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A staple of the student diet.



  • A Bag of Pasta
  • Water


  • Get saucepan.
  • Boil kettle
  • Add boiling water to saucepan, and put on hob.
  • Add some salt to the water, plus an optional dash of oil to reduce sticking.
  • Bring back to the boil (until the water begins to bubble and add pasta. 2 good handfuls (or a small cereal bowlful) of pasta shapes like bow ties or penne work well, and for spaghetti, overlaping your index finger with your thumb provides a good guide for one serving of spaghetti.
  • Occasionally stir it so it doesn't stick. Burnt pasta is highly annoying and will ruin the flavour of the non burnt pasta. Make sure it's a rolling boil. If it's simmering, then everything will stick and be messy and yuk.
  • Follow the cooking time on the packet and start testing the pasta about two minutes before the cooking time is done to see if it is al dente i.e. slightly firm to the bite, and not chalky on the inside.
  • Drain

Once you have done this add a filling.

  • Plain grated cheese
  • Cheese and ketchup
  • Warmed olive oil with crushed garlic and cheese
  • Pesto, stirred into the drained pasta and briefly heated in the saucepan.
  • Bacon bits and cheese
  • Bought pasta sauce, stirred into the drained pasta and briefly heated in the saucepan.
  • Fried up chicken breast, bacon and onion with some broccoli, carrots and some soy sauce. Amazingly good.

or if you are feeling fancy, add one of the below


Pasta is a very healthy food.

Pasta is yummy :)

Thanks must go to user -Matt- for these recipes

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