• Post exam relaxation method I: Books

Post-revision relaxation methods I: Books.

Written by: Megan Strode / Euphoric-State

So, as you may or may not have guessed, my main area of expertise, like many of yours, is relaxation after exams (or procrastination during them). This particular talent of mine was the one which gave me the idea to write a series of different reviews of different methods to help you relax after a long day of revision of a particularly taxing exam in this incredibly stressful time.

The first post-revision relaxation method I tend to use, as someone who loves literature and next to never has her head out of a book, is reading. I find that immersing yourself in a reality which is not your own after a hard exam or a long day of revision somewhat comforting. So, In this particular article, I’m going to provide a review for a book that I read recently, through my AS exam period that helped me do just that - let’s crack on with it shall we?

and now, I swear i'll actually talk to you about something other than myself. AKA the amazing book

Title:The Darkest Touch

Author: Joseph Sale
Publisher: Dark Hall Press
Publication date: April 2014

Genre: Post-Apocolyptic SciFi

 Joseph Sale himself is someone I have only ever had the privilege to meet in person once, but I can assure you that he is one of the nicest and most genuine people you would ever wish to come across. He, as said, is a 20 year old University of Birmingham student who has a talent for encapsulating a reader in his plots and his words and can even make you question your own sense of judgement, and thus your very own conscience in certain situations. 

‘’The Darkest Touch’’ focuses on the lives of a set of New Yorkers who have all survived a nuclear apocalypse or more commonly known as World War III. The main plot is focused on the ‘’dark dreams’’ of an individual named Prince, who along with his gang of what can only be described as imbecilic minions has been ‘’touched’’ by a dark entity which has allowed them to possess certain powers, allowing them to keep the entire city of New York about as under the thumb as it gets. The novel also includes on more ‘’touched’’ individual, this time, a young girl by the name of Lucy with a heart as pure as snow, anyway, I shall say no more for fear of intense spoilers, you’ll have to read the rest yourself to find out.

Sale’s book takes you on a dramatic and occasionally heart wrenching journey in which you will not only fall in love with the characters, but question everything about yourself from the state of your being to your own morals. I found the book incredibly captivating and hard to put down because I felt a need to know what was going to happen to X and how Y was going to get out of Z situation. If you only ever read one science fiction / post apocalypse book in your life then please god let it be this one because it is not only a good late night read, but also thought provoking. You will, even if you have never done so before, empathise with all the characters individually, despite the fact that you know that if you met the characters in real life you would hate nigh on all of them. You will form a relationship with the characters that you thought was never possible, all thanks to Sale’s linguistic skill and well and truly unfaultable technique.

I can honestly say that in my opinion, Joseph Sale needs a top-hat tipping to him for being one of the only authors not to exceed the metaphorical (but required for most) plot twist limit, which many authors choose to ignore. The only thing I could possibly think to fault him on is that there wasn’t more of the book for me to read and that is a rare award for someone as critical as me to give out which should give you, hopefully, some insight into how well structured and written the book actually is.

Anyway, before I begin to ramble more about the greatness of the book and author, HERE:

is a link to go and first read a small segment of the book, and then hopefully purchase a copy, either paperback or through your kindle if you enjoy it!
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