help to try and talk to her again and hope to restart our relationship and keep her this time.

How do I start the conversation? How do I tell her my feelings? What if she isn't ready? I just want her to tell me what I was doing wrong and if there was a chance in her taking me back what I could change in order to make her feel loved.

I just need help in my questions before I express my feelings to her so I don't mess up my chance in talking to her.

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