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Mathematics and Statistic 1 Personal Statement

Mathematics and Statistics have interested me all my life and the latter in particular is a large part of my life and my way of thinking. I think mathematics is a most interesting subject. It is amazing that a series of simple numeric characters represent most of the problems in the world. I fell in love with mathematics when I was a young pupil, I selected the right formula and did some simple computational processes and I arrived at the correct answer.

I have chosen to study mathematics and statistics at university because I am really addicted to it. I can use mathematics to solve a variety of difficult problems by dividing the problem into smaller parts, then solving each part one by one using logical processes, to achieve the final solution. I think this mode of mathematical thinking is very useful in real life as well, because it can be used to simplify challenging problems. Statistics as a subject is needed in order to analyse, organise and research data. We can use statistics to work out and analyse if a proposal is going to be successful or not.

Statistics is another reason why I am so interested in mathematics. If pure math is abstract, statistics is much closer to our life. We use data to enable an analysis of different views which is likely to lead to an informed decision. Thus important decisions can be made from statistical research. For example a doctor may consider using a new drug instead of an older one, having set up null and alternative hypotheses and testing a sample statistic doctors can make an informed choice based on statistical analysis. If I use statistics, to arrive at a decision it is achieved in a more logical way. I like to explore football statistics and analyse the different player’s performance. For example, what percentage of shots on target does Rooney manage each match?

When I have free time, I like to research the formulae in my school syllabus and explore the historical roots of how someone came up with these. For example, the ‘Stirling formula’, in which Stirling discovered how to work out the natural logarithm of a huge factorial number. During my work experience for a charity organisation last summer, I had to develop my communication skills when collecting money from people on the street. In addition I was asked to visit the elderly and housebound in their homes, particularly in a situation, when there were few members of their own family.

I am able to maintain a good work-life balance by regularly playing sport; football and badminton. The social and physical challenges have helped me to improve my communication skills. I also enjoy the team aspects of sport, while keeping fit. I am a keen member of a table tennis club and played in the Suffolk tournaments. This experience enables me to meet many professional players, which gives me a breadth of insight into life outside school.

Life at school offers me many opportunities which I am able to take up, such as being a member of the Maths Challenge competition. This requires fast mental skills for working out the different questions. It trains my brain and I can put into practice some aspects of A Level Statistics. In addition, I was chosen to be a boarding prefect this year. I am required to share the pastoral responsibility for the male boarders, alongside staff members. This involves me in meeting numerous boarders, who regularly share concerns and joyful events in their lives. Through this experience I have grown more tolerant of people and different cultures.

I hope to use the statistical knowledge for my future as a statistics researcher, where I may work in a survey company which collects data and interprets it. By analysing the mixed data I would enable the company to improve its profit. My aim would be to make the data more organised and reach a satisfactory conclusion.

I am really looking forward to university life and to contributing and participating in many aspects of life there, in addition to developing my knowledge and engaging in lively discussions.

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