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A four piece band from Arizona, JEW have released six main albums, the first, Jimmy Eat World, in 1994 and the most recent, Chase This Light, in 2007. They have also released several smaller records and EPs. The name derives from a picture Tom Linton's (guitarist) brother Ed drew of their middle sibling Jimmy eating the world. The band experimented with various genres of music before becoming one of the first emo bands, back before emo was associated with side fringes and self-depreciation.


Jimmy Eat world Chase this Light Clarity Static Prevails Futures Stay on my side tonight The Singles Jimmy eat World LP Jimmy eat world EP Good to Go Bleed American

Please await an update on: - The societies list of best listens from each album - More album/singles names and their release dates

Jimmy Eat World Society
The Society
The Society for the appreciation of one of the best bands ever to walk the face of this planet - Jimmy Eat World. With a small but dedicated group of members, the society spans two threads and can be found in the Music subforum.

The First thread was held together by 3 members: wackysparkle, Demon_AS and Decent_Jam (who has recently been inactive). Continued support and dedication saw an increase in members and eventually a new thread. Our members span across the whole of TSR, and some remain to be our honorary members ;)

What goes on?

- care to launch a battle on which album is the best? or squabble between the leaders? - We have one-liner lyrics to see who knows Jimmy best and covers of great songs (contributed by Demon_AS)

Recent Society News:

- Demon AS introduced his first poem about Jimmy - Manalishi and Jonah Ramone became leaders - The society met up in April 2007 at the Give It A Name concert to see Jimmy Eat World - New songs/albums have emerged from the depths of the Jimmy vault - A new thread launched

The Jimmy Eat World Soc has loads of members - find out who is in the soc & who the leaders are.

Where's the band at?

Chase This Light was released in the USA in October '07 and was a huge hit with the majority of JEW fans. The album entered the charts at number five and sale figures have remained high since. The band has only lost one member - Mitch Porter, who left in 1995 to do duties for his Church. Jimmy Eat World have an upcoming UK tour, sadly though, the tickets are all sold out. In recent news: Manalishi found out that a new single will be released in December

Useful JEW Links

On the internet, there are a great deal of useful resources, whether to read up on the band, or listen to their music. Here are a select few:

Jimmy Eat World Society
What's on TSR?
There is a lot more on TSR about music. Check out the music subforum, with fantastic members with immense amounts of knowledge about all genres of music. Links:. Why not take a look at some of these other areas?
What do you want to do?
Why not create something new about Jimmy Eat World?

History of the Jimmy Eat World Society
The Jimmy Eat world Society was launched by Wackysparkle in 2006 October. Initially started as a fan thread - the support was high, instigating the formation of a society.

However, The society only attracted 2 other members who expressed appreciation by continuous posts (Demon_AS and Decent_Jam). Through little spats and opinions on which songs held number one in their hearts, the three became joint leaders of the society.

Faced by the thread becoming inactive, shoved off of the first page and at times worried that it would fall into the depths of the 'society chat' - the leaders were quite relieved as the society began to attract attention from members all over. The lists of members varied, where some (cough, vector, cough) listed, left and came back with a heavy heart - others like Craghyrax has been our honorary member for sometime as she showed us support by coming to the first Jimmy Eat World meet in April this year (2007).

The thread is quite mixed, showing not only our appreciation for the band, but a continued friendship - one that lasts outside of TSR as well. A place of welcome and support, Jimmy Eat World brought together members from all across together -

The society saw its first thread close earlier this month and said goodbye to the initial start of an uncertain future. With the launch of a new thread the Jimmy Eat World society has already crossed 10 pages - a feat what was highly uncommon in the beginning. We remain to be on the first page of the Music dept. and have even increased in members - Our recently appointed leaders Jonah_Ramone and Manalishi just shows how much the society has grown - we need to keep a constant tab on the content of the thread ;)

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