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Law Personal Statement

A studious attitude and the desire to learn have always been and will always be part of my life. I have always wondered why we refer to lawyers as those "practicing" law. Why not those who execute the law? I'd feel much safer about myself if my lawyer completely knowledgeable in his field and 100% assertive. But I realized, as I grew up, that one can never be perfect at anything. Being a lawyer is no exception. As history has taught us once and again, there is always something out there that one has not read, something that he has yet to fully understand, and it is with this pursuit of knowledge this essay is written.

The law is the pillar of our society, making sure that everything we do runs smoothly and coherently, yet, as frequently demonstrated, those who strive to maintain the world order are usually the most disliked. The incumbent in a political office is more than often ousted by a younger individual hailing reform, and the concept of government itself has been under constant assault for centuries. Teachers are only liked by students when they allow them degrees of freedom outside normal classroom rules. Lawyers don't have the luxury of such autonomy, and so are bound to both the scrutiny of the people and the parameters of the law.

Granted, lawyers are disliked not for adhering to the law, but by manipulating it for their own purposes. Common misconceptions of lawyers include conniving, shrewd individuals in suits robbing people of their money. Yet these characteristics I believe are not a product of the profession, but such are the people this profession attracts-people who believe they know everything, who think they have the right to forfeit morality to line their own pockets. However, I am convinced that there are lawyers out there with integrity, and I am determined to join their ranks.

For what virtue other than honesty can one sleep through the night? Integrity to law is as integrity in any other profession; though those who practice it swear no Hippocratic Oath, they are bound still to the most basic of human ethics, and their own conscience. Practicing law is not about making money. It’s not about any individual-it is a sacrifice, a studying and upholding the cornerstones of society. It’s about long nights mastering the very intricacies of the judicial system, not to graduate with a degree to flaunt, but with a responsibility to bear. Most importantly, it’s about a trek of endurance and perseverance of countless obstacles through which the scholar, now lawyer, will emerge victorious and become the new soldier of a different era. He maintains peace by the pen, not by the sword, and is not prideful in his actions for he has come to understand that true happiness is contained in the knowledge that the world can function as it did for one more day.

Thus is my understanding and perceptions of the nature of being a lawyer, and to pursue such a career, I have attended many Model United Nations conferences and prepared myself in the face of vigorous debate and quick conflict resolutions, winning awards at every MUN I have attended. Yet after these conferences, I have often felt I could contribute more, so I decided to host a separate MUN, one that would give the delegate a voice in the planning of future conferences, and one that provides unique opportunities for his or her ideas to be heard in the parliament and other areas of influence. In addition, when serving as the president of the Youth Volunteer Organizational Committee in Vancouver, I hosted a NGO convention with a particular twist to inspire the youth in our community to give back through volunteerism.

The word limit is restrictive, and the law is the law. Such are my assertions and actions in a nutshell, though much more may be said and written. I hope this letter provides a clear image of who I am and what I want to be, and speaks well for what I could bring to your prestigious university if I have the privilege to be accepted.

Universities Applied to:

Cambridge UCL KCL LSE

  • Cambridge (M100) - Rejection after interview
  • KCL (M100)- Offer (39IB points, 5 in HL english) Insurance/Firm
  • University (Course) - Offer/Rejection (Grades of offer) Insurance/Firm
  • University (Course) - Offer/Rejection (Grades of offer) Insurance/Firm
  • University (Course) - Offer/Rejection (Grades of offer) Insurance/Firm

Grades Achieved:

  • Subject (AS/A2) - Grade
  • Subject (AS/A2) - Grade
  • Subject (AS/A2) - Grade
  • Subject (AS/A2) - Grade


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