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I am interested in studying Psychology because I find the human brain fascinating and getting an opportunity to study and examine how it controls our behaviour is one of my goals. Throughout our lives, our thoughts, feelings and behaviour are influenced by other human beings and thus Social Psychology is my main interest within this field. I became interested in this area by reading about Philip Zimbardo's famous 'Stanford Prison Experiment'. This informed me that living in different social circumstances than we are used to can change our whole social behaviour and I am interested in exploring these themes further.

During my work experience I went to a local primary school where I was able to observe social interaction in young children. I was interested in how they were influenced socially by each other at such a young age. I observed that if one child was to answer a question and get praise from a teacher, then other children became more diligent after seeing another being praised. I consider the more understanding we have of our motivations then the better off we can be at providing for the needs of children in social settings.

In addition to being interested in the social side of Psychology, I am fascinated by the biological aspect, especially that of Cognitive Psychology. Memory and perception are an area of Cognitive Psychology which I find to be of significance. I read a novel entitled 'Before I Go To Sleep' that was about a woman who wakes up every day with a different perception of the world because her memory is lost every time she wakes up. Therefore, she cannot think about her future and living in the present is difficult for her because she has no memories to draw upon. This concept prompted me to think about how exceptional the human brain is as it can process so much information at one time. I can see how such knowledge would help psychologists work with patients who have suffered brain damage or a stroke to help to improve their quality of life.

Through my studies of English Literature and Media Studies at A Level, I have developed many transferable skills that will be useful for me as a Psychology student. I am able to give critical evaluations of the work of other people and analyse it thoroughly. I am also able to engage in independent research and put this into essay form. I also enjoy problem solving and handling data and statistics and consider these to be of the utmost importance in being a success as a Psychology student.

Within school, I have been awarded the roles of a Travel Monitor and a Welcome Host. These positions have given me many responsibilities and have taught me to be accountable and organised. In addition, I have been part of a dance/drama team for two years that has afforded me opportunities to develop skills such as working under pressure, time management and meeting deadlines as well as confidence building. I consider these attributes will aid me in my university experience as a student. I also have achieved an Honours tie which shows that I am dedicated to the school as the tie is only awarded to people who have been committed to an extra curricular activity for two years or more.

Being an undergraduate student studying Psychology would give me the opportunity to research, in- depth, those areas that are of interest to me; this would enable me to deepen my understanding. In addition, it would develop my knowledge of new aspects of Psychology of which I am eager to learn. It would be my dream to become a practising Psychologist as there would be so many career possibilities that I, as a graduate Psychologist, could explore.

Universities Applied to:

  • University of Stirling (Psychology) - Offer (BCC) Firm
  • Heriot Watt University (Psychology) - Offer (BBB)
  • University of Ulster (Psychology) - Withdrawn
  • Edinburgh Napier University (Psychology) - Offer (BCC) Insurance
  • Queen Margaret University (Psychology) - Offer (BBC)

Grades Achieved:

  • Subject (AS/A2) - Grade
  • Subject (AS/A2) - Grade
  • Subject (AS/A2) - Grade
  • Subject (AS/A2) - Grade


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