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Textbook Questions

Chapter 3 - Logarithms:

  • Ex 3G - 10 // Old Link

Chapter 6 - Radians:

  • Ex 6D - 2

Chapter 11 - Integration:

  • Ex 11C - 5

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TSR Revision

How TSR revised for this exam in June 2005 and how TSR reacted to the paper. TSR also revised for the paper in January 2006.

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Learning Objective and Topics

The contents and objectives for the Core 2 module does vary slightly from exam board to exam board. Below is a list of most of the topics covered in Core 2 modules. Not every topic will in all exam boards core 2 and some small topics may be missing - see Core 1, 3 or 4 pages for these other topics.

Algebra and functions

Pupils should be able to:

  • know an understand exponential functions
  • sketch the graphs of exponential functions
  • know and understand the laws of logarithms
  • use logs to solve equations of the form ax = b

Topic list:

  • exponential functions and their graphs
  • logarithms and Laws of Logarithms
  • solving equations of the form ax = b

Sequences and Series

Pupils should be able to:

  • understand and recognise the different ways of describing a sequence and the different notation used
  • understand series notation
  • recognise arithmetic and geometric progressions and work out the sum of their series
  • discover if an infinite term geometric progression is finite or infinite and calculate the value if it is finite
  • understand and use the binomial expansion

Topic list:

  • sequences and sequence notation
    • recurrence relations
    • arithmetic progressions
    • geometric progressions
    • common ratios
  • series notation
    • arithmetic series
    • geometric series (including the sum to infinity formula)
  • factorials and nCr notation
  • the Binomial expansion


Pupils should be able to:

  • state the exact values of sine, cosine and tangent for certain values
  • sketch and know the properties of sine, cosine and tangent functions
  • know the sine and cosine rules and use them to solve triangles
  • know an use the formula for the area of a triangle
  • understand the radian measure for angles and us it to calculate arc length and sector areas
  • solve trigonometric equations (in degrees and radians) for specified intervals

Topic list:

  • sine, cosine and tangent of special angles
  • graphs of the sine, cosine and tangent functions
  • transformation of trigonometric functions
  • the sine rule
  • the cosine rule
  • formula for the area of triangle (using sine)
  • radians
  • arc length and area of sectors via radian measure
  • solving trigonometric functions in degrees
  • solving trigonometric functions in radian
  • trigonometric identities
  • integration, indefinite integrals and constants of integration

Differentiation and Integration

Pupils should be able to:

  • differentiate a larger number of functions
  • find the indefinite integral of a larger number of functions
  • evaluate definite integrals
  • find the area under a curve
  • use and understand the trapezium rule

Topic list:

  • differentiation and the derivative (gradient function)
  • integration, indefinite integrals and constants of integration
  • definite integration and limits of integration
  • finding the area under a curve
  • The trapezium rule – a numerical integration technique

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