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  • AASL The Ask A Section Leader forum of TSR. A place to go when you want to ask Section Leader a question. AASL is only visible to the Section Leaders and the Community team. This has since been replaced by Ask the Community Team.
  • AAM The Ask a Moderator forum of TSR. A place to go when you want to ask the moderators a question. AAM is visible to all moderators. This has since been replaced by Ask the Community Team.
  • AtCT The Ask the Community Team forum of TSR. A place to go when you want to ask the moderators a question. AtCT is only visible to the Community Team.
  • Admin Short for administrator, a person who can make changes to the setup of the forum as well as user accounts. Administrators appear in bold red on the forum. They've since been renamed Community Team.
  • AFAIK As far as I know.
  • AMA Ask Me Anything.
  • AoEI Advice on Everyday Issues forum on TSR.
  • Arcade Games Area of TSR
  • Avatar A small picture that you choose to include in your postbit.
  • Ban An action by the moderation team to block access of an account to the site if they have too many cards.
  • BB Code Formatting in vbulletin requires specific code, which can be found here.
  • BTW By the way.
  • Box See Shoutbox
  • Card This is a system the moderators can use to guide your posting without having to personally PM you. Receiving too many cards leads to a temp ban. For more information, see here.
  • ChrisN Chris Newson, the owner of TSR.
  • CA/Community Assistant A user who has a small number of administrative moderation powers to move, merge and remove threads but not the ability to warn or view post reports. Community assistants are used in forums which require more intensive moderation, such as PS Help, the MHoC and the MUN.
  • CT/Community Team A person who can make changes to the setup of the forum as well as user accounts. Community Team members appear in bold red on the forum. As of May 2015, the Community Team are also responsible for dealing with reports.
  • D&D The Debate and Discussion forum of TSR. This has since been renamed Debate and Current Affairs.
  • D&CA The Debate and Current Affairs forum of TSR.
  • Dupe Short for Duplicate Account. A secondary account of an existing user. Dupe accounts are allowed so long as they do not break the forum rules and the primary account has not been banned.
  • f38 The Maths Academic Help forum of TSR.
  • FAQ The Frequently Asked Questions page of TSR.
  • F&B The Fashion & Beauty forum of TSR.
  • F&D The Food & Drink forum of TSR.
  • FFS For ****'s sake.
  • Flaming An argument between users which results in unnecessary personal or offensive insults which detract from the actual debate.
  • FTW Acronym, meaning For The Win (internet speak for liking something).
  • FYI For Your Information.
  • Gap Year The British English term 'Gap Year' is given to a prolonged period (often, but not always, a year) taken off full-time education by a student leaving high school and (ideally) before starting college or university.
  • Gems The visual representation of "rep" (see entry for rep).
  • H&R The Health and Relationships forum of TSR.
  • MHoC The Model House of Commons section of TSR.
  • IBTL In before the lock. Posting in the belief that the thread will soon be closed by the moderators.
  • IDK I don't know.
  • IIRC If I recall/remember correctly.
  • IM(H)O In my (humble/honest) opinion.
  • inb4 In before. Used to point out when something obvious is going to happen, such as 'inb4 bin' on a thread that's clearly trolling.
  • LaTeX A simple way of producing realistic mathematical formulae, used principally on the Maths and Physics forums under Academic Help. TSR uses mimeTeX, a version of LaTeX. (Example: with a few minor changes, x = [-b +/- sqrt(b^2 - 4ac)] / 2a can be rendered as \dfrac{-b\pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}.)
  • Legbite see LGBT.
  • LGBT Lesbian, Gay, Bi(sexual/curious), Trans(sexual/gender/vestite).
  • LMAO Laughing my arse/ass off.
  • LOL Laughing out loud.
  • MEU Model European Union forum of TSR which roleplays the actual EU.
  • Mods Short for moderators. Voluntary staff of TSR who help to moderate content, appointed by the TSR Community Team and with duties in specific sections of TSR. They appear in bold purple on the forum, and have since been renamed TSR Support Team.
  • MUN Model United Nations forum of TSR which roleplays the actual UN. This has since been renamed Model European Union.
  • Newbie A new member of TSR. Can be defined by join date, post count or reputation level. They usually display a lack of knowledge about the rules/workings of the site.
  • n00b See Newbie.
  • Neg Rep. Negative reputation. When this is given out, points are removed from the reputation level of the recipient. "To neg" can also be used as a verb meaning "to give negative rep to". Can also be written as -rep. This feature was removed in October 2013.
  • OMG Oh my God.
  • OOC Stands for "Out Of Character", used mainly in the MUN to make a point whilst not representing your country.
  • OP Original Poster. The user who started the thread. e.g. "I agree with what the OP says". Can also mean original post.
  • OT Off-topic.
  • Ownd [own3d, own] Occurs when one person demolishes the other in a debate/argument/discussion, "haha, I ownd your thread".
  • Perm Short for Permanent Ban. The permanent blocking of a user from using the site, including any duplicate accounts that they may possess or create. See Ban.
  • PM Private Message function of TSR that allows you to convey a message to up to 5 people privately.
  • Pos Rep. Positive reputation. When this is given out, points are added to the reputation level of the recipient. "To pos" can also be used as a verb meaning "to give positive rep to". Can also be written as +rep.
  • Post A post is an individual comment left within a discussion thread.
  • Postbit The section of each post which contains your user information (e.g. your avatar, user title, join date).
  • Post Report The post report is the user's way of bringing inappropriate threads to the Community Team's attention. You can use the feature by clicking on the 'Report Post' button at the top right of each post.
  • Posting Tip This is a system the moderators can use to guide your posting without having to personally PM you. These won't contribute to a temp ban, and are used for minor offences, such as posting in the wrong section.
  • PPD Posts per day, an average number based on your overall number of posts divided by the number of days you've been a member of the site.
  • PS Personal Statement. This is the document you need to write when applying to universities or institutions of higher learning in the UK, to be submitted together with your UCAS application. Help on this can be received from the Ask a PS Helper forum.
  • PRSOM Please Rate Some Other Member. When you want to rep to someone but the server rejects your request as you are not allowed to rep the same person twice in too short a period.
  • Pwn (past tense: pwned, pwnd, pwn'd, pwnt, pooned) means to beat or dominate an opponent who tries to own you, or be superior in general. cf. own. Pronounced "poon" or "own".
  • Rep Reputation. The system whereby users evaluate each others' posts. At the bottom of each post is a thumbs up, and clicking on that gives the user positive rep. You can also give Positive Rep within a members profile, with the ability to leave a message. This is done by selecting the 'Give Rep' button within the user profile. Also used as a verb: "to rep" means "to give reputation to". More information can be found here.
  • Rep Level The amount of reputation you are in possession of.
  • Rep Power The amount of reputation you can give to another member.
  • Rep Rules Restrictions have had to be placed on reputation to limit the number of times you can give out reputation, and how often you can give reputation to the same person. Rules regarding donning and rep whoring are also in place.
  • Rep Whoring Swapping reputation with another user. It is frowned upon, and penalised when it comes to attention.
  • Repflation A term for the inflation of reputation in the forum meaning that 1 rep point now is worth less now than in the past as the reputation power and reputation level of users continues to increase.
  • Report See Post Report.
  • Reputation See rep.
  • ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing. Also roffle.
  • RSS "Rich Site Summary" or "Real Simple Syndication", which works on some fora of TSR. Instead of the user browsing websites for information of interest, the information is gathered by an aggregator (a program which reads RSS feeds) in an automated fashion.
  • Section Leader Moderators with responsibility for moderating the entire site. They each oversee and specialise in a specific section of the site and appear in bold cyan on the forum.
  • Shoutbox Messaging application for subscribers to chat amongst themselves in quasi-real-time. Located in the Back Room and Chat. This feature was removed in April 2015.
  • Sig Short for signature, a little box a the bottom of your post that can display any information you wish. Examples are grades, socs information or quotes from other members. Can be hidden/shrunk.
  • Spam Usless off-topic or annoying posts, often consisting of a only smilie and/or a single word. Smilie only posts are not allowed outside of Chat/Forum Games.
  • Socs Societies. TSR has a number of societies, a list of which can be found here. The popularity of societies remains a mystery as the function consists of 1) a place to talk to those with similar interests 2) a small icon in your postbit.
  • Sub Subscription/Subscriber.
  • Sub-Forum A forum inside another forum. Examples are GCSE and A Level forums inside the Study Help forum.
  • Supermods Now called 'Section Leaders' - see description.
  • Tags See Thread Tags.
  • TBF To be fair.
  • TBH To be honest.
  • TBR The Back Room, the secret low moderation subscriber forum. A place for mindless chat.
  • Tech Technology Forum for discussion about or problems with technology. Includes everything from Gaming to Dev.
  • Temp Ban Short for Temporary Ban. The temporary blocking of a user from using the site, including any duplicate accounts that they may possess or create. A temporary ban lasts for the duration of one week. See Ban.
  • Thread A discussion based around a certain topic, detailed in either the title, the first 'post' or both. On the forums, each discussion is refered to as a "thread", which contains one or more posts.
  • Thread Tags The bold coloured text which may appear beside the thread titles of certain threads. These are added by the moderators and include tags such as "Question", "Suggestion" and "Resolved".
  • Tl;Dr Too Long; Didn't Read. Indicates a thread or post was too long for the poster to deem worth reading.
  • TMI Too Much Info
  • Troll A user who posts controversial and/or offensive material (often anonymously or under a secondary username) in order to start arguments.
  • TSR The Student Room.
  • TSR News, Help and Feedback TSR News, Help and Feedback, a forum to discuss changes, technical issues, technical glitches, history and more relating to TSR.
  • UCAS University and Colleges Admissions Service of the UK. Discussions on UCAS take place at the Applications & UCAS forum.
  • UKL (or UK-Learning) The old name for The Student Room.
  • Usertitle The small line of writing that appears immediately under your username. This is standard and changes when you reach certain post milestones. If you are a sub, however, you have the ability to change this to pretty much anything you like, within reason. (If you are found to have an inappropriate usertitle then the mods will PM you and ask you to change it)
  • VB Short for VBulletin which is the engine behind the forum environment used by TSR.
  • VM Visitor Message function of TSR that allows you to convey a message to another member, on their profile. These are visible to all other members.
  • Whoring See Rep Whoring
  • WTF What the ****?
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