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An introduction to the MHoC

The TSR Model House of Commons is a forum devoted to users making their own laws and improving the UK in a casual model Parliament setup. Ever thought that you could do a better job of running the country than the suits in charge? Then this is the place for you. Love politics but bored of debating the mundane issues of the real world? Then come here and choose the issues you discussion.

The Model House of Commons provides a unique, fun and highly satisfying form of debate which can't be found in any other way.

In the TSR Model House of Commons (frequently abbreviated to "MHoC"), members and parties write bills to change the laws of the United Kingdom which can then be debated by anyone and voted on by MPs. MPs can also raise motions which allow anyone to debate a key matters and call on the TSR Government to do something about it.

The MHoC is a democratically elected chamber and is made up of 50 MPs who collectively form a wide array of parties and independents - but anyone can join in with the debates. Seats are allocated following a TSR-wide 'General Election' which takes place every six months under a party list system of proportional representation.

The largest party or coalition of parties forms the TSR Government, formed of a Prime Minister and number of cabinet positions. The second largest party or coalition of parties is Opposition, which can have a number of shadow cabinet positions. Other parties may assign Spokesperson positions. The makeup of the current Parliament can be found here.

Rakas21 is the current Speaker of the House of Commons and is responsible for everything surrounding the House of Commons. He has a question thread called Ask the Speaker where anyone can get advice or have queries answered - whether you've been here a week or 5 years. Cranbrook_Aspie serves as his Deputy.

The TSR Model Parliament was started in 2005 following the 2005 General Election in the UK. In the run up to that election a series of political parties had been set up on the forums. These parties fought each other for the votes of the forum members by writing and debating statements on topical issues. This culminated in an election on the forum, which was held to coincide with the real election, held in early May. The Model House of Commons was born. A fully detailed history of the House can be found here.

You can access the MHoC subforum here.

Great! How do I get involved?

The best way to get involved is to join a party! The TSR MHoC has a vast array of parties, some of these exist in the real world; Conservative, Labour, UKIP, Green... but we also have others such as the Liberal Party and Socialist Party.

By joining a party, you get access to their hidden sub-forum where they draft bills, plan for elections and discuss a range of other things. Once you've joined, you can meet your party colleagues, get involved in developing bills and help your party succeed in the MHoC. Click here to join a party!

You can also start your own petitions, or get stuck into any of the open debates in the forum. You don't need to be a member of any party to this. Just hop in and get debating!

Answers to common questions can be found in the newbie Help Guide here, and any other questions can be asked of the current Speaker, Rakas21, who can be found here.

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TSR Parliaments

The TSR Government is currently a coalition between the TSR Conservative Party and the TSR Liberal Party. The Prime Minister is the Rt Hon. Life_peer MP. The TSR Labour Party form the official Opposition, led by the Rt Hon. RayApparently MP. A detailed look at the results of the last election and the make-up of the House, along with a full MP list can be seen here.

The Speaker

The Speaker posts votes and bills for discussion and is responsible for everything surrounding the House of Commons. The Speaker has a question thread here where anyone can get advice or have queries answered. The current Speaker is Rakas21.

Speakers Past and Present

How the House works

The operation and procedures of the House are dictated by the Constitution and Guidance Document. These two documents outline the rules of the House and cover things such as bill procedures and elections. If you are unclear on any of the rules contained within these documents, you should contact Saracen's Fez, the Speaker.

The Parties

The TSR Model House of Commons is currently comprised of 7 parties representing a wide variety of viewpoints and positions along the political scale. You can join a political party by clicking here and selecting the party you wish to join.

Joining a party is the best way to get involved with the Model House of Commons as it allows you to get involved in the bill-writing and development process which takes part in the private sub-forums of the TSR parties. It is also the easiest route to becoming an MP. Below, you'll find a synopsis of each party and what they stand for.

TSR parties often have policies which don't reflect their real-life counterparts so you may find yourself more at home here with a party you wouldn't necessarily consider in real life.

TSR Liberal Party


Leader: Afcwimbledon
Deputy leader: PetrosAC
Chairman: Someone

"I believe in a relatively equal society, supported by institutions that limit extremes of wealth and poverty. I believe in democracy, civil liberties, and the rule of law. That makes me a liberal, and I’m proud of it." - Paul Krugman

The TSR Liberal Party is the proud standard bearer of liberal values in the Model House of Commons. Being the only real party to occupy the centre ground in TSR politics, we can offer the best of Left and Right - an escape from the partisanship which plagues our politics.

We believe in a society where everyone has the right to opportunity and to succeed without being held back by the government, poverty or ignorance. We're committed to fighting for your civil liberties, and ensuring Britain is fit for the future with excellent education, healthcare and transport systems.

We also believe that in a truly liberal Britain, poverty must be eradicated and our environment safeguarded, whilst also ensuring fiscal responsibility on long-termism in our politics to protect the prospects of future generations.

If you share our vision for a more liberal Britain, join us today!

Our Achievements:
>We have separated the British state from the Church of England, introducing secular values to our state affairs and ending centuries of discrimination.
>We have introduced heavy investment in apprenticeships and training, to get our economy moving and to create opportunities for thousands of young people.
>We have enshrined the neutrality and freedom of the Internet in law, to prevent future censorship.

Our plans for the future:
>We hope to expand and target high-value infrastructure spending to make the UK a more attractive place to do business.
>We plan to continue our programs of reform in Education and Health.
>We will continue to fight for your civil rights, opposing secret courts and authoritarian legislation.

TSR Conservative and Unionist Party


Leader: mobbsy91
Deputy Leader: adam9317

"There can be no liberty unless there is economic liberty" - Margaret Thatcher

The TSR Conservative and Unionist Party believes in tearing down the barriers to prosperity and ensuring nobody is prevented from reaching their potential. Our party believes in pragmatic capitalism, that is that we should have low taxes, strong preservation of private property rights and strong incentives for thriving industries to come to Britain.

The Conservative Party is the party of aspiration.

Our Achievements:
> Led the most active government ever in MHOC history.
> Released the second ever TSR Budget which led to the abolition of VAT.
> Made prudent investments supporting development of key infrastructure and advanced technology via motions regarding desalinisation, high speed north, thorium nuclear and the UK space industry.
> Introduced an educational voucher system allowing the poorest pupils access to our world class private education system.
> Conducted the first TSR Defense Review.
> Repealed part of the Vienna Convention in order to remove diplomatic immunity and ensure adherence to UK law.
> Made investments in the UK space industry, Thorium nuclear power and research and development.
> Legalized both heterosexual civil partnerships and homosexual marriage.
> Held a constitutional referendum affirming the legitimacy of the monarchy.

Our plans for the future:
> Make investments and create incentives to ensure that the UK becomes the global capital for research and innovation.
> Invest in cutting edge infrastructure such as Thorium nuclear and high speed rail.
> Revitalise the construction industry and nullify the large housing deficit.

TSR Labour


Leader: Saracen's Fez
Deputy leader: aidenj
Chairman: Dafios9128

"He who rejects change is the architect of decay" - Harold Wilson

The Labour Party is a democratic socialist party. It believes that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone, so as to create for each of us the means to realise our true potential and for all of us a community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many, not the few, where the rights we enjoy reflect the duties we owe, and where we live together, freely, in a spirit of solidarity, tolerance and respect.

The TSR Labour Party supports the opinion that everyone should be equal without a flying start and always acts to ensure everyone has a fair and equal opportunity in life, tackling child poverty, providing increased material support to our hospitals and schools, and prioritising the fight against climate change.

We wish to bring an end to social inequality and cure Britain’s ailments through social mobility, not through division and marginalisation like our right wing opponents. TSR Labour believes in a society where every person has fair and equal access to high standards of healthcare, education and local government services.

Regardless of background, everyone in a TSR Labour society is valuable, and we will fight to protect them in a way that no other party will.

Our Achievements:
> Abolished pointless police commissioner elections
> Reformed the banking system to avoid more crashes
> Created a more even platform between employers and employees.

Our plans for the future:
> Continue to focus on massive infrastructure profits designed to kickstart the economy and bring jobs to the whole country.
> Create a new generation of better hospitals, safe from private hands.
> Stop unpaid work-for-benefit schemes. Forced labour should never be labour.

TSR Green Party


Leader: Andy98
Deputy Leader: vacant
Chair: Matrix123

"What's the use of a house if you don't have a decent planet to put it on?" - Henry David Thoreau

The Green Party represents equality, social justice and policies for the public good. We're a party governed by heart and reason, and as such we believe in responsible, ethical action towards making this country a better place to live in for you. We have a commitment to fairness, equal opportunities and the preservation of the environment. Our vision is for a Britain with high quality public services, sustainable energy, fair wages, a strong NHS and the abolition of tuition fees.

The Green Party is concerned with public welfare - we understand that society is better together. We are the party with the courage to demand real solutions to the social, economic and environmental problems faced today, not content with the heedless quickfixes on offer.

We are the party of compassion, sense and sustainability. Join us in supporting a greener future for Britain today.

Our Achievements:
> Invested £7bn a year into building new social housing.
> Repealed right to buy keeping social housing stocks high.
> Relaxed laws so 16-18 year olds can drink responsibly in pubs.

Our plans for the future:
> Invest in researching technologies for renewable energy, greener infrastructure and reliable transport.
> Introduce compulsory foreign language tuition as well as focusing on providing for smaller schools with more freedom for students and teachers.
> Spearhead a national revival in public spaces and public services for a cleaner, healthier Britain.

TSR Socialist Party


Commissar for External Affairs: DMcGovern
Commissar for Internal Affairs: cranbrook_aspie
Deputy commissar: cBay

"Socialism means justice and common decency. The Socialist future is a vision of present society with the worst abuses left out." - George Orwell, The Road to Wigan Pier

The Socialists are TSR's foremost left-wing party; we believe in a society made stronger by the inclusion of socialist values in our lives. No person should be refused the chance to earn their living, and nor should any people be able to live off the work of others without themselves working if they are able.

We believe in a comprehensive welfare system to provide for the old, the sick, and the young, and in the democratic control of our economy through public ownership and mutuals. We are an internationalist party: we don't believe that national borders should be used as an excuse to treat some humans less well than others, nor will will we ever support the unfettered exploitation of the Earth's natural resources.

Our Achievements:

>Public Ownership; we've renationalised the water system and the railways.
>Financial System; we've split-up the 'too-big-to-fail' banks, introduced a Robin Hood Tax, and set-up a state-investment bank.
>Taxes; we've abolished income taxes for those earning less than £20k, and brought back the 50% rate for those at the top.
>Workers' Rights; we've removed the Tory's harsh restrictions on collective bargaining to amplify the voice of workers.



Leader: Unown Uzer

"Before, Europe was about treaties, laws and our sovereign right to govern ourselves. Now, it's about everyday lives." - Nigel Farage

TSR UKIP seeks to uphold, promote and champion actions that are in the best interests of the British public, with an emphasis on withdrawal from the EU. Those who follow us on TSR will notice we are, at times, a stark abdication from real life UKIP and some take issue with this – we however take pride in knowing that what is paramount for us is not our image, but our policies.

We believe that ideologies are fine as policy catalysts but unless these ideals are shaped by pragmatism they are worth very little – as such, we concern ourselves more with reaching consensus on whatever issues may arise and responding as appropriate; very few of us are implacably opposed to many things – and this sets us apart from other parties. As does our membership; our members are drawn from across the political spectrum. UKIP, despite our reputation as xenophobic ignorant purveyors of idiocy we inherited from the party's previous incarnations and regimes, is now very much a home for anyone with a genuine interest in politics, a willingness to participate, and the faculty to compromise within the context of wide ranging and often polarised views.

TSR UKIP had participated in the first TSR General Election but disbanded soon after due to inactivity. However, TSR UKIP was re-established in 2010 as a result of a party consultation on a change of name by the TSR Patriotic Conservative Party founded in 2009. UKIP has consistently delivered high seat results in comparison to its past efforts and is continually growing as a force in TSR politics.

Our Achievements:
> We have striven for investment in our economy
> Fought for the right way in solving the United Kingdom's social problems
> Managed to create a comprehensive British Bill of Rights that deals with a truly common-sense approach to people’s lives whist securing the protections of all citizens

Our plans for the future:
> We will continue to discuss and debate our British sovereignty, and we seek withdrawal from the EU while maintaining good, solid relations with European states on issues which we are united upon. We will work with you the voters to get what you want out of our European relationship.
> We will put forward revolutionary proposals that will change the shape of an education system beyond recognition, supporting teachers, and equipping students with the skills they need for their lives to come, including considering the alternative of introducing more grammar schools.
> We will continue to press for sensible international relations with other countries and the EU.

Your own party?

You can set up your own party in the MHoC! If you're interested in setting up your own party, post a thread in the MHoC Forum outlining your party and its aims and policies. If it gets Speaker approval, your party will be set-up with its own forum and it will be able to contest in TSR's elections.

The Speaker will be looking for you to really give him a good reason to allow your party to be formed, that not only means having a good ten active members but also to provide something new and different to the House which is not offered by anyone else and would be of benefit to the MHoC's operations.

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