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From a young age I have had a tendency for working with people whose minds work in a different way from others. It really makes me feel content in knowing that I have the capacity and ability to help someone other than myself. I have become determined to work with people in some capacity, and my wish is to be involved in studying, evaluating, and changing human social behaviour. I am interested in these courses because I would like to further understand how different people’s minds work in different situations. This got me wanting to know what triggers them to do what they do. I understand this course requires me to be unbiased because I will be involved with people who have mental health problems. One of my current subjects, Health and Social Care, relates to this course as I am learning about mental health and the needs that some people have.

I think I am suitable for these courses as for work experience I went to both a primary school and a nursery. This helped me to adapt to different surroundings and to understand how the mind of a child works. I currently have a part time job in Centra and from working here I have learnt a lot about team work and how to handle dangerous situations. One of my regular customers has schizophrenia and throughout my time of working in Centra I have had to learn how to deal with this customer in particular. I have learnt how to stay calm under stressful situations also. I volunteer at my swim club where I have to work with children individually. In my group I can handle up to 8 children who are all at different levels meaning I have had to learn to adapt to their needs and use different teaching techniques.

I have achieved my Bronze Medallion, NPLQ level 2, Mini-volleyball coaching award, Tennis coaching award and Grassroots soccer coaching award. I have completed my Life Saving Course, Personal Survival course, Emergency life support course and First Aid course. These courses and achievements will help me generally with life at university as soon, I will be taking part in the level one coaching course which will help me gain experience in coaching. I am also a qualified lifeguard as I passed my NPLQ. I hope to get a part time job as a lifeguard in the future while I am at university studying, which will help me pay my fees. In school I went on a residential to Delmont. Here I learnt the importance of team work through team building exercises. Throughout my school years I have been awarded captain, vice captain and games captain. This has given me leadership skills and responsibility.

Through my swimming club I have learnt survival skills while doing my life saving qualifications. I have felt that through swimming I am able to be my own person and I find that it helps me relax when I am too stressed. By going to the gym I have learnt the importance of my health and it has helped me to keep active and fit. By going to the gym I have achieved a higher sense of belief in myself and it has greatly increased my self esteem. It has helped me to push myself as far as I can and to see the importance of my physical and mental health. In my spare time I find that listening to music helps me into a state of relaxation. I do this to get away from the stress of school and family. I have also found that reading makes me relaxed as I feel I can lose myself in a good book and visualise what is happening.

After completing this course I hope to receive a career in criminology/social psychology as I will have the basic skills to monitor the minds of different people.

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