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We are at the age where everything is digitalized; meaning print is no longer in fashion. When a novel is released alongside the film adaptation, this generation will be gearing up with their 3D glasses instead of leafing through the original.

As a child, I was among the billions captivated by J.K Rowling and her creationThe trio were made famous by the Harry Potter saga of Harry Potter. It was ‘magical’ and something that was difficult to recreate on screen. Looking back now, I can very much appreciate the work that went into the making of these movies and realise that this particular adaptation is not so bad.

Details are important; missing out a crucial part in the movie could demoralize everything that you have taken from the book. Then again changes to the script can be something that appeals more than the original. Focusing on the best-sellers, we come to Charlaine Harris’ True Blood series. After reading all ten of the books, I was enthralled and could not wait for the fiction to create itself on my television screen.

Currently running in its fourth series, fans are thrilled with the choice in cast and some changes to script appear to have gone down well. The beloved ‘Lafyette’ is killed off rather soon in the books. However, a different set of events occur on screen, which happens to be in our favour. It is not amazing writing and the southern Texan accents may contribute to this as they are delivered as such in the novels. In this instance I would have to side with the adaptation as the series’ success speaks for itself.

Most recently we have seen the release of some great literature written by Stieg Larsson. The Millennium trilogy begins with the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, which reveals a world of abuse, violence and corruption in Sweden. Each novel is as captivating as the last. It is well written and challenging, which is what you want from a good book.

Upon seeing the films, which are originally in Swedish, I was pleasantly surprised. This is one of the few adaptations that works both ways perfectly. It has been so successful that the Hollywood adaptation is due to be released this December. So perhaps adaptations are no longer the ‘easy way’ of skipping the books to get to the good stuff. Personally, I do not think there is anything that compares with the limitlessness of imagination.

Written by Debbie Morrison

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