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UsernameCourseGCSE Grades SubjectsAS Grades (UMS Scores if applying for Econ)Predicted A2 GradesOtherOffer?
GeorgeWest1312 Politics and Philosophy 2B, 3C, D, E Social Sciences (Access to HE) N/A TBC (Access credits) Godless commie. Committed dilettante. Professional word typer. Written for the Guardian and stuff. Full of vicious class hatred. Yep!
antigone- Government & History 10 As 3A*s History, Politics, Maths and English Literature AABC A*A*A (and an A* for EPQ) Mentored year 7s for English, UCL Unilink, attend LSE lectures, debate club, extra reading around subject, school mock election, work part-time, EPQ, LSE Politics Conference, LSE CHOICE Summer School, UCL Summer Challenge, Oxford UNIQ Lectures, 97% in History AS and 95% in English AS, Politics subject ambassador, Cambridge masterclasses Yes (AAA)
WP1997 Government & History 4A*s 3As 2Bs History, Maths, English Literature and French AABB AAA Wider reading, EPQ on politics/history, chaired/partaken school debating society, member of political party
Jonnyp98 Government & History y 5A*s 5As 1B History, Economics, Geography, AABC A*AB 100UMS+95UMS History, EPQ, Grade 8 Public Speaking, Debating, Banged the assisstant head teacher
MaxReid Government 1A 4Bs 3Cs (extenuating circumstances) Law, History, Government & Politics, Sociology AAAA AAA (achieved) Summer internship with Milton Keynes, Aylesbury and Buckingham Conservatives, involved in the reelection campaigns of Mark Lancaster MP and Iain Stewart MP, took part in Milton Keynes Schools' Parliamentary Debating Competition 2013, 2014 Yes
Piledriver Government 2A* 3A 5B AAD :( A*A*A (Achieved) Currently working as a parliamentary intern, Labour party member, Electoral observer, Highest grades in college across all three subjects, Learning classical guitar for 9 years, performed for the royal family Yes
Constantino_chr Government 2 A*, 5 A, 4 B Geography, Gov & Pol, History and Economics (dropped) ABBB AAA LSE Choice summer school + Saturday sessions, UCL Pathways To Law, Durham summer school, Advocacy Academy Fellow (worked with over 20 NGOs in the London area), Labour volunteer, senior student leadership team, work experience with Councillor, MP and DLA Piper LLP, delivered a speech to MPs in Parliament about educational elitism (hopefully starting a pilot scheme at some point...) Yes (AAA)
shivangisharma Maths and Economics 8A*, 3A, 1B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry (dropped) A B A B A*AA Silver DofE, Gold DofE, Physics Mentoring, Maths Mentoring, Senior Maths Challenge, International Maths Olympiad, STEP, EPQ
fluzzles98 Government 4A*s 5As 2Bs Psychology, Maths, Biology, Chemistry (dropped) AABC A*AA Work experience with local MP in Houses of Parliament, Cambridge Summer School, taster lectures Yes (AAA)
PunkyCupcake Politics and International Relations 9A*s 2As History Pre U, English Literature, Government and Politics, German AAA D2 A*A Full UMS in Government, English prefect in school, founded schools' Model United Nations, run Government and Politics Society, read book on the reading list, saw Tony Blair speak live, discussed Blair on BBC National News, History Personal Investigation on New Labour, member of Progress, University of London IR Study Days, Work Experience at political party office, student tutor, Amnesty, Young Enterprise Offer (AAA - received 5/2)
klaraczuraj International Relations 5A* 3A 1B Spanish, Biology (dropped), History, English Language, Psychology AABBB TBC 2 IGCSE High Achiever Awards (highest international mark and highest mark in Europe for English Lit and Business respectively), debate club, Prefect and then Head Girl, wider reading, international background (Poland, Indonesia, Thailand, Spain), charity work - orphanages, cognitively disabled children, building eco-homes, coral planting, animal shelter, applied for ambassador of Wild Futures
redwhiteandbrit International Relations & History 6A*s 4As 1D* History, Geography, Economics, Chemistry (AS only) AAAA A*A*A* A (in epq) Model UN, grade 6 music, speech competitions, Cambridge History Essay prize, Eagle Scout (USA) lecture/student shadowing, EPQ, law work experience Yes (AAA)
tpric History 2A*s 8As 1B History, Philosophy, English Literature, English Language AAAC A*A*A
historian International History 8A*3A History, Economics, Maths, Chinese, English, ESS (IB) N/A 41-42 internship at law firm, Grade 8 piano, captain in ice hockey team, head of Economics magazine, Peace Conference organiser
girlruinedme Finance 8A* 1A 1B Maths,Chem,Physics,Econ,FM(in A2) AAAA( 94.3 UMS AV) TBC Wider Reading, Work Experience, Maths Masterclasses, Essay Competitions, C3L6, e.t.c
ChrisP97 Economics & Economic History 6A* 4A 1B Math,FM,His,Econ,Bus.S A*(Did Math early)AAAA A*A*A*A* Re-sat year 12 (originally DDU), wider reading, worked with former BoE economist, EPQ Rejection (PS given as reason)
SKYAVIATOR23 Economics 7A* 2A 2B Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Chemistry, History AAAAC (oops) 91% average top 4 A*A*A*A* (excluding History) Personal statement based on inequality, statistical analysis, game theory and behavioural economics. Mentioning of EPQ and young enterprise as well as an ERASMUS scheme to learn about start ups and a scholarship to go to a private school. Work experience at an insurance underwriters to learn about data manipulation. Tutored younger and AS students maths and economics as well as being part of rugby and football teams Offer (A*AAE)
RahulJAG Economics (L101) 6 A*s, 3 Distinctions, 2 A's, 2 B's, A in Add Maths Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Chemistry, AS Physics Maths: A (298/300), Economics: A (184/200), Chemistry: A (258/300), Physics: A (243/300) Maths: A*, Further Maths: A*, Economics: A*, Chemistry: A Highly commended in RES essay on Inequality and its impacts on growth, lots of further reading on Inequality and Globalisation especially Stiglitz's work. Extensive reading on Game theory and multi variable calculus (partial differentiation and Lagrange multipliers). Volunteering for local charity that helps disabled children. Yes!! A*AAE
Economistician Economics 8A*s 2As 1C Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Biology AAAA A*A*A Wider reading, peer mentor, Economics Society
Econam Economics 4A* 7A Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Geography AAAA A*A*AA and A* in EPQ 90+ UMS in Maths and Econ, Work Experience, EPQ Yes!! (A*AAE)
Anon Economics 9A*s 1A Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Biology A* (did Maths A level early) AA TBC
AdamThomass Economics 6As 4Bs 1C Economics, Maths, History and Biology AACD TBC Rolls Royce work experience, a Hedge Fund in London, reader of the economist and author of a relevant Extended Project
BBeyond Economics 7A*s 3As 1B Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Chemistry AAAA A*A*A*A* Lots of further reading, relevant work experience, bronze dofe, tutoring, read the economist, EPQ on economics topic. 97.7% average across maths,FM,econ. 100% econ 96.3% maths/fm Offer A*AAE
Ecconomist Economics 9A*s 2As Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Chemistry AAAA TBC Av. UMS 90%, Market failure based EPQ, Wider reading, RES Essay comp, Maths masterclasses / UKMT challenges, Work experience at economic consultancy
C0pper Economics 10A*s, A in FSMQ Economics, Maths, Further Maths, Spanish, History, Physics (AS) AAAAA A*A*A*A*A* Already achieved A* in Maths, wider reading, entered essay competitions, 99.70% average top 3, 100% in Econ & Physics, 99.11% in Maths/FM, apparently I got a distinction in some girls maths competition but I have no idea what that was so I should probably ask my teachers, set up Econ Society at school, maths tutoring to my year & years below me
67834501 Economics 10A*s, 2As, 1C Economics, Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry (AS) AAABC (awaiting remarks) TBC Wider reading in areas of specific interests and more general areas, attended maths related seminar about advanced mathematics and it's applications in the real world, work experience with the Finacial Director of a medium sized buisiness, tutoring students at AS level and below for maths, biology and chemistry, and english at GCSE and below, EPQ on economics related topic, prefect and other roles of responsibility in school
Numberphile Economics 6A*s 6As 1B Physics, Economics, Maths, Further Maths, Further Maths(Additional) AAAA, 5th subject (FM add) being all done this year A*A*A*A* 5th subject not declared on UCAS Gold in Maths Challenge, Bank of England work experience. Self studying 3 A-Levels offer A*AAE
Nijuuninichi Economics 8A*s, 3As Maths, Further Maths, French, Economics AAAA A*A*A*A UNIQ Summer School for E&M, two essay competitions, lots of further reading, Economics prefect, Target 2.0, work experience at JP Morgan, Deputy Head Girl, tutors Y12 & GCSE Maths, 97% UMS over Maths and FM, Econ only 88.5% D:
Mark800 Economics 10A* 1A Economics, Maths, Further Maths, Physics A*(Maths early) AA A*A*A*A* 99% UMS, A in FSMQ, Qualified for British Maths Olympiad, on UKMT Mentoring Scheme, Highly Commended in RES Essay Competition, Target 2.0 (2 years), Senior Maths Team Challenge (2 years), Economics EPQ (A* predicted), wider reading Yes (A*AAE)
pablodlff Economics and Social Policy 4A* 4A 2B 1C Maths, Further Maths, Physics, French, Spanish AAABC A*A*ABB various voluntary work, national political party former, recognised golfer national level
Anonymous Liger Mathematics and Economics 8 A*s, 4 As Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Spanish AAAB TBC UKMT; internship at private equity and corporate finance advisory firm; Economics prefect; created school economics editorial; EPQ on the use of maths in economic thought; wider reading; maths tutoring; Spanish tutoring; PADI-certified; NICAS-certified; RYA-certified; national and international MUN conferences, winning awards; debate club
AmarPatel98 Maths with Economics 7A*s, 2As, A in FSMQ, Distinction in CiDA Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Economics A*AA A*A*A* (+ 1A* achieved already) A* in Maths - 596/600; Physics: 297/300; Economics: 200/200; Overall average: 99.4% Yes
Asurat Maths w/ economics 3A*s 3As 4Bs Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics AAAB (abysmal UMS) A*A*A 6 months in local HS maths department volunteering, wider reading, STEP, attended Summer school, started and led the mathematics committee, mathematics subject leader Yes! A*AA received on 15th of March (roughly at end of 8 weeks)
cd61 Maths w/ economics 6A*s 4As Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Chemistry AAAB TBC Read many mathematics and economics novels, work experience at UBS and TransRe, being designated to tutor peers fp1 and c2 this coming year. EPQ on number theory. Oxford history of maths course. Reached Kangaroo stage of UKMT. Highest score in school. Subject Leader Mathematics. 100% UMS economics. Frequent reader of the economist. STEP. BRONZE DofE. Rugby and Cricket 1st Team
coolguy123456 Maths w/ economics 7A*s 3As + A in FSMQ Maths, Economics, Further Maths and Physics AAAB A*A*A +A* in EPQ Wider readimg taking STEP, Bronze and Silver D of E, UKMT Yes, A*AA received on 15th January
bigballsanonymoose Maths and economics n/a Maths, Further Maths, Art, Business Studies and Economics, Physics AABCA TBC Predicted A*A*AB (maths,further maths, physics, business studies). Volunteered to help struggling maths students. Did swimming for 7 years (didnt do that well, but i said that I did yolo), powerlifting (reeck em all), and rugby 2nd team (first year playing). Traded virtual money as a day trader and spread better, participating in the ifs student investor challenge, long penis. Not a very volunteering and extra curricular person, but whatever, lets hope the grades do the job.
Disierd Law N/A- Extenuating circumstances Economics, Government & Politics, Psychology (1 year intensive course) A*AA A*AA Work experience: From most to least recent (20 years old), Ran a small publishing company and published multiple internationally best selling e/print books while managing their transfer of copyright agreements, managed a network of eBook marketing sites, worked as an options broker, Client Manager for a Dragons Den investor supporting 24 client businesses (managed contracts/other legal documents), programme assistant at same company (admin of the website, organised events etc.), developed and pitched a product with a social focus to major UK retail chains after having it manufactured in Asia, ran a few other small businesses. Academic: Co-chair of economics & global affairs society, published law articles on society blog, further reading on law, MUN participant, founded & run a business development club
lucaspjones Law 5A*s 6As English Literature, History, Classical Civilisation, French AAAB A*A*A* Head Boy, work experience in Thomas Eggar law firm, written several articles for local newspaper, EPQ on asylum rights
galatasaray1905 Law n/a English Lang Lit (HL), History (HL), Economics (HL), Math (SL), Biology (SL), French (SL) IB Diploma HL: 7, 6, 6 SL: 6, 6, 5 Experience at Law firm, STUCO, Director's Advisory Panel leader, MUN (3 years), Historic Security Council President in MUN
kgsj20 Law 3A*s 6As 1B History, Maths, English Literature, French AAAB A*A*A NCS, KCL lectures, wider reading, volunteer work helping young criminals + rape victims in the Philippines Yes (A*AA)
lucaspjones Law 5A*s 6As English Literature, History, Classical Civilisation, French AAAB A*A*A* Head Boy, work experience in Thomas Eggar law firm, written several articles for local newspaper, EPQ on asylum rights
batmanssidekick Government and Economics 9A*s English (Lang&Lit), Mathematics, French, Geography, Computer Studies, Economics, Co-ordinated Sciences IB Subjects: English Mathematics Economics HL, Biology Spanish Geography SL IB PGs: 776 HL, 766 SL, 3(TOK/EE) = 42 Internships at banks, MUN leadership and participation, research projects
anotherlawkid Law 10A*s 1B History, English Literature, Psychology, Biology AAAA A*A*AA Wider reading, Amnesty International member, designed app for labourers' legal rights (endorsed by local embassies), head editor for academic journal and published law related articles (capital punishment / flexible areas of law), work experience (solicitors - family and intellectual property), Yale Model Government Europe, run mini-MUN within the school (debate legal matters), F1 in schools national finals, DofE bronze, silver and working towards gold
NickM98 Law 6A*s 4As Maths, Further Maths, Computing, Physics AAAABB (FM pending, RS B taken a year early) A*AAB (A* for EPQ) Invited to speak at Cambridge University event, co-founded and co-chaired college Feminist Society and help run Law Society. No
avinaash.anand Law, Anthropology and Law 92% (ICSE, India) Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and English 95%(CBSE, India) Teaching Assistant for a CS101 MOOC(Massive open online course) on the EdX Platform; Public Policy Intern under an Economics prof at IIM-A who is a Harvard/Oxford Alumnus; Invited adjudicator, WUDC'15 (World Universities Debating Championship) and ABP'15 (Asian BP Debating Championships); Tournament Director of one of India's largest debate tournaments; EFL semi finals judge, United Asians Debating Championships 2015; Policy Intern under a Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha (House of the People)
p.formanko Geography 3A*s 6As Spanish, English Literature, Geography and Economics AAAB AAA (achieved already)
anon Geography 4A* 3A 3B English Lit, History, Geography AAAA A*A*A offer (AAA)
bibo_the_fish Environment and Development A*A*AA(CIE IGCSE) Maths, Economics, Chemistry, Biology AAAB A*(achieved)A*AA Wider Reading, Global Bean Project, MOOC Yes AB
Cocacola101 Environment and Development N/A international student 16/20 on OIB French baccalaureate N/A Yes
prepdream Management n/a Mathematics, Economics, History, English Literature AAAB TBC Young Enterprise, Debate club, UKMT, Charity Committee, Givology, Classical Greek, Summer internship in marketing sector, Rugby 7s, International student council, Sky Media Work Experience Yes (AAA)
Sid1234 Stats With Finance 11A* Maths, FM, Physics, Computer Science AAAA A*A*A*A* 94 UMS average - 293/300 in Phys, 100 in C3 sat early, 575/600 overall in maths so far. Work exp at Lloyds, Commerzbank. Maths tutor. County Badminton. UKMT. Grade 7 violin + perform at the barbican. Prefect + Mentor to younger years. Some UKMT i guess, Karate black belt. CCF RAF corporal. Flown a stunt plane Offer received in 6th week of 8 week email (A)AA
prndl2 Geography IB, n/a HL: Geography, English B, Chemistry SL: Maths, Business & Management, Chinese Lan & Lit HL 7,7,6; SL 7,6,6 online aid-teaching to rural China, CAS coordinator assistant, Harvard Summer Young Leader Conference, found a cafe in my high school campus
elibalt International Relations IB, n/a HL: Chemistry, Biology, English Lang&Lit SL: Maths, History, French Ab Initio n/a HL: 7,7,6 SL: 6,6,6 Core: 2 Experienced MUN member (3 years), Amnesty International group secretary, Red Cross volunteer, Student Council member, received President's Award in 10th grade
Call me Anon Economics and Maths n/a IB: Lang Lit SL; French HL; Economics HL; Physics HL; Chemistry HL course, but SL exam; Maths HL n/a 7;7;7;7;7;7 respectively; predicted 2 pts for TOK/EE (that's what our school predicts, unless you specifically ask them to give you 3 points) 5 languages; 800 SAT math II; 760 SAT Physics (I took it in June though, and had to study much of the material myself); SAT reasoning 2190 though lel; numerous school awards; piano; coding club founder; environmental club leader; robotics programmer (we won awards, too); officer in student council; summer program in Game Theory and Quantum Physics @ Brown University
etmy1998 Philosophy and Economics 7A*s 3As Maths, Economics and History AAAA, A* for EPQ A*A*A* Yes. Received on 17th December
fatimamansoor98 BSc Accounting & Finance 2A*s, 6As and a B (IB) HL: Geography, Economics, Maths. SL: Spanish B, English Lit., Maths n/a HL 777, SL 777, +3 bonus points
A Square Social Anthropology 9A* 2A 1B HL: English Lit, Economics, History // SL: Maths, Physics, Spanish (IB N/A 766,666,2 (IB) Yes (37 points with 666 at Higher Level)
el71 Business Mathematics and Statistics 5a* 5a Maths Chemistry RS AAABB A*AA Yes, unconditional AAA
BlackPen Actuarial Science 9A+ (GCSE Equivalent) Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Further Maths AAA (No AS further maths) A*A*A*A Conditional Offer AAA
Confusedschubert Law 1A* Preuni: Economics, History, Literature, Biology, Math (NA) Uni: Geology, Environmental Science, Environmental Economics, Music History, Sociology, Ecology, Environmental Politics AAAA (AS Equivalent) First Class (University first year) - Debate, Fencing, Track, Waterpolo, H4H, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Marching, Piano, Active protester against government, Summer School for Biology at Cambridge, Poetry Club, Engineering Internship, Medical Shadowing, Coding competition finalist, Executive for various EU conferences, MUN, Extemporaneous Speaking, Scuba Diving, Tennis Conditional (2:1)
madeofnug International Relations 3A* 7As International Baccalaurate: English, History and Philosophy HL Biology, Italian Ab Initio and Maths Studies N/A IB Prediction 766 765 Core 2 (39) The Hague Model United Nations 2015 conference main submitter in HRC, Extended Essay focusing on the role of the International community in Nelson Mandelas Rivonia Trials, President of Middle East and Africa Society, Cambridge Immerse summer course in International Relations, Debate Chamber Master Class in International Relations Conditional 38 766 IB Clara488 Geography 8A 1C Biology, Geography, Religious studies predicted AAB TBC
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