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Below you will find the table showing the current status of the revision notes work. There are 6 main areas that need work on, as listed in the table headings. These range from the revision notes subject page in the first column, right through sorting the notes we currently have and on to creating new notes. If you complete any task, please mark it off in the table.



  • C means the task is complete
  • S means the task has been started
  • - means the task has not officially been started

For more details on each task, read the notes at the end of the table.

Subject Initial sort Page Formatting Syllabus Audit Note Audit New Notes
French C C - - -
German C C - - -
Spanish C C - - -
English C C - - -
Geography C C - - -
History C S - - -
Media Studies C C - - -
Religious Education C C - - -
Social Sciences
Business Studies C C - - -
Economics C C S - -
Philosophy n/a n/a - - -
Politics C C - - -
Psychology C C - - -
Sociology C C - - -
University Humanities
Anthropology C C - - -
Archaeology C C - - -
Classics C C - - -
Theology n/a n/a - - -
Maths, Science and Technology
Mathematics C S S - -
Science (KS3 & GCSE) n/a n/a - - -
Biology C C - - -
Chemistry C C - - -
Physics C C - - -
Computong C - - - -
Computer Science n/a n/a - - -
ICT C C - - -
Engineering n/a n/a - - -
Geology n/a n/a - - -
Pharmacy and Pharmacology C C - - -
Architecture n/a n/a - - -
Art and History of Art C C - - -
Design and Technology C C - - -
Drama and Performing Arts n/a n/a - - -
Dance n/a n/a - - -
Music C C - - -
Theatre Studies n/a n/a - - -
Medical and Health
Dentistry n/a n/a - - -
Health Studies and Health and Social Care n/a n/a - - -
Medicine C C - - -
Nursing n/a n/a - - -
Veterinary Science n/a n/a - - -
Other Subjects
Education and Teaching n/a n/a - - -
General Studies n/a n/a - - -
Law C C - - -
Linguistics n/a n/a - - -
Management Studies n/a n/a - - -
Physical Education and Sport Science n/a n/a - - -
Tourism n/a n/a - - -


This task is simply to create a revision notes page for each subject with links to the relevant exam and level areas. See the maths revision notes page for an example of the format.

Initial Sort

This task involved

  • moving all pages to the 'revision' name space
  • breadcrumbing all pages in this subject
  • correctly categorising all pages as far as is possible (all pages must be in the main category and if known at the moment, put in to the exam level categories for this subject)
  • categorise pages so do not appear under R for Revision in category pages.
  • a new Subject Topics Revision Notes category to be created and all subject categories removed from else where and added to this category (eg Mathematics Topics Revision Notes
  • all pages like IB Mathematics Revision Notes are categorised to appear first the, for example, the IB Mathematics Revision Note category.

Page Formatting

All pages in for the subject need formatting in to standard wiki coding. Use of LaTex, where appropriate, should also be done (eg mathematical or chemical formulae)

Syllabus Audit

Make a list of all topics at all levels for the subject and say which exam board at which level the topic is relevant for. See the Mathematics Revision Notes List for an example.

Note Audit

This cannot really begin until the Syllabus Audit has started.

All revision notes are linked in to the relevant topics in the syllabus audit. The (yet to be created) info box showing this data needs to be inserted in to each revision note article so you can tell what exam levels and exam boards the notes can be used for. Links to the article or articles for each part of the syllabus audit need to be added to the syllabus audit page too.

New Notes

Look at the Syllabus Audit page and start to create new revision note articles to fill in the missing gaps. All articles must fit in with standard techniques developed for breadcruming, categorising, naming and page formatting.

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