• Primary Education Stalking Page 2013

Just thought that Primary Education Applicants could do with a stalking page :)

Becca Oxford Brookes, Winchester, Gloucestershire, York St. John, Birmingham City 1A 10Bs 2Cs ACCE ABC Offer - Oxford Brookes, Gloucestershire. Withdrew - Winchester, Birmingham City Oxford Brookes Gloucestershire
05autyt Durham, Reading, Northumbria, Sheffield Hallam, Oxford Brookes 10As 2Bs AAAAA AAA Rejection - Sheffield Hallam. Conditional Offer - Oxford Brookes (declined), Durham, Reading. Withdrew - Northumbria Durham Reading
cazzer88 Winchester, Chichester, university of Wales 13 higher grade passes - - Pending - -
Cadders1990 University of Worcester 3A*, 7A's 1B's BCC BBB Conditionals - Worcester Worcester -
ThatStudentDude Reading, Kingston, Roehampton, Middlesex, Brighton 3A*s, 2A's 1B, 4C's AAAD AAA Offers from - Kingston, Roehampton, Middlesex, Brighton - Waiting - Reading Reading Kingston
Laura373 Durham, Edge Hill, Chester, York St John 3A*'s 3A's 4B's AAAA A*AA (achieved) Pending - -
hvanheerden1 Huddersfield, Hull, York St John, Leeds Trinity, Sheffield Hallam 1A*, 2A's 8B's, 1C BBCC AAB Conditionals - Hull, Leeds Trinity, Huddersfield. Rejected - York St John (after interview) Huddersfield Sheffield Hallam
sarahemilyprice1 Winchester, Oxford Brookes, Kingston, Chester, Lincoln BG 1A, 3B's, 3C's BBC BCC Offers: Kingston and Oxford Brookes. Rejection: Chester. Withdrew: Lincoln BG and Winchester Oxford Brookes Kingston
katehwalts Leeds Met, Derby Uni, Nottingham Trent, Sheff Hall & Northumbria 10A's 3B's ABBD AAB Offers from all - Except Sheffield Hallam (rejection - not having enough work exp before application) Nottingham Leeds Met
lkg123 Oxford Brookes, Gloucester, Nottingham Trent & Greenwich 6 A's, 4 B's and 1 C BCCU Already achieved B & C, Predicted another B Conditional from Trent, Brookes and Gloucester - -
Amy (sykes123) Roehampton, Reading, Kingston, UWE Bristol, Plymouth Marjon 1 A, 7 B's and 2 C's BCCE BBC Got offered interviews at all my choices but withdrew from Plymouth Marjon and Reading Roehampton Kingston
LaurenD Winchester, Reading, Gloucestershire, Bath Spa 1 A*, 10A and 6B BBBC ABB + A* EPQ Offers from all Winchester Reading (Music spec.)
beccajuster Roehampton, Kingston, St Mary's University College, Hertfordshire, Greenwich 3A, 5B, 3C BBB (and 1 pending) BBBC Pending - -
lascelles Chichester, Brighton, Reading, Durham, Leeds Met 2As, 7Bs, 2C Can't remember (I'm a mature student) I have DD at Alevel, plus a pass in both BTEC and NVQ Level 3 in CCLD Chichester, Brighton. Rejections - Reading; Durham; Leeds Chichester -
IzzyWhitby Reading, Plymouth, Leeds Met, Worcester, Brighton 2A*s, 5Bs, 4Cs ABBC A*/A, A/B, C Conditional from Worcester. Rejection - Plymouth (offer to do Education Studies) Conditional - Leeds Met; Conditional - Brighton; Rejection - Reading Leeds Met Brighton
Sarah12062010 Liverpool Hope, Bangor, Wolverhampton, Birmingham City 1A* 6A 4B ABC BBB Conditional from all Liverpool Hope Bangor
ingjikii Manchester Metropolitan, Chichester, Aberdeen, Stirling and Reading 3As, 1B, 4Cs / / Offer - Manchester; Metropolitan; Chichester. Rejected - Stirling - -
Dancer.K. Roehampton, Winchester,Brighton,St Mary's,Canturbury CC 9B's 2Cs N/A Finished college 6 and a half years ago with BTEC ND MMM nd BTEC NA DISTINCTION Conditional - Roehampton; Winchester; Brighton; St Mary's (offered Education and social studies) Rejected - CCC Now have unconditional firm Roehampton - -
joewilliamson Cumbria, Derby, BG Lincoln, York St.John, Leeds Met 5As, 5Bs, 1C BCCC BBB - York St.John 280 Points Cumbria 240 Points
Alice:) Canterbury Christ Church, Winchester, Reading, Liverpool John Moores, Trinity Saint David 1A* 2As 3Bs 6Cs BCC BBC Conditionals from CCCU, Reading, Winchester and TSD, rejection from LJMU, Winchester Trinity Saint David
Natalie chester, oxford brookes, leeds met, sheffield hallam and Liverpool John Moores 3as 6bs 1c BBCD ABB Conditional - Sheffield Hallam, ljmu, Oxford Brooke's. rejection off Leeds and still not heard back from Chester 8/3/2013 - -
Bethanie(BettyRoseXD) Manchester Metropolitan, Leeds Trinity, Hull, Edge Hill and Chester 1a* 5b 4c 1d 1pass 2merits doing a BTEC DMM/ DDM Rejected - Chester, Hull - -
Abbi_S Winchester, Roehampton, Durham, Derby, Cumbria 8 A* 3A AAAA A*AAA (achieved) Offers - Winchester; Roehampton; Derby. Waiting - Durham; Cumbria - -
megmegt Winchester, Chichester, Brighton, UWE Bristol 5A* 5A AAAB AAA Offer - Winchester; Chichester; Brighton. Rejection - UWE Bristol Winchester Chichester
Skip_Snip Bedford, Northampton, Derby, Nottingham (Access Course) (Access Course) (Access Course) Unconditional offer from Bedford, accepted Bedford -
EssJay95 St Mary's University College, Stranmillis-Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling 1A* 4As 5Bs AABB AAB Still Waiting - -
Vicstress Chichester, Winchester, Reading, Oxford Brookes (Access Course) (Access Course) (Access Course) Winchester offer - declined interviews for others WINCHESTER N/A
timincognito Edge Hill , Kingston, Roehampton 2A* 6A 2B BBCCEU BBBCD Edge Hill ; withdrew from all others Edge Hill -
xhannahdoherty University of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and Dunfries Campus Higher ABCCC  ? Higher AAAA Conditional - Edinburgh; Glasgow. Withdrew - Aberdeen; Dundee - -
estm1 Leeds met, Bangor, Sheff Hallam, Edge hill, Chester 3A, 7B, 1 Distinction ABB ABB Conditional - Edge hill; Sheffield hallam; Leeds met. Rejection - Chester. Withdrew from Bangor - -
beccycollins Winchester, Oxford Brookes, Bristol UWE, Chichester, St. Mary's University College Twickenham 9A, 4B, 1C BBBC ABB Conditional - Winchester Different Course - St. Mary's University College Withdrew from Bristol UWE, Chichester Oxford Brookes -
Apollinefr Glasgow, Stirling, Birmingham city, Sheffield hallam french ones, only As - - Conditional - Birmingham city, Sheffield Hallam, Glasgow / Pending -Stirling - -
Harriet :) Oxford Brookes, Gloucestershire, UWE and Winchester 1A*, 9A's and 2B's AABB AAC Conditional offers from all Oxford Brookes Winchester
Beth Canterbury Christ Church 4A, 5B, 2C BBCC BBC Unconditional/place accepted at Canterbury Canterbury Christ Church Brighton
C_Prior Canterbury Christ Church, York St John, Durham, Sheffield Hallam, Leeds Trinity 7A*, 4A AAAAB A*AABB Conditionals: York St John (BBC), Sheffield Hallam (BBB), Leeds Trinity (BBC). Rejections: Durham, Canterbury Christ Church - -
"luw6" Roehampton, St Marys, Northumbria, Cumbria, Middlesex A* 2A 8B 5C BCC - Conditionals at all Roehampton St Marys
k.gillian Bishop Grosseteste, York St John, Leeds Met, Edge Hill, Leeds Trinity 5A's 3B's 1C 1Merit ACD (with a 2 year BTEC) A and DistDist (Double BTEC) Conditional: Bishop Grossesteste. Withdrew from the others before the interviews! Bishop Grosseteste -
"ollymurslove" Chester, London St Mary's, Plymouth, Gloucestershire, Wolverhampton A* 4As 9Bs BBC ABC conditionals at Wolverhampton, St Mary's, Gloucestershire. Withdrew from others London St Mary's Gloucestershire
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