• Results day jitters strike nine out of 10 students

"Waiting for these results is an absolute killer."

Results day is looming and those nerves are starting to jangle. The rest of the country might be daydreaming about jetting off to the sun, but August means one thing for A-level and SQA students: finding out whether you've got the grades to get into uni.

Almost everyone is feeling the pressure, with just 10% of students entirely confident they will do well when their grades are announced, according to the results of an exam confidence poll on The Student Room.

For everybody else, it's a case of dealing with the jitters. Two-thirds (68%) of those who voted are feeling uncertain about what to expect when the grades are revealed. More than one in five (22%) are preparing themselves for some seriously bad news.

Some of those waiting for A-level results day on 16 August (7 August for SQA results in Scotland) are doing their best to blank the whole thing out entirely. "Far too superstitious to answer a poll on how I think I will do," said KingGoonIan on our exam confidence thread. On the flipside, there are actually some people looking forward to the experience of finding out their grades: "It'll be quite dramatic/suspenseful/exciting as opposed to last year where they didn't mean that much," said doloroushazy.

Others are feeling remarkably chilled. "Considering I fell asleep in my physics exam, I'm not expecting too much," aradally admits.

But, for most, it's not easy to escape an attack of the nerves. "So scared about getting my results, I wish I had revised more to be honest. Just keeping my fingers crossed, just want to get into college," said Law degree hopeful.

"I just want to know"
Feeling relaxed about results day is easy in theory: 'the exams are done', 'whatever will be will be', 'there's nothing I can do about it now'...we've all heard the platitudes a thousand times. But in practice, the waiting has a way of making even the most confident student edgy.

"In some ways I am nervous but, if anything, no matter what the outcome, I just want to know," said Agenda Suicide. "Waiting for these results is an absolute killer and I'm sick to death of the period of limbo where I can't get excited for university but I can't plan for other things in case I get in."

On our exams thread, some unconventional ideas on improving the results process have emerged. "I think I'd rather the results were told to me at an undisclosed point so it was a surprise. Either a pleasant or unpleasant one. Stops all the pointless worrying," said Toppy. Imagine the racing heart every time your mobile rang, though!

UnderPost offered some sound advice for those who don't get the results they were hoping for on 16 August. "Think now about what you'd like to do," he said "The worst students are those who fail on A-level day, panic, cry, look on UCAS clearing and choose a course before somebody else takes it. DON'T do this as you could end up in a course you don't really like just because you panicked."

If your results don't work out as you'd expected, TSR is here to help. We already have a huge bank of articles and advice threads all about clearing, adjustment and life after results day. We'll be steadily adding more content and will have experts online on 7 August and 16 August to answer any more questions you may have.

All the best from the TSR team for the A-level and SQA results days.

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