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My interest in law arose from a deep-rooted love for fairness, expanding as I discovered my passion for debating and strengthening further during my time in the Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland (CTYI) where I studied law. Attending law lectures and academies in UCC confirmed my interest in law as an academic subject. Law affects and reflects society. I believe that a law degree will give me the skills to help develop our world into a just and equal society In physics and chemistry classes I deal objectively and methodically with concepts. This discipline of thought will help me to investigate and analyse legal issues. The critical essays I write in Honours English class, together with my work as school journalist have developed my critical thinking, a skill central to forming judgements in law. Winning the Frank Toner Creative Writing Award and achieving an A in Junior Certificate English reflect my love and aptitude for the written word. My love for law flourished in the three weeks I spent at CTYI. The joy I got from exploring the nature of laws, discussing topics such as freedom of expression and participating in mock trials cemented my decision to study law in the future. The Fleming v Ireland 2013 case interested me so much so that I wrote my final essay on why the right to life should license the right to assisted suicide. I am entering the UCC Law essay competition this year discussing this same topic. My desire to learn more about the legal profession motivated me to find work experience with a solicitor and barrister in court. Seeing law in action- from custody rights to sexual assault cases- was stimulating and educational. In one case, the defendant of a robbery was found guilty through joint enterprise; a doctrine that I believe is in need of reform as its ambiguity increases the risk of injustice.

In 2013 I took part in the Irish European Youth Parliament, addressing the issue of the lack of women in science fields.  Through this experience I forged an interest in women’s rights which led me to read ‘Eve Was Framed: Women and British Justice’. Helena Kennedy’s opinion- that equality means acknowledging differences between men and women and thus transcending them- challenged my views on impartiality in the courtroom but I now agree that justice should not be blind to those who come before it. 

As captain of my school debating team, I reached the finals in Legal, Science and Philosophical debating competitions. This year, I volunteer teaching debating to younger students. I love the capacity debating gives me to fight for what I believe in. However, arguing motions that I disagree with, such as opposing the use of embryonic stem cells in research, and relying purely on the art of persuasion, is stimulating work. Debating has developed my ability to think precisely and analyse arguments, salient skills in a law degree. The communication skills I have gained through debating will benefit me in moot court scenarios. Young Social Innovators (YSI) empowers young people to change the world around them. My YSI group made a video and held a Speak-Out to address child abuse. One of my proudest moments was when our group won the ‘Making Our World Fair and Just’ award at the YSI awards in which 5000 students competed. Taking on the role of YSI Advocate, I delivered presentations on mental health to the school and board of management, mentored younger students, and organised fundraising events. I feel the project-based work and the motivation needed to work independently from teachers have prepared me for university life. I hope to expand my world both intellectually and culturally, and the diversity and multiculturalism of the UK, along with its intrinsic connection to law, will give me the chance to achieve this. Having volunteered and worked abroad in Spain and France, I feel prepared for the challenges living away from home may bring. I am determined to apply myself with dedication and enthusiasm to my law degree.

Universities Applied to:

  • Oxford University (Law) - Offer (AAAAB1B1) /Firm
  • University College London (Law) - Offer/ (A1A1A1A1)
  • London School of Economics and Politics (Law) - Offer (AAAAAB)
  • King's College London (Law) - Offer (A1A1A1A2A2B1)
  • The University of Kent (Law and Philosophy) - Offer (AAABB)

Grades Achieved:

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