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Media, marketing and entertainment are all competitive businesses. Within the magazine world, for instance, many hundreds of titles exist but only a few thrive. And national newspapers are fighting a battle to keep their readers. British films sometimes do well but many films that were helped by lottery funding haven’t succeeded at the box office. Some plays and musicals are making lots of money but a theatre’s success has a lot to do with tourism, which isn’t doing so well. Television and the music industry have also got their own problems. For instance, new channels are appearing but the type of programmes receiving airtime are more limited.

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What does media, marketing and entertainment involve?

Media, marketing and entertainment involves a range of roles. Media can cover anything from journalism to editing to newscasters; marketing involves advertisers, PR and management; entertainment covers anyone working in front of or behind a camera on a tv show or film, radio djs, musicians, and even street performers. It's a diverse area that offers an interesting, and incredibly competitive career path.

Why should I apply for a career in the media, marketing and entertainment?

Well, assuming you can cope with the pressure and have the confidence to take on the challenges of such a demanding industry, the obvious financial rewards are there - but there's also the knowledge of having contributed in some way, shape, or form, to an industry that, for many, is seen as both glamourous and nostalgic - shows and songs remind us of our childhood, of good and bad times, of feelings we've lost or things we've gained - and some people may find that aiding the production of these things can provide for job satisfaction.

Training and Applicants

For many jobs, a degree and/or a work-related qualification isn’t necessarily a requirement, although many people will have one. Contacts are important and university, film school and performing arts colleges are as a good a place as any to make some. Work experience is another place to make contacts. For certain areas, such as magazine and newspaper journalism, you should try to gain as much as possible (eg on the student newspaper, writing for student websites).

Obviously all applicants for performing roles would need immense self confidence and communication skills; journalism would obviously require excellent written English. Determination and motivation is essential for all non-administrative positions.

What opportunities are available within the sector?

Opportunities are very varied but most occupational areas - many of which are for freelance workers - are competitive. The media and entertainment are seen as "glamorous" careers, but the reality is that a lot of hard work and persistence is required, as well as some good luck. Jobs as national newspaper journalists, television presenters, well-known actors and famous singers may be extremely limited but it’s still possible for hardworking and talented people to make a living in these fields. Technical, administrative and other "behind the scenes" positions also exist, such as lighting and sound engineers, make-up artists and arts administrators.

As online entertainment and the number of satellite channels increases, more opportunities may continue to present themselves in this sector.

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