• TSR user wishlist

Below is the user wishlist, compiled many moons ago and updated here. This is a locked page but it can be added to by Admin and Mods with new user suggestions made in the Development forum

Suggestions that have been incorporated since the last list update

  • ability to manipulate the ‘my home’ page
  • skip to next and previous PM
  • facility to make the images on a wiki page in to a link to somewhere (like another page, a forum, or a website?) www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:ImageMap
  • Extend ‘who quoted me’ to last 50 or so quotes for subs or full history if possible

Suggestions for new features

I've noted that the suggestions below (the top part of the list) are features of vb 3.8

  • email addresses in profiles hidden from non-members/guests
  • A way to turn off announcements after they have been read, forum descriptions, rep gems and the information to the right of the postbit
  • group heads and society leaders can send mass PMs
  • multi-quote
  • a function which would display all the posts by a specified user in a thread
  • virus scan all attachments before they are posted
  • when you click on the reply count for a thread and it brings up that window with the postcount for each user, we could click on the postcount and it would do a search for all of the posts by that user in the thread
  • members list in pms. Drop down kind thing
  • get back the 'you have made x posts in this forum' thing
  • make the blue bar at the top go red/orange/something if: a) You have a PM b) You have received rep c) You have a post report
  • threads automatically lock at 10,000 posts.
  • ability to form photo albums attached to individual profiles
  • Ability to search through societies only, abillity to order societies list by number of members, number of posts / most popular etc...change the default view to "most popular"
  • ability to search through PMs and order by recipient
  • uni flags in postbit. Able to have a uni flag and a country flag simultaneously
  • a skip to page x tool
  • fix the shoutbox so that when you write a whisper and forget to put the person's name in, it doesn't crash
  • alerts for society/usergroup leaders when a new join request has been submitted
  • a members list in the Socs thread that is automatically updated when a join request is approved
  • Subscription to forum made more useful
  • Non-subs not being able to deny read receipts being sent.
  • previews of images that are attached to posts
  • Facility where if you edit the post to add a quote in, it shows up in their 'who quoted me' too, and if you edit a post to remove a quote, it disappears
  • On the user post report page it would help if it showed the forum a post was in...that way you could see quickly if/where a reported thread had been moved to (and also if it's been moved to bad threads/recycle bin).
  • "Delete ALL thread subscriptions" button
  • A place to enter an edit reason in the quick edit screen
  • One touch buddy/ignore lists (ie. a buddy and ignore icon next to the rep button)
  • A vista gadget that implements the RSS feed
  • rss feed search; notification each time key words are used
  • a way to view the latest searches/popular searches
  • The buddy list to be made more useful – integrate ‘buddies online’ list into userCP?
  • one page/part of a page which updates whenever there's a new thread/update to subscribed thread etc
  • updating vbookie
  • networks a la facebook
  • in the shoutbox, if someone types your username it comes up in large bold text so you can see it (it would only appear bold for you though). Customisable so for example blackhawk could have 'blackhawk' , 'BH' and 'nic' set to come up as bold.

the things below appear not to be features of 3.8

  • facility for subs to pause and restart their own subscribtions, with sensible restrictions
  • feature where all posters in the PS forum are automatically subscribed by email to their threads
  • Make 'report this post' and 'report this message' text links by the reply buttons
  • clearer 'about us' drop down
  • Reporting tools for the shoutbox (subs only)
  • RSS feed of new posts from your Subscribed Threads and Who Quoted Me
  • ‘new threads’ function (like the new posts function but for threads)
  • remove the 'talk' page link completely from wiki pages
  • to make all the links the same colour in the wiki pages - currently some are blue (because the old user page or talk page has been created in the past) and some are red (because the user page or talk page has never been created).
  • add 'find all threads started by' option to the drop down menu when clicking on a member's username
  • if you post one time anonymously in a H&R thread, that would be the default in that thread.
  • when you try to rep someone before the 28 days are up, it alerts you before you write the rep message, rather than after
  • install TIPA - package that allows you to display phonetic symbols. Would be useful in language forums
  • Organisation of smilies, perhaps the box of smilies to the right of the post field could be customisable. Eg. ‘my smilies’
  • automated way of letting members know when their anon threads have been approved in H&R or if they've been disallowed
  • supersticky - i.e. A sticky that stays above other stickes even when it's been posted in less recently.
  • users alerted that their thread is in the queue
  • Wiki Support Team Edits to be automatically patrolled. (would save time and effort for the wiki support team)
  • A way to share the results of a site search
  • stand-alone shoutbox/option to have shoutbox on every page. Option to have it larger/smaller on the page• In my home where subscribed forums are listed it would be handy to be able to adjust the ordering
  • better mobile friendly TSR template including quicklinks to work on mobile devices
  • quiz/test plugin
  • an easy way to bump threads
  • closed threads are shown as closed in my home
  • Option for email notification of new threads in subscribed forums & RSS
  • Ability to see Signatures in Member's Profile Page.
  • When someone accidentally double-posts in rapid succession and the duplicate post message appears, you are taken back to the last post in the thread, not the first
  • live scores in sports
  • something to show amount of unread subscribed threads present in my home
  • a way to pay for subs in other ways apart from Paypal
  • A minimal skin without avatars and sigs etc.
  • More extensive WYSIWYG in quick reply
  • Incentives to refer people to the site
  • a button to see who’s viewing a thread at that time, sort of like the ones for each forum
  • wiki stuff - String Function Extension - for advanced conditional formatting in templates etc

Have the option of 'mark as patrolled' button and an 'edit article' button in wiki tools (fits in with customisable links above) (would be a minor benefit, but nothing to essential or urgent)

  • Get rid of/move that Mark all forums read button
  • Able to search for threads where two users have posted would be useful.
  • able to press Ctrl+B or the 'B' button at the top of a post box without the box scrolling back up to the top
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