Capital: Stockholm Continent: Europe Currency: Swedish krona (SEK) Prime Minister: Fredrik Reinfeldt (the Moderate Party)

Allies: Sweden values neutrality in international affairs and views this as the best approach to maintaining its national security. As such, Sweden is free of alliances in peacetime so as to remain a neutral nation in the event of war. Swedish government has long held an interest in international cooperation and peacemaking and uses its position in the EU and the UN to promote these.

Political philosophy: Sweden is a constitutional monarchy currently led by King Carl XVI Gustaf, but the head of states' powers are now exercised by Swedish Parliament (the Riksdag). Politically, Sweden is left and progressive, mostly consisting of centre-right and left-of-centre political parties. Since the Great Depression, Swedish national politics have largely been dominated by the Social Democratic Workers' Party (centre-left).

Economy: Sweden's economy is focused around exports and foreign trade, aided by its timber, hydropower and iron ore natural resources. Sweden's main industries include motor vehicles, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, industrial machines, precision equipment, chemical goods, home goods and appliances, forestry, iron and steel. The Swedish economy is capitalistic and highly competitive; the state uses this to apply high income tax to all in order to support generous welfare provisions for its citizens.

Sweden's political future: There have been recent movements towards the Right as a result of the recession, but historical trends suggest the continued strong political involvement of the everyday populace, for example through the women's and intellectual property pirate movements, helping to maintain Sweden's emphasis on governmental accountability. Sweden currently leads the EU in statistics measuring equality in its political system and education system and has been ranked number one in the world in terms of gender equality. These would seem to indicate that the future for Sweden will involve the further promotion of rights and equitable treatment, allowing this nation to shine as a beacon of social progress.

Sweden's favourite past-time is skipping through the meadows making the most of its warm summers.

The current UN representative for Sweden is miser.

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