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General Information
Location: , UK
SU/Guild website:
UCAS Code:

Total students:
Male:female  :
Typical offers:
Applicants per place:

This info box can be used on all university and college pages to show a summary of basic information and contact details for the university. The categories of information to be included can be changed and added to, but bare in mind that changing the categories can change a large number of articles, some/all of which may require additional changes themselves. But please feel free to edit this template. If you wish to discuss any changes before making them, then do this in the wiki forum.

How to edit

To edit the template, click the edit button for this article.

To edit the information on this page along side the template/how to use it/categories please edit this page instead. The changes will then show here automatically.

Using this template

To add this template to an article you need to add the following text to the top of the university/college page and fill in the details after the equal signs. If you do not have the information, then leave that section blank. Any images used for the university logo must be uploaded to a minimum size of 250 pixels in width. They can be any height.

{{University Infobox
|name        =
|image       =
|forum link  =
|established =
|location    =
|address     =
|telephone   =
|website     =
|union       =
|newspaper   =
|ucascode    =
|type        =
|students    =
|ug_t        =
|pg_t        =
|staff       =
|appsperplace =
|pt       =
|int      =
|mature =
|male     =
|female   =
|offers     = 
  • If possible, things like mature students, international students, male and female ratios etc should be given as percentages.
  • Total students, totally undergrad, total postgrad can be given as raw figures.
  • Part-time student numbers is OK as either.
  • Offers should give a range of typical offers - either as UCAS points or as grades - which ever the uni usually gives out.
  • Staff should be the total staff at the uni, not just academic.
  • Undergraduate should be the number of students on first degrees or pre-degree courses (including foundation years and HNDs).
  • Postgraduate should be the number of students who are on Masters, MPhil, DPhil, PCGE, PhD, PGD, PGC or any other similar course for which a first degree is usually required, whether taught or research courses.
  • Established should indicate when the institution became a university (or whatever it's current type is). Other dates may be included alongside the uni date, but it should be clear what each is.
  • Type will refer to the style of uni it is - campus/city/ancient/red brick/collegiate/new/ex-poly/plate-glass. Essentially any relevant description like those can be used and more than one may be used.
  • Addresses and telephones should be for the main contact address. If necessary several addresses for different campuses can be given if there is not one primary address and number covering all campuses.
  • Location should say where the main campus is. If there is more than one main campus or several campuses are equal all locations should be given. If there is one main campus and a couple of minor or very small campuses, the locations of the others do not have to be included.
  • Official website and SU website addresses need to include the http:// in he actual address, but the link should be renamed not to include it eg the address might be http://www.exampleuni.ac.uk but it should appear as www.exampleuni.ac.uk. This can be done using:
    [http://www.exampleuni.ac.uk www.exampleuni.ac.uk]
    If the address is too long for the info box consider shortenings, (removing the www etc) or a total rename of the link.

On all these points use judgements to decide exactly how to proceed :)

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