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STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper) is a mathematics examination set by the Admissions Testing Service, a department of Cambridge University, as an admissions test for university courses, mostly maths.


The STEP Prep Thread 2016: A detailed introduction to STEP for potential applicants and those who will sit it in the future, with a list of resources and a place to discuss the exams and ask questions.

STEP Solutions: An index of solutions to past paper questions prepared by the community at TSR.

Official Website: The official website of STEP, by the examining body.

Recommended Questions by Theme

Integration - the modulus

STEP I, 2000, Q8 A somewhat gentle question by STEP standards, but not easy by any means. Try getting a feel for how the modulus affects the integral, which is a skill you can develop in further questions.

STEP 1, 2006, Q7 This is up a notch from the previous question, but make sure to reflect on both what the question tells you and on how you can interpret the integral as an area. For the second part you will have to modify the method, but it's not as bad as it looks.

STEP 1, 2011, Q5 The first part is quite similar to the previous question, but this question takes the idea a bit further, and remember to justify why it's a minimum at the end.

STEP 2, 2003, Q6 Despite the fact that it's a STEP II question, it's probably easier than it appears at first sight. The key, as you may have guessed by this stage, is to sketch some good graphs and to understand what you're doing.

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