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The Pokémon Society is the thread on TSR dedicated to the best video game, anime, trading card game and other forms of tacky merchandise in the world. Anything goes in the Pokémon thread! As long as, of course, it's Pokémon related.

Pokémon Society
The Society
For lovers of all things Pokémon! No matter how into Pokémon you are, or what aspects, this is the place for you.

Seriously, don't worry how into Pokémon you are. You can think EVs and IVs are the best thing since sliced bread or have the feeling that I just started talking another language there. If you want to learn, we can help. If you know it all, you can help us. And if you just want to rabbit on about how pretty Jigglypuff is, then that's fine too, just as long as you know that really Togepi is the cutest.

The Pokémon Soc has loads of members - find out who is in the soc & who the leaders are.

Pokémon. Where's it at now?

Pokémon Black and White were released outside of Japan in March 2011. Recently the game has exploded onto the international scene again, becoming one of the highest selling DS games ever. With a number of spin-off games released in 2011 & more already promised for 2012 it looks like it's going to be an exciting year for pokémon fans.

The Trading Card Game continues to thrive, being the most played in the world at the moment, beating Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and Duel Masters easily. The new Black and White expansions have been a massive success, and with the promise of a new 'dragon' type the card game looks like it's going to be going from strength to strength

In the Pokémon Society there are several members specially skilled at each of these genres of Pokémon craziness.

Useful Pokémon Links

On the internet, there are a great deal of useful resources, whether to help you find out what Pokémon you might want to use in your team, or how to EV train it (for those more obsessive players.) Here are a few we've come across in the society which we feel ought to be shared with everyone. Have fun reading!

Pokémon Society
What's on TSR?
There is a lot more on TSR about Pokémon. Except there isn't. This is just an annoying bit of the template I'm currently adhering to. Yeah, links for last post and first post:. Why not take a look at some of these other areas?
What do you want to do?
Why not create something new about Pokémon?

History of the Pokémon Society
The Pokémon Society has had a rather peculiar history compared to the majority of TSR's societies. It was born on the 12th of February 2007 after a conversation in the shoutbox between various members. Yet it was Juwel who created the society. After barely a month's existance, the society established itself and became the very first society to be moved out of Society Chat into Societies. Juwel appointed dangle his co-leader and the society rocketed on, eventually needing two more leaders. theredsox was appointed by Juwel and dangle chose Jangrafess.

However, a few months later it was moved back again, due to being full of dirty rotten spammers. By this point, Juwel and dangle were inactive and theredsox and Jangrafess took control of the Pokémon Society. Although the other two have never been notified of this.

On the 18th December 2007, Jangrafess and theredsox decided to sort out this horrible spammy mess. Jangrafess was made the original poster of the society and an anti-spam drive was initiated. With the creation of this wiki page, as well as various competitions and a proposed meet for the members, the dream is to be eventually moved back to Societies.

On the 22nd December, the Pokémon Society was nominated for the top thread award of 2007, an amazing coup. The result came in on the 30th December and the thread finished in fifth place, which is not at all a bad standing. On the 13th February 2008, the Pokésoc celebrated its first birthday in style, Juwel (who had returned by that point) posting a tribute to all the members.

Sad news on the 26th March as Juwel informed Jangrafess that he no longer thought he should be a leader, asking to be officially removed, along with dangle.

Great news however, on the fourth April as the Society's anti-spam initiative was highly successful! The soc is now back in Societies proper. A momentous achievement for us all. However, it is imperative that we keep the lack of spam up.

Then, several years later, when thestudentroom updated to use vBulletin 3.8, the society became one of the first social groups to use photo albums, with an extensive list of pokémon avatars uploaded. skipp, paddy and marcusmerehay replaced the inactive theredsox and Jonah Ramone as leaders. It was around this time that long-standing leader Jangrafess left the site, he will be missed by all.

Now, at the begining of 2012, the pokémon society is on it's 3rd thread, situated in the Entertainment forum. Skipp has replaced Jangrafess as leader & on the 9th January 2012 two new deputies Cambo211 & R.J. Omega joined marcus & paddy. The Society has introduced a chat thread...harking back to the old spamming days...here's to a good 2012.

Skipp passed the leadership to R.J. Omega on the 17th May 2012, fulfilling his life goal of becoming the leader of TSR's Pokesoc by Generation VI, heralding the release of the sequels to the Generation V games, Black & White 2.

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