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Sharing Files on Mac OS X
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This is a brief tutorial showing you how to share files on a mac.


Stage 1

Start up the 2 Macs you want to share files with and make sure they are connected to the network. I have my G4 Powerbook connected wirelessly to my router, and my G4 Cube connected via ethernet.

Stage 2

Enable file sharing by going to the Apple menu and choosing System Preferences.

Image:Sharing mac 1.jpg

Stage 3

Choose Sharing from the panel.

Image:Sharing mac 2.jpg

Stage 4

Select Personal File Sharing (and windows file sharing if necessary, I will explain that later). Do this on both Macs.

Stage 5

To connect to the host computer, in Finder choose Network from the Go menu (or shift-command-k).

Image:Sharing mac04.jpg

Stage 6

Wait a few seconds for the host machine to appear in the list, click on it and connect.

Image:Sharing mac05.jpg

Stage 7

Enter your username and password for the host.

Image:Sharing mac06.jpg

Stage 8

Choose the volume on the host to mount (usually Macintosh HD, or the computer name/model).

Image:Sharing mac07.jpg

Stage 9

The volume will appear on the desktop, and you are free to copy files etc. When finished, drag the icon to the trash or click on the eject logo in Finder.

Sharing with a Windows machine

If you want to share files with a Windows machine, go to system preferences and sharing, and tick the box for Windows file sharing.

Image:Sharing macwin1.jpg

Click on Accounts to choose what account's files you want to make available. It will then tell you that Windows users can access the files at the ip address.

Back when I used Windows, I had to allow my Mac's IP in the firewall for it to work.

Another method

Another option for faster file sharing on a Mac is to use target Firewire mode.

  1. Get a 6-6 pin firewire cable and two Macs with firewire ports.
  2. Turn off the Mac you want to access, and connect the two with the firewire cable.
  3. While booting the target Mac, hold down the T key until the firewire logo appears on the taget Mac's screen.
  4. The volume should mount on the Host Mac's desktop.
  5. You can then copy files to and from both Macs, and being Firewire, it will be pretty fast.
  6. When you are done, eject the target Mac by dragging the icon to the trash.
  7. Use the target Mac's power button to turn it off, and disconnect the firewire cable.

This is the best method for transferring large amounts of data.


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