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This is the page to dabble with and create the new FAQ

Feel free to place questions, contents and answers here.


Current FAQ

Brand New FAQ

The TSR Wiki can be edited by anyone. Certain pages can only be edited by a few selected people, and requests for renames, pages to be moved and pages to be deleted can be made through the link below

Questions and Answers

Who can edit the wiki and are there any restrictions? Any registered member of TSR can edit pages on the wiki. You can register here. A few pages are locked from editing - these are mainly the channel pages which form the primary navigation of the wiki. They have been locked as they do no need regular editing by users and to prevent vandalism to the main navigation area. A part from this, once you are registered you can edit most other articles.

Can we just copy and paste the wikipedia page of our university across?

You could, but we do not accept it and we will remove your page and return it back to its original template if we find you are doing this. Wikipedia strives for a neutral point of view and only accepts facts. Much of the information can be irrelevant to people applying to the university or who are at the university. We want to know about the accommodation and what people think about it. We want the students point of view that can only be supplied by a student.

We urge you use the wiki as a reference for information such as history and suchlike

Do not copy other websites for any information as it counts as copying and copyright infringement. A number of websites are banned and we urge that you do not use ones or even link to those that are really commercial and market to students (such as promo companies and night clubs). Any really useful links should be put in, but those put in for sales and promo purposes will be deleted.

I want that fancy university template on my page

Its currently under construction and being tested, however we are prepared to stick it on to a universities page if we can be assured that the majority of it will be filled

We would like to have our site promoted through the TSR Wiki by allowing you to copy information from our site?

Several websites have already done this and I urge you contact the owners of TSR through

I have this great idea for a page for the wiki?

Feel free to create pages for anything related to students and is within the rules

Can I contribute my Personal Statement?

Yes, but you can only do it once your application cycle is finished. You can create a page here.

If you want to contribute your wiki but your application cycle is still running, PM it to ~Kirsty~ who will add it to the Personal Statement Library after the application cycle has finished

If you are prepared to reveal the information, we would like to know about where you applied and what offers you received. Whether you add that information is entirely up to you.

Someone has abused the wiki?

Currently there is no way of reporting a page directly as you can do with a post. Post a link to the offending page in the Ask a Moderators Section and they will edit it out and deal with the user as they see fit

The Formatting for a page seems wrong? A link is red or titles seem to be in the wrong place

Please post offending pages like this in the TSR Wiki sub forum. Many are loose pages that we have lost track of. Others may be deliberate (for future expansion) and some maybe just innocent mistakes

I think I broke the TSR Wiki

You have probably made a mistake. We can always roll it back to a previous version. If you are completely confused at what mistake you have made, post in the TSR Wiki forum and we will sort it out and show you where you went wrong

My question isn't answered here. What should I do? If you still have a question about TSR Wiki after reading all this page you can go in to the About TSR Wiki forum and ask it there. Another user of a member of the Wiki Support Team will be try to help you as soon as possible.



Wiki markup language has a simple way of constructing tables

To create a table you must start with {|. You can then either start the table or put in various HTML descriptives such as border, cell padding, etc

To start a new box on the row, you must type | or !. | keeps the text normal, whilst an exclamation mark, centres the text and puts it in bold. For each new box on the row, you need to put in one of those symbols

Once you finish the row, press return and insert |-, then press return again and start the rows formatting again. To finish the table you need to tap |}.

Here is a sample table

Date Action
1 September 2006 Application Process Begins
15 October 2006 Closing date for people applying to Oxford/Cambridge and/or people applying for courses in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science or veterinary medicine.

{| border="0" cellpadding="2"

! Date

| Action


! 1 September 2006

| Application Process Begins


! 15 October 2006

|Closing date for people applying to Oxford/Cambridge and/or people applying for courses in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science or veterinary medicine.


In this example you can see the formatting of the table on the first line, followed by several rows, which are bold in the first column and normal in the second column.

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