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Movie review writing is a labor-intensive activity that is composed of several steps. As a member of writers team with http://writemyessay.pro/ I have reviewed quite a lot of them and always followed these six steps below. Hope they will help you come up with your original film reviews.



1. It is obvious that before writing a movie critique review you need to watch the movie first. Everyone is familiar with this pleasant activity that helps to relax while watching an interesting and thrilling film. However, if you need to compose a movie review, you should watch the movie several times taking notes about details of a film.


An experienced movie reviewer gives his own opinion of the film. This aspect is very useful for a movie critique as it gives a chance to express your thoughts and ideas concerning the film in an easy and understandable way. Sometimes professors allow using the first person while composing a movie review. Besides, personal opinion on the film should be supported with detailed explanations of the genre, actors, camera work, directors, editing devices, the most effective shots used in the film.


The next important step to consider while writing the review is the audience. You should compose the movie review so that it touches and reaches the targeted audience. The facts significant for the audience should be taken into consideration and reviewed in the first turn before starting the writing process.


Creating an outline requires imagination and creativity. You should give some general information on the film only. The essay body will show the movie details and there is no necessity to repeat the gathered information in the outline.


Actors who play in the movie should be mentioned in review too. Moreover, a good reviewer always includes information on the previous achievements of actors, as well as their success in the current work.


Details are to be covered as well, such as the film structure, lighting, music, camera work, famous scenes, etc. Visual design and special effects used in the movie are to be stressed among the main elements of the film structure, especially if you write about a modern film.


The last step of the movie review writing is editing and proofreading. This aspect is very important and is stressed by all professors without exception. Every student knows that the grade depends on the accuracy, proper writing and formatting, coherent movie critique structure, good grammar and punctuation.

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