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When I arrive in Portsmouth, will there be people there showing us where to go, and show us where our room is?

If you’re in halls, when you first arrive in Portsmouth you should go to your hall reception. If you’re on the Guildhall Campus (James Watson, Trafalgar, Margaret Rule, Harry Law or Bateson), then you should go to Bateson Reception. If you’re in Rees Hall or Burrell Hall, go to the reception in Rees Hall. If you’re on the Langstone Campus, you should go to the main reception at Langstone. From there, guides in distinct purple sweaters will help you with registering. You then need to go to your hall and collect your key, after which you can go up and move into your room. Cars can be parked outside the hall on double yellow lines, as long as someone stays with the car. Traffic wardens here are VERY vigilant!

Are there lots of social things to do?

There's enough. Portsmouth is socially very good because there are social spots all over the city. There are bars and clubs in the city centre, Southsea, Gunwharf and South Parade Pier. Portsmouth has the best Student/Pub ratio in the country according to this year's Virgin Alternative Guide. There's plenty to do from going out to a club, going down to the beach for a barbecue, or just chilling in your kitchen with flatmates!

What are the people who go there really like?

I've never encountered any hostilities in my year in Portsmouth. Everyone really is very friendly. There are always rumours of hostile locals and sailors, but in truth, they're not that bad. The sailors are actually great guys. There are quite a lot of chavs, but like in any city, just keep your wits about you and you'll be fine. There were a couple of incidents between students and chavs, but nothing too serious. Stay in the right areas (you quickly figure out which areas they are) and you'll be fine

Is Freshers week good? Do you make friends easily?

Fresher's was okay - I was out on most nights meeting new people - people often go around in their groups, so you'll find yourself in your own group pretty quickly (most probably with your flatmates) - most people you meet are through other people, who end up becoming your friends in due time.

What will we need to connect to the uni's internet network?

All wired and wireless internet is free over the uni, you just need your uni computer login details for the wifi.

Are there any Balls at Portsmouth?

Yup – there are balls throughout the year. The Fresher’s Ball is at the beginning of the year, then there’s the Christmas Ball, and the AU (Athletics’ Union) and Graduation Balls towards the end of the year. All events are black tie, and the AU Ball is usually themed.

Are you allowed cable or sky??

Nope – not in halls. You can however, get a Freeview box for your TV and get digital channels through that.

What Uni/Loan/UCAS documentation do we need to sign in etc?

  • Enrolment Card
  • Evidence of your qualifications
  • Birth Certificate (Original - not copies)
  • Another form of ID (Passport, Driving Licence...)
  • Copy of your Financial Assessment form from your LEA
  • Name and Address of your current Doctor (to register with a doctor in Portsmouth)
  • If applicable any letters from your doctor confirming a disability or illness
  • At least 4 passport photos
  • Writing materials (so you can fill out the forms)
  • Fee payment or a completed Direct Debit form if you haven't paid your fees in advance

Is it true that only students who put Portsmouth down as their 1st choice get places in halls?

The university aims to give accommodation places to all students who put Portsmouth as their FIRST choice.

There aren't enough places for everyone, so those who put Portsmouth as their first choice are allocated their choices first and any places left over (which aren't very many, if any at all as the admission rate has risen every year for the past 12 years) are given to those who put Portsmouth as their backup.

What does “en-suite” actually mean, in reference to hall rooms?

An en-suite will be a small wet room only accessible via your own room, and contains a shower, a sink, a toilet, toilet brush, towel rack, a shelf, a mirror and a power point to plug in a razor.

Is it possible to have a mate stay overnight in your hall room at Portsmouth? If so which halls allow it and vice versa?

You can have friends staying over for 6 nights and not for more than 3 nights in a row in any calendar month. However, nobody really checks, so it is possible to have them stay as often as you want. There’s no roll calls or random checks to make sure there aren’t stowaways..

However, it can be sensible to tell the halls reception that you have someone staying over, just in case the fire brigade ask for the list of current residents/visitors, which has happened before

How often do fire alarms occur? I heard Margaret Rule had a lot last year – will it be the same in my year?

Well the residents will change, and the halls will be occupied by a whole bunch of new people. It’s hit or miss with fire alarms – standing outside in the cold can become a regular feature at 3AM. Usually, fire alarms are commonplace at the start of the year, but as the paperwork goes through and people who set off the alarms are landed with fines, they magically become rarer.. The Guildhall halls are often much worse for fire alarms than Langstone halls.

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